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Patient Care Device Cochairs Weekly Meeting

Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Time

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda


  1. Review & Approve Agenda
  2. Review Previous Meeting Summary previous Discussion Summary from 2010.08.10
  3. Cochairs Elections
  4. AAMI/FDA Infusion Pump Summit
  5. ITI "Outreach" Program Response w/ Karen Witting
  6. Technical Framework Update
  7. PC Meeting Agenda for 8/18
  8. Profile Updates
  9. ONC Update (was HITSP ARRA/HITECH Status Update)
  10. Connectathons 2010 Korea and 2011 NA and HIMSS11 Showcase Updates
  11. Standards Coordination
  12. Funding Status update
  13. MEM
  14. IHE International
- Patent Process follow-up w/ CareFusion
  1. Recruiting
- EHR/EMR, ADT, WCM, other
- Help GG
  1. IHE PCD - Asia, Europe
  2. Technical Framework Template Discussions in DCC
  3. Additional Business
  4. Action Items
  5. Next Meeting

Attachments / Materials

The previous meeting was on August 10, 2010, PCD Cochairs 2010-08-10 Webex

See PCD Cochair Action Items page.

Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.

Meeting Summary


Cochairs: Todd Cooper, Steve Merritt, John Rhoads,
Meeting Chaired by: Steve
Guest: Paul Schluter
Technical Project Manager: Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair




2 Review Meeting Summaries
- Chair
Approved with three corrections.



3 Action Items Review
- Chair


4 Agenda Items
- All
  • Profile Updates: Manny to call Monroe re SMTP vs WCTP: Remove now or make both optional and delete SMTP later
  • TF TI revision: Ken asked how to deal with comments that are more than editorial. John indicated a special meeting will be required to address clarifications that have been voiced regarding the addition of PIV materials to the TF. Ken indicated that placing multiple profiles into one document raises issues of consistency. John indicated that incorporation of existing profiles that have received public comments, this update does not require public comment if only editorial issues are raised. Todd then stated that final text version will eliminate any TI versions going forward; only the FT versions with CPs will exist in the future. The PC will review the document to be sure the domain meets all requirements of the IHE process. Todd noted that there is a “final text process” Wiki page.
  • ONC Updates: no change
  • Connectathon Updates: Todd leaving in morning for Korean Connectathon. There are issues with the SOAP envelope. This has implications for PCD-01 in general. The NIST tooling is now in place. Results will be provided to Steve Moore to enter in Kudu or Gazelle for official availability. Paul asked about urinalysis and Todd indicated this will be addressed in the October HL7 meeting.
  • Showcase Updates: Lisa showed Todd, Sungkee the Showcase plans for Daegu in October.
  • Tomorrow's PC agenda was described.



Next Meeting

The next meeting will be August 24, 2010 PCD Cochairs 2010-08-24 Webex

<For Decision Meetings, add review line here when minutes are approved; e.g., "(Reviewed & approved by PCD RTM Vent TG 2008-04-16)">

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