PCD Connectathon&Showcase 2009-02-18 Webex

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PCD Connectathon & Showcase Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Action Items

from February 11, 2009

Due Dates and Item:

  • Open Date: Monitor PCD Connectathon registrations periodically.
  • Feb. 18: The Task Force will meet next Wednesday following the weekly meeting. A "reading" will be scheduled for Friday, Feb. 20 to prepare for the HIMSS Showcase rehearsal with equipment at the Connectathon.
  • Feb. 11: (Manny) Update on ADT/patient-visitor id and association with systems. Need to resolve the bar code unnecessary characters to make this workable. Registration system will be solely for the Showcase, with 300-500 visitors.
  • Mar. 4: (John Garguilo) Updates on how RTM will be tested - likely after the Connectathon.
  • Mar. 4: (Todd) Define contents of fourth wall, provision of monitors, laptops, keyboards, mice.
  • Feb. 18: (Manny) Set PCD Docent training WebEx / on site (and run through at Connectathon)
  • Feb. 20: (All) Webex run through of draft Scenario
  • Feb. 18: (Ken) Update block diagram - in process.
  • Feb. 18: Steve Moore needs MAC addresses
  • Feb. 18: Comments on Virtual Connectathon experience
  • Mar. 4: Change proposal to PIB for ADT in PIB option.


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Action Items
Issues and questions about:
  • Monroe experienced a time out problem with the MWB.
  • HL7 coding
- EUI-64
  • Kudu, Connectathon, Showcase
  • Any discrepancies on tests
Connectathon Planning
  • Status report on tests for Connectathon
  • NIST validation of RTM
Showcase Planning
  • Scenario update
  • System Assignments - identifying your partners,
- Tours - rethinking the concepts
  • Showcase Internet connections
  • Showcase Rehearsal at the Connectathon
  • Monitoring progress, issues through the rest of the process
- Risk Assessment
-Wiki page for Scripts
  • Showcase Structure
- Drawings
- Logos
- Signs thanking supporters



Rita Brahmbhatt, Brett Cohen, Todd Cooper, Robert Cuyugan, Bikram Day, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, Brian Fors, Colin FX Gartska, John Garguilo, Chad Hays, Brad Lunde, Monroe Pattillo, Jeff Rinda, Manny Furst


Review of Meeting Notes: Corrections should be made to the Wiki; significant issues placed on agenda of the next meeting

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Manny
Added: Monroe experienced a time out problem with the MWB.



2 Action Items
- Manny

Those discussed and due Feb. 11 were:

  • Revised approach to the scenario and story line - the Task Force meets again after the weekly meeting next week and a "reading" of the script will be scheduled for Friday the 20th.
  • The Showcase registration process holds promise because the number is expected to be in the range of 300-500 people. PCD participants using PAM can accommodate this number. There may be an issue with the bar code (extraneous characters) that may require PCD to develop a contingency plan. No printers will be required.
  • GE's concerns about staffing - closed.
  • NIST support of PCD profile validation - may take place after the Connectathon.
  • PCD structure at Showcase - Manny will discuss with Elli this week.
  • New Directions wall - planning has begun.
  • PCD Docent training - will begin after Connectathon run through.
  • Showcase block diagram - has been distributed to PCD members for review. Will be used in recruiting at the Connectathon and helpful to participants in advance of the Showcase.
  • MAC Addresses - those who haven't communicated them to Steve Moore need to do so.
  • Virtual Connectathon - members were asked to speak out if they had any difficulty. No significant issues were raise.
  • Change proposal for PIB ADT - no one could remember what this refers to.

Items with other dates:

Those closed were:

  • Focus on printers.
  • Narrow the focus on the Scenario to the Task Force effort.
  • GE's concerns about staffing.
  • Bar codes for pumps.
  • Structure electrical, networking.



  • As above.
3 Issues and Questions
- Manny
  • Monroe experienced a time out problem with the MWB - a time out inconsistent with the log. He contacted Peter Rontey.



4 Connectathon Planning
- Manny
  • Status report on tests for Connectathon
- Kudu will contain two parts for each test: a descriptive section and a series of detailed steps. The steps and descriptions have been distributed for DEC and PIV. The steps have been distributed for ACM. A common approach to patient demographics for all profile tests, and tables for PIV tests have been defined and distributed. Descriptions for ACM will be distributed Monday. PIV met and reviewed the tests in detail and changes will be made and then these will be posted to Kudu.



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