PCD Connectathon&Showcase 2009-02-02

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ADT ID Discussion – Summary of Focused Meeting - 20090202

Ruth Berge, John Donnelly, Robert Flanders, Rita Brahmbhatt, Sarah Hopkins, Jack, Steve Moore, Gary Meyer, Manny Furst

  • HIMSS will not batch load the entire HIMSS meeting registration list into a system. Instead, they will attempt to find a way to provide Showcase registration without compromising the tour time.
  • They can bring up a second instance for PCD if necessary, on a second server, at the kiosk or on one of the PCD systems. This may not be necessary:
- It looks like there will be no more than 300-500 registered for the Showcase. The question is whether the PCD vendors implementing PIB can handle up to 500 patients.
- GE Enterprise will receive ADT PAM. Epic will have PDQ query for patient data. Some device vendors will need a PAM.
- A04 was confirmed
  • The bar code format:
- The c at the beginning and !! at the end are there this year. John will attempt to have these removed. Watch for an update on this subject.
  • Sample badges will be printed at the Connectathon for testing.


  • If you are using PAM for PIB, can you handle up to 500 registrants? If so, John does not need to provide the second instance of the registration database.
  • What, if any data do you need to have in the PAM or PDQ message that you can’t “preload”?
  • Do you need a pharmacy “give” message?
  • Can someone bring a small printer to the Connectathon for possible support of patient ID as a contingency plan?