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Placeholder for future meeting

Patient Care Device Cochairs Weekly Meeting

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -00:00, New York)>

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

Minutes –
Action Items
  • Connectathon Participants
  • Profile Proposal Participants (esp. clinical)
IHE International (IP, quorum, elections)
Elections; recruiting candidates
Call for Brief Profile Proposals
Face to Face
  • Agenda
  • Anticipated attendance, logistics
  • IHE Membership requirement or WG
HIBCC Collaboration

Attachments / Materials

Minutes of earlier meetings (see links on Agenda items above)

Action Items Brought Forward

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
26 Open discussions on unifying efforts for device interoperability - facility for year 'round lab Ray Ken 7/31/08 OPEN Todd talked with Julian 2008.08.11. See Co-Chairs Mtg Minutes.
  • (Zambuto) Investigate potential MoU between IHE (PCD) and CIMIT (MDPnP).
38 Purchasing Guide for PCD Users Elliot 8/14/08 OPEN
55 Showcase vendor display policy Todd Ray, Elliot 7/17/08 OPEN Will include in draft Domain Governance document.

57 Develop PCD governance document. Ray Cochairs 8/14/08 OPEN Supplements the IHE governance document (e.g., quorum and non-quorum meetings). Depends upon Ray's discussion with Didi, see #63, 64.
61 Analyze, publish results of survey Ray 8/7/08 OPEN Survey still open.
62 Add Governance page to IHE PCD Wiki Todd 8/21/08 OPEN See #57, ITI as an exemplar
63 IHE Governance: IP, participation in F2F, etc. Cochairs 7/10/08 OPEN Add Quorum issues to Ray's discussion IP with Didi. Also see #64.
64 IP and patent issues - risks to IHE Todd 9/1/08 OPEN What if WG on a Profile runs into an IP or patent issue?
65 IHE and Continua Cochairs 6/5/08 OPEN Initial MOU exchanged.
66 Recruit clinicians; develop novel ways, attend to their priorities and schedules Cochairs Ongoing OPEN
68 IHE Board - Manny as alternate Ray Manny OPEN Manny to ask Didi if this is acceptable since he is secretariat
69 HITSP Remote Monitoring Public Comment Period Todd Small number of volunteers from PCD TC. 7/10/08 OPEN Manny to survey interested members to set two meetings.
70 IEEE MOU Ray /08 OPEN Concern on two issues: use of IEEE intellectual property, need to establish mechanism to continue and maintain the RTM effort.
71 October F2F Cochairs Manny /08 OPEN Need to provide hotel and other logistical information. Manny to obtain information from Darlene at TIM.
72 Google Groups - can PC, TC roll up to a third? LaVerne to post all PCD Google Groups to IHE table. Manny 7/10/08 OPEN
73 Collaboration with HIBCC - transferred from TC Todd Cochairs and TC 9/9/08 OPEN

74 Clinical Recruitment Ray Cochairs and PC 2008.08.28 OPEN
  • (Zambuto) Review IHE membership to identify recruitment opportunities.
  • (All) Identify invitation opportunities for participation in the October F2F.
  • (Cooper)Update profiles wiki page so as to capture the attention of clinical reviewers.
  • (Zambuto) Ask Mario Castenada re. KP participants (perhaps also Michael Robkin)
  • (Zambuto/Furst) Check with HCA Dr. In Mun or Mary Moewe to see about participation during this profile review process and at the October F2F.
  • (Cooper) To contact Rick Schrenker re. participation in the October F2F and profile proposal review.
75 "PCI" Trademark Todd ... 2008.08.21 OPEN
  • (Todd) Contact Chris & Didi re. the potential problem with PCI trademarking.



Todd Cooper, Ken Fuchs, Ray Zambuto, Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair



2 Approval of Minutes
- Chair

Decisions/Issues: All previous minutes were approved.


3 Action Items Review
- Chair
  • #26: Julian is planning to join the F2F on Thursday morning. A discussion will be held in Vancouver as well, simultaneously with the ICE meeting in Boston. Nothing to report about developing a test lab. A new Action Item, #79, for PCD to develop the MOU that is intended to enable coordinating profiles, similar to the Continua document. Ken will open discussion with Julian re the MOU. Set date for Sept. 17 for a draft.
  • #38: Manny will contact Elliot for an update.
  • #55: Would be best to have in place by the F2F. Todd will develop a Wiki page for discussion, and a vote at the F2F. Also see #57.
  • #57: Ray will review ITI document and modify for PCD. Sept. 17
  • #61: Change to Sept. 17
  • #62: Todd will post before F2F. Also see #57.
  • #63, 64: Ray will incorporate in Governance and submit to IHE. Also see #57.
  • #65: Close as done. There are two coordination issues in front of PCD: RMON and coordinate a demonstration. RMON is the subject of Action Item 77. The second is a new Action Item, #78 beginning with coordination with Didi and Joyce. Todd will initiate, and set the date Sept. 17.
  • #66: Close in favor of #74.
  • #68: Close, open new one for an alternate. Open new Action Item for co-chairs election (#76).
  • #69: Close. Open new one for HITSP RMON coordination with IHE and Continua. Todd will ask Paul to take the lead and the PCD Cochairs will monitor.
  • #70: IEEE MOU, no change. Manny to ask Elliot for an update, what the cochairs need to do.
  • #71: F2F – Manny to send emails to a half dozen or more PCD members.
  • #72: cannot accomplish, close
  • #73: Todd has not received the HIBCC information requested.
  • #74: Ray will contact Rick Schrenker re F2F participation. Dr. Mun may attend F2F.
  • #75: PCI trademark: this should not be an TM issue. Close.
  • #76: Cochairs Election Preparation: Ray will contact three potential PC cochairs and two potential TC cochairs.
  • #77: Monitor HITSP development of RMON and coordinate a demonstration with HITSP.
  • #78: Foster collaboration with Continua and monitor developments. Coordinate with Didi, Joyce. Sept. 17
  • #79: PCD to develop the MOU that is intended to enable coordinating profiles, similar to the Continua document. Ken will open discussion with Julian re the MOU. Set date for Sept. 17 for a draft.

Decisions/Issues: PCD Cochairs 2008-09-04 Webex has the Action Items list updated as a result of this meeting.


  • #38: Manny to ask Elliot for an update.
  • #57, 63, 64: Ray to provide a draft.
  • #71: Manny to ask specific members about their plans to attend the F2F.
  • #74: Ray will contact Rick Schrenker.
  • #76: Ray to begin recruiting volunteers for cochair positions.
  • #77: Todd will monitor and coordinate with HITSP.
  • #78: Todd to ask Paul if he would manage coordination with Continua.
  • #79: Ken will open discussion with Julian re the MOU, possibly modeled on that developed with Continua.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be September 4, 2008 http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_Cochairs_2008-09-04_Webex

Minutes were approved September 4: http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_Cochairs_2008-09-04_Webex

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