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(DPI Profile Main Page)

Meeting Purpose

IHE PCD Device Point-of-care Integration (DPI) profile development discussions.

WebEx Information

Topic: IHE PCD DPI Profile TG

Date: Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time: 10:00, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00, New York)

Duration: 90 Minutes

Note: Specific web & phone informaiton will be provided via e-mail to group members.

Contact Manny Furst for more information.

Proposed Agenda

1 Approve Minutes from previous session
2 Review Action Items
3 FTP & wiki Site Review
4 F2F Preparation
5 PCD Profile Relationships
7 Profile Proposal Drafting for Boston
  • DPI White Paper
  • DPI-PnP
  • DPI-xyz?
  • Device Specialization: Physio Monitor, Vent, ...
8 DPI White Paper Outline (Drafting)
  • Major Sections
  • Use Case Organization & Requirements Derivation
  • Framework of PCD Profiles
  • ...
9 Planning / Recruitment
  • Topics for next week's discussion sessions:
2008.10.17 Discussion Session
2008.10.15 Discussion Session
2008.10.13 Discussion Session

Attachments / Materials

Minutes for approval:

2008.09.12 (Pre-Vancouver)
2008.09.22 (Post-Vancouver)



Chair/Host: Todd Cooper (BSF)
Steve Borchers (Spacelabs), John Blasingame (Philips), Phil Raymond (Philips), John Rhoads (Philips), Jan Wittenber (Philips)


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


  • Reviewed & Approved Agenda
NOTE: The group didn't get to Agenda Items #5 to #9.


2 Approval of Minutes
- Chair


  • Approved minutes from ...
- 2008.09.12 (Pre-Vancouver)
- 2008.09.22 (Post-Vancouver)
- 2008.10.02


3 Action Items Review
- Chair
  • Action items were reviewed.



4 DPI F2F Review
- Todd


  • Thursday afternoon should start with a discussion of the DPI Scope.
  • Friday should include a key goal of coordination with the ICE & MDPnP groups.


5 DPI Scope Discussion
- Group
  • Jan raised the issue regarding the DPI scope definition. Todd indicated that...
- In previous discussions, the "big picture" had been balancing between DEC "enterprise" integration and DPI "point-of-care" integration
- It did involve device direct plug-and-play links
  • The use cases discussed in previous DPI sessions, including the draft PnP Supplement from 2007.06, shall define the DPI scope. These shall be inlcuded in the white paper. NOTE: Use cases may be used to indicate both what is IN the profiles and what is excluded from them. In other words, a given use case may include components that are provided by DPI profiles, but may also include those which are closer to enterprise or multi-enterprise integration.



  • (Todd) Draft proposal DPI scope statement for review at the Monday 2008.10.13 discussion session.
6 General DPI Scope / Issues Discussion
- Group
  • Relationship to PHD devices & non-clinical care contexts:
- Does DPI address connection of a PHD device to a clinical DPI network?
- Does DPI address deployment of DPI profiles in a non-clinical (e.g., home) context that includes PHD devices?
  • QUESTION: Does DPI focus solely on clinical PoC integration?
  • Use Case:
- Dr. in car w/ PDA ... view & control device
- Includes non-DPI PCD profiles such as DEC, ACM, MEM, ...
- Includes non-PCD profiles
  • Use Case: RTLS & MEM
  • Use Case: Patient ID Binding (incl. RFID) ... DPI-PIB ...
  • Use Case: Mobile PoC (esp. in clinic)
  • ICE & DPI:
- ICE requirements totally addressed by DPI
- ICE requirements partially addressed by DPI
- ICE requirements totally addressed by DPI & other profiles (PCD & IHE)


  • White Paper should include mixed-modality care contexts (see above discussion).


  • (Todd) Review current IHE mechanisms (e.g., using wiki pages) for capturing & analyzing use cases.
7 DPI Recruitment
- Todd
  • Numerous members of the DPI team were absent from today's discussion. This could be because it was on the Yom Kippur holiday or the short notice of the schedule.



  • (Todd) Contact participants previously on the calls to ensure they are up-to-speed on DPI activities.
8 Next Meeting
- Chair


  • Next meeting will be scheduled for Monday 2008.10.13


Next Meeting

Next meeting scheduled for Monday, 2008-10-13 @ 10:00 - 11:30 Eastern

(Reviewed & approved by PCD DPI TG 2008-10-13)

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