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Patient Care Device Cochairs Weekly Meeting

Date: Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Time

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

Agenda was replaced with the items identified in the discussion

1. Review & Approve Agenda
2. Review previous Discussion Summary from 2009.12.08
3. MEM public comment resolution
4. HITSP Cross Reference Table (PDQ, RMON)
5. AAMI Conference 2010
6. Recruiting, Other
- Continua members with regulated devices
7. Connectathon Update
- Continua PCD-01 testing at Connectathon (our responsibility?) and collaboration at Showcase
o Availability of Continua's requirements for certification to non-members
8. Showcase Update
- Need draft of Scenario/Messages/Themes for the four walls
o Friday 9:30 EST meeting with J Donnelly, Lisa, Elli
- Desire to emphasize Meaningful Use
- Recruiting AC and AA vendors
- Recruiting RTLS vendors
10. Funding Status update
- Federal funding
- Letter to ACCE
- Proposal from Jennifer
- Other opportunities / updates
11. HITSP ARRA/HITECH Status Update
12. IHE International
- Incorporation Status
- IP Management Process
13. IHE PCD - Asia, Europe
14. New Directions
- ACM in other domains
15. F2F
- Review Oct. F2F including Action Items
- Set date and city for Spring F2F
16. Additional Business
17. Action Items

Attachments / Materials

The previous meeting was on December 15, 2009, PCD Cochairs 2009-12-15 Webex; a quorum was not present. The prior meeting was December 8 PCD Cochairs 2009-12-08 Webex

See PCD Cochair Action Items page.

Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.

Meeting Summary


Cochairs: Todd Cooper, Ken Fuchs, Steve Merritt, John Rhoads
Meeting Chaired by: Todd
Guest: Paul Schluter
Technical Project Manager: Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair




2 Review Meeting Summaries
- Chair



3 Action Items Review
- Chair

Action Items Postponed

  • 55: Showcase Vendor Display Policy -
  • 61: Stakeholder survey -
  • 74: Clinician recruitment -
  • 77: HITSP RMON -
  • 78: Continua -
  • 82: CIMIT -
  • 83: Funding Possibilities -
  • 87: Recruiting Vendors -
  • 88: Cycle 4 -
  • 89: Stakeholder Survey -
  • 90: ASTM MOU -
  • 91: High-Level Architecture -
  • 92: TF Revision -
  • 93: V&V & IHE -



4 Device – Patient Association
- All
  • Should options (specifically, PIB) be considered profiles? Should it be “isolated”? Should there be a higher level representation as shown? John observed that some of the issues relate to Kudu and testing.
  • Ken observed that the diagram relates to ITI profiles, and when included in PCD these are considered options.
  • Manny asked if PIB might be an option in profiles other than DEC in the future and if PIB is still necessary. Todd responded by saying PIB provides for patient association without requiring full blown PAM or PDQ.
  • Todd indicated a preference for PIB independent of DEC, so that it is available for use in other profiles. Steve asked if it could merely be a transaction. Todd indicated that as a separate profile it can be an element in Device Association Management. Ken observed that PIB provides some flexibility if separate, but that won’t be useful until some future developments in device association take place.
  • Todd will develop a written discussion for further discussion.



5 'IHE
- Manny, Todd
  • Multiple Domain Meetings will take place in Phoenix Feb. 1-4. Lisa asked Todd and Manny to attend ITI, PCC, QRPH, and they will.



- Todd, John
  • Todd led discussion of HITSP TN905, specifically issues related to Figure 5-1, Systems Actors and Interfaces.



7 Next Meeting
- Chair


  • Next meeting will be Jan. 5


Next Meeting

The next meeting will be January 5, 2010 PCD Cochairs 2010-01-05 Webex

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