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PCD Connectathon & Showcase Meeting, March 3, 2011

Action Items

You can find the Action Items at http:___


Showcase Portion of the Agenda

Continue review of experience, lessons learned

AAMI Mini-Showcase Layout


NIST Test Tools Next Steps


Bikram Day, Al Engelbert, Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo, Brad Lunde, Sandra Martinez, Jena Milan (iSorona), Monroe Pattillo, Scott Zaffrin, Manny Furst

Guest: Izabella Gieras


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Manny
No changes were made to the agenda



2 Previous Meeting Summary
- Manny




3 HIMSS11 Showcase

Two surveys were conducted:

  • HIMSS Technical Staff Survey Monkey Results
- Still open to end of the this week (March 11th). Manny review results - see attachment to meeting minutes.
- Preparation Portion: no comments
- Walk ups were interpreted as being slightly more interested in PCD
- Experience:
Maybe because technical folks are so tied up with Connectathon, marketing folks should be more involved?
John Donnelly - perhaps unique to PCD, we might want to consider earlier who are coming back and develop the PCD use cases earlier (maybe even by summer time). Manny suggested this might be a good survey question…
Marketing Staff and Docents Not Employed By a Vendor
Need comments from people on Meaningful Use Wall
  • HIMSSS11 Marketing Staff and Docents
- Khalil asked Manny if a comparison was made to HIMSS'10? Manny will look into it - to see if a comparison can made
- Discussion about MU Wall (Wall 4) - not being part of a pre-defined rotation - might think about it being a regular "stop" ? Or does it have (as was the case this year more value in providing detailed discussions that enable a longer more involved - one on one (or a few on one) finer point discussions. John G. noted his experience of their being two main "bins" of people - those who had a pre-conceived idea/knowledge of particular aspect of PCD and wanted to learn more, including the relationship to MU, and those who just wanted a more elaborate description of what IHE and PCD is and how it "operates"….



4 AAMI Mini-Showcase
- Manny

Upcoming AAMI Mini-Showcase

  • Related display: Izabella is working w/ Jeff Cooper (from Mass. General Hospital), will be at Will be at Booth 122.
Methodology - Hands-on and Education:
- Hands-on: Hospira/Baxter-Sigma - two to three pumps showing pre-defined scenarios - for equipment evaluations; also infusion pump safety that could also be used on additional devices (in a hospital setting)
- Clinical scenarios using a guiding set of principles - trying to come up with general areas of what Infusion Pumps use (key pad, screens, etc
Education: Documents to take away
Izabella mentioned she would send folks to the IHE Booth/area and PCD would reciprocate the flow…
More coordination will happen as we go…
  • PCD Mini Showcase Demonstration
Small groups of people talking to Vendors on the Exhibit floor (usually small one-on-one discussions - kind of like what occurs at HIMSS for an ad-hoc discussion based upon PCD profiles).
BBraun, Mindray (Monitor), Philips (Monitor), Philips Emergin will demo devices. We need a receiver (DOC, maybe Cerner?); AC actor (perhaps PolyComm?)
John Donnelly (question): Is a similar display like wall 4 of HIMSS set up? Manny (answer) - no - table top exhibit with some posters on a poster board. Attendees are typically Vendors as well as Clinical Engineer/BioMed types. Our location is prime, with three Eisles…



5 NIST Text Tools
  • Deferred



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