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Patient Care Device Cochairs Weekly Meeting

Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Time

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

From 2009.08.11 Early A.M. E-mail Chat...

  • AAMI 2010 Proposal?
  • AAMI IT Horizons Article?
  • AAMI Discussion Update - today's threads and potential monthly meetings
  • Profile Info to Steve Moore...
  • TI Final Versions to Lisa - send now?
  • Process for Public Comment Resolution - needed? - see below
  • PCD ... Model...

Copied from August 4 meeting with some updates

1. Review & Approve Agenda
2. Review previous Discussion Summary from 2009.08.04
3. Visibility of options, profiles (e.g., RTM, WCM) with Steve Moore
4. Integrating IDCO WG (Google Groups, meeting list, Wiki pages with discussion summary, etc.)
5. Fall F2F high level schedule
6. Ballot updates
- Process including need for ballot on TI after public comment (not CPs --> TI)
7. AAMI Conference 2010
- Update
- Recruiting - webinars?
8. PCD Strategic Plan (f/u to Tcons)
9. Profile and CP Updates:
- DEC PIB (2 options - PAM, PDQ?)
- IDCO Profile status
- MEM-RTLS breakout
- Other work items
10. New Action Item on list
11. IHE PCD - Asia
- IHE-J PCD Support
- [| IHE Asia-Oceania 2010 Connectathon / Showcase]
12. Connectathon Update
13. Showcase Update
14. Funding Status update
- Letter to ACCE
- Proposal from Jennifer
- Other opportunities / updates
13. Continua-IHE PCD WAN SDE#2 Meeting Update
- IHE Support for HL7 v2 ER messages using WS*
14. HITSP ARRA/HITECH Status Update
15. IHE International
- Incorporation Status
- IP Management Process
- Draft Disclosure Process
- Draft Disclosure Form
15. Action Items
16. Additional Business
- Recruiting
- Connectivity Meeting Sept.

Attachments / Materials

See PCD Cochair Action Items page.

Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.

Meeting Summary


Cochairs: Todd Cooper, Steve Merritt, John Rhoads
Meeting Chaired by: Todd
Technical Project Manager: Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair




2 Review Meeting Summaries
- Chair
No changes were requested.

Decisions/Issues: Action(s):

3 Action Items Review
- Chair
  • 55: Showcase Vendor Display Policy -
  • 74: Clinician recruitment -
  • 77: HITSP RMON -
  • 78: Continua -
  • 82: CIMIT -
  • 83: Funding Possibilities -
  • 87: Recruiting Vendors -
  • 88: Cycle 4 -
  • 89: Stakeholder Survey -
  • 90: ASTM MOU -
  • 91: High-Level Architecture -
  • 92: TF Revision -
  • 93: V&V & IHE -



4 IHE International
- All



5 Agenda Items
- Manny
  • Todd spoke with Jill re AAMI IT Horizons issue and offered several potential topics. John suggested that patient safety would provide a way to talk about several PCD efforts, including work with ICE-PAC. The article is due the end of the month and will include an IHE and PCD overview. Todd is also working on an updating ISO 80001 article in the same issue. John Rhoads will work with Todd on this article.
  • AAMI representation to PCD – approach AAMI after the Aug. 21 meeting – Todd and/or Ray to make specific suggestion.
1. Above
2. Above
4. Todd suggested that the discussion item 4 (when to use DEC or ACM) should be addressed elsewhere. Steve suggested a joint PC, TC meeting – on the 19th for this and other issues about profile usage. E.g., What makes a separate profile and related issues of visibility and testing? This will replace the regular PC meeting.
5. F2F: Steve will update and email group as a step to developing the schedule.
9. Integrating IDCO into Wiki and other PCD processes. Manny to contact Nick and Tom to resolve. A reasonable period of time might be 4 to 6 weeks.



6 Profile Update Detail
- Todd
  • Release of TI versions to Lisa for editing then approval and transmittal to Steve Moore: PCD needs to move to minimum device semantics, in volume three, for RTM. For Kudu we’ll test conformance within other tests, static tests. For this year RTM is required unless we cannot get an automated test in place. Going forward the requirement for RTM will be incorporated in each appropriate profile document with a link to the latest table.
  • DEC needs to be updated with the PIV CPs. John Rhoads will do this.
  • Steve Merritt will address the RTM issues in the user guideline document. Discussion followed about how to assure that DEC and other profiles are using RTM and the latest versions of RTM. John said conformance statements should include statements about the dates of the Connectathon and Profiles.
  • Process for releasing TI: Following resolution of the public comments - John’s process includes the PCD ballot if there are substantial changes, otherwise the ballot is not necessary. The group can make that decision after discussion of the resolution of comments.



7 Announcements
- All
  • HIMSS Survey – share with cochairs and check with Ray



8 Connectathon
- <lead>
  • Steve Moore joined to discuss testing, capturing results and how to handle options:

Currently reporting process does not id options that were tested. This will be addressed later when tools are available to track and report testing of options. Vendors can report themselves. For PCD, we can have a discussion with Lisa, Steve Moore, PCD cochairs regarding how to manage this testing and reporting. Integration statements can be written by vendors to include options – without testing anything. Todd suggested that PCD’s user guide can address this. Steve Moore noted that this should be described in volume 1 of the TF documents. He noted that RTM doesn’t describe this – whether as a profile or option, and can provide multiple ways this may be used if necessary. PCD can do this manually for the time being and will be incorporated in test outcome recording next year. We can do something this year within Kudu. Then this can be published. PCD needs to provide details for Steve. We will do this over the next week or two. Manny to schedule a meeting with Lisa, Steve and the cochairs.

  • Steve addressed the question of what constitutes a profile? This requires identifying actors. RTM, for example, can be written as a profile specifying how it is used in DEC, etc. Or it can be an option within profiles. The decision is PCD’s.
  • Using Kudu for New Directions has the advantage for scheduling, but is more complex. Steve Moore is comfortable either way.



Next Meeting

The next meeting will be August 18, 2009 PCD Cochairs 2009-08-18 Webex

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