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PCD Connectathon/Showcase WG

Action Items

Updated from Jan. 7

Due Dates and Item:

  • Open Date: Monitor registrations are provided periodically.
  • Jan. 7: (Manny) Update on ADT/patient-visitor id and association with systems. Focused meeting, include diagram and other information to be provided.
  • Dec. 23: (All) Provide material for the Scenario (outline or brief description) to be followed by Manny compiling a single view.
  • Identify overarching message (e.g., patient safety. Note that Ray presented the stakeholder survey which showed
  • Survey Slide #17, "Improved Patient Care and Safety" was by far the greatest "incentives for IHE integration"; #2 was "Long term cost reduction"; #3 was improved workflow
  • Workshop discussion suggested we focus on these, with 5 rights, remote alarm communication among the specifics
  • Jan. 14: Zebra has agreed to provide printers. We need to decide between two suggested models.
  • Jan. 14(John Garguilo): Continue to provide updates on how RTM will be tested in Pre-Connectathon, Virtual Connectathon, and Connectathon.
  • (Pump Vendors, Enterprise Systems) Vendors will provide their own approach to bar coding for drugs, infusions, patients and caregivers.
  • Jan. 14(Manny) Created Wiki page for "virtual connectathon" on Connectathon '09 page. Will eventually include, partners, issues list / resolution, status, etc.
  • Jan. 14(Bikram, Rita/Jim Higgins) Identify the devices to be connected to middleware, the coding of parameters, identifying partners for testing and demonstration.
  • Jan. 14(Manny) Coordinate ADT testing (Virtual and Connectathon) with Bill Klaver, coordinate with Steve Moore, John Donnelly, seek a backup system.
  • Jan. 14(Brett) Update name for alarm product
  • Jan. 14 (All) Confirm structure diagrams and utilities
  • Jan. 14: (Todd) Define contents of fourth wall
  • Jan. 6: (Manny)Business card for Showcase w/ all companies listed + Booth numbers
  • Jan. 6?: (Manny) Set PCD Docent training WebEx / on site (and run through at Connectathon)
  • Jan. 14: (All) Webex run through of draft Scenario
  • Jan. 14: (Ken) Update block diagram with locations of SIS, Cerner, Capsule
  • Jan. 14: Steve Moore needs MAC addresses
  • Jan. 19-30: Virtual Connectathon (tentative deadline for completion; partners may test anytime before this)


Action Items
Issues and questions about:
  • The MWB
  • HL7
  • Kudu, Connectathon, Showcase
- When will results be posted to Kudu?
- PAM, PDQ for PCD alone - see the DOR tests; for complete PAM, PDQ see MESA tests
- MRNs may be alpha
- Review discussion with John Donnelly, including Kiosk (printer, laptop), preload visitor data (DOB), etc.
  • Report any discrepancies on tests listed for your systems to Manny
Connectathon Planning
  • Status report on Test Case development for Pre-Connectathon, Virtual Connectathon, Connectathon
- DEC - minor changes to come
- ACM - meeting on Thursday
- PIV - updated version posted
- RTM -
- Watch emails for additional changes
  • Decision on which tests to use for Virtual Connectathon and Connectathon
  • Scheduling the Virtual Connectathon
  • NIST validation of RTM:
Showcase Planning
  • Scenario update
-Wiki page for Scripts
  • Showcase Structure
- Drawings, only minor changes are required
- Utilities (electric, network)
- Physical requirements (size, mounts if larger, etc)
- Logos -
- Signs thanking supporters


Rita Brahmbhatt, Dan Bowling, Anupriyo Chakravarti, Brett Cohen, Robert Cuyugen, Al Engelbert, Brian Fors, Chad Hays, Sarah Higgins, Brad Lunde, Monroe Pattillo, Robert Flanders, Kristina Wilson, Scott Zaffrin, Khalid Zubaidi, Manny Furst


Review of Meeting Notes: Corrections should be made to the Wiki; significant issues placed on agenda of the next meeting

Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Manny



2 Action Items
- Manny

Those discussed and due Jan. 14 were:

Items with other dates:

Those closed were:



  • As above.
3 Issues and Questions
- Manny



4 Connectathon Planning
- Manny
  • Test case development:
-DEC -
-ACM -
-PIV -
-RTM -
  • Virtual Connectathon



5 Showcase
- Manny
  • Business card for Showcase w/ all companies listed + Booth numbers - the Showcase handout may address this.



MWB: slow; Al’s posting is description of how session went – validation time is on the order of 3 to 5 seconds – this delay causes GE’s DOR to resend the message due to their time. Al – ADT for PIB – spec calls out ITI-30. One set uses A28, A31, the other has other. None include A04. Last year PCD systems could handle A04 and the Showcase had this available. PIB could be edited to include ITI-31. Someone compliant with PIB may not be able to handle the A04. Cerner doesn’t support A04, but isn’t testing PIB or ADT this year. Manny will check with Bill Klaver, John Donnelly, and Steve Moore. A04 will work this year. We should have a CP.

Ability to finish tests next week, Virtual C last week Jan, first Feb Al, Brett and Monroe are available for Internet testing

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