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     <td>[ftp://iheyr2@ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/TF_Maintenance-Yr10-2015-2016/CP-PCD-127-MWP_PCDTF_ACM_Add%20ITI%20mACM%20FHIR%20Transactions%2003.pdf CP-PCD-127-00]</td>
     <td>Add ITI mACM FHIR Transactions</td>
     <td>Add ITI mACM FHIR Transactions</td>

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PCD Home

See also PCD_Ballot_News

The text of current (Cycle 10, 2015-2016) CPs and supporting documents can be found here, under subdirectories reflecting the current status of a particular CP (e.g. Incoming, Complete).

CPs 001 Through 020

CP # Description Previous CP # Profile Date Last Changed
CP-PCD-001-00 Add “Processing Instructions” field to QPD Input Parameter Specification in PCD-02 Subscribe to Patient Data Transaction CP-PCD-DEC001-00 DEC 2008-08
CP-PCD-002-00 Update to PIV Trial Implementation version 1.0 CP-PCD-PIV002-00 PIV 2008-12
CP-PCD-003-00 PCD-PIV Support for Application Acknowledgements CP-PCD-DEC003-00 PIV 2009-07
CP-PCD-004-00 RTM Tagname Changes CP-PCD-RTM004-00 RTM 2009-08
CP-PCD-005-00 RTM Synonym Support CP-PCD-RTM005-00 RTM 2009-08
CP-PCD-006-00 RTM Correction Rules CP-PCD-RTM006-00 RTM 2009-08
CP-PCD-007-00 Ballot on Continua-PCD WAN Collaboration CP-PCD-DEC007-00 DEC 2009-08
CP-PCD-008-00 IDCO New Actors and Rename Transaction CP-PCD-IDCO008-00 IDCO 2009-08
CP-PCD-009-00 Universal Service Identifier in OBR-4   CP-PCD-DEC009-00 DEC 2010-04
CP-PCD-010-00 Mapping EUI-64 Identifiers to HL7 EI (Equipment ID) CP-PCD-DEC010-00 DEC 2010-04
CP-PCD-011-00 Open/Closed interval in [OBR-7, OBR-8) CP-PCD-DEC011-00 DEC 2010-04
CP-PCD-012-00 Reporting Measurement Status in OBX-8 and OBX-11 CP-PCD-DEC012-00 DEC 2010-04
CP-PCD-013-00 System Model and Production Specification CP-PCD-DEC013-00 DEC 2010-04
CP-PCD-014-00 Guidelines for OBX “dotted” Notation   CP-PCD-DEC014-00 DEC 2010-04
CP-PCD-015-00 Reporting Time Synchronization   CP-PCD-DEC015-00 DEC 2010-04
CP-PCD-016-00 Add PCD-01 Message Transport Appendices for MLLP and Web Services CP-PCD-DEC016-00 DEC 2010-04
CP-PCD-017-00 Snapshot CP-PCD-DEC017-00 DEC 2010-06
CP-PCD-018-00 Patient Location in PCD-03 CP-PCD-PIV018-00 PIV 2010-07
CP-PCD-019-00 Application Error code changes CP-PCD-PIV019-00 PIV 2010-07
CP-PCD-020-00 ACM CP to support AR indicated PIN/Carrier AC destinations to the AM CP-PCD-ACM020-00 ACM 2010-08

CPs 021 Through 040

CP-PCD-021-00 ACM CP HL7 Triggers updates CP-PCD-ACM021-00 ACM 2010-08
CP-PCD-022-00 ACM CP AM – AC Protocol WCTP CP-PCD-ACM022-00 ACM 2010-08
CP-PCD-023-00 ACM CP WCM Inclusion CP-PCD-ACM023-00 ACM 2010-08
CP-PCD-024-00 ACM CP Housekeeping, Connectathon and Showcase Results CP-PCD-ACM024-00 ACM 2010-08
CP-PCD-025-00 DEC Transport Options (MLLP, WAN-*) CP-PCD-DEC025-00 DEC 2010-08
CP-PCD-026-00 DEC OBR-4 DEC Universal service identifier CP-PCD-DEC026-00 DEC 2010-08
CP-PCD-027-00 Placer Multi-OBR PIV 2009-07-10
CP-PCD-028-00 PIV Open Issues PIV 2009-07-07
CP-PCD-029-00 PIV RXG Concentration PIV 2009-07-08
CP-PCD-030-00 Syringe Pump Support PIV 2009-07-07
CP-PCD-031-00 App Ack 0727 PIV
CP-PCD-032-00 PIV Units Implementation PIV
CP-PCD-033-00 OBR-4 DEC
CP-PCD-034-00 Placer ID DEC
CP-PCD-035-00 RTM Tagname Changes RTM
CP-PCD-036-00 RTM Synonym Support RTM
CP-PCD-037-00 RTM Correction Rules RTM
CP-PCD-038-00 TI Acknowledgment Codes Table PIV
CP-PCD-039-00 FT Acknowledgment Codes Table PIV
CP-PCD-040-00 Increased HL7 2.6 field widths DEC 2010-01-08

CPs 041 Through 060

CP-PCD-041-00 Remove sentence “MSH-15 and MSH-16 fields have special considerations in PCD-03"  PIV 2010-12-21
CP-PCD-042-00 Number of digits after decimal point implies precision RTM 2010-12-21
CP-PCD-043-00 Cardinality of ERR RRG^O16 PIV 2010-12-21
CP-PCD-044-00 PIV.44 (Admit Date/Time) - usage should be RE, not X, and cardinality should be [0..1]  2010-12-21
CP-PCD-045-00 Table B.7-1 OBR Segment - add OBR.9 (Collection Volume) and OBR.10 (Collector Identifier) PIV 2010-12-21
CP-PCD-046-00 Clarify EI and HD field usage 2010-12-21
CP-PCD-047-00 Make MSH-21 Required and List Message Profile Identifiers All PCD 2010-03-20
CP-PCD-048-00 OBR-4 Correct format of SNOMED examples and improve text DEC 2010-03-20
CP-PCD-049-00 Clarify MSH-21 Message Profile Identifier format and usage DEV, PIV 2011-04-01
CP-PCD-050-00 Update Table of Data Types in A.5 for HL7 v. 2.6 and correct typographical errors All PCD 2011-04-01
CP-PCD-051-00 Changes to IHE_PCD_TF_Vol1_FT_2010-10-18Draft 2011-11-30
CP-PCD-052-00 [Additional] Changes to IHE_PCD_TF_Vol1_FT_2010-10-18Draft 2011-04-26
CP-PCD-053-00 PIV Open Issues section PIV 2011-04-26
CP-PCD-054-00 Require ORC-9 in all PCD-03 transactions 2011-04-12
CP-PCD-055-00 Add TQ1 segment to the PCD-03 message spec 2011-04-1
CP-PCD-056-00 Including BSA as an OBX-3 Observation Identifier 2011-04-11
CP-PCD-057-00 ACM CP Drop AA actor to improve TF integration potential ACM 2010-06-02
CP-PCD-058-00 ACM CP Drop SMTP as AM to AC actor protocol option for PCD-06 and PCD-07 transactions ACM 2010-06-02
CP-PCD-059-00 Technical Framework Vol. 2 Final Text Editorial changes PIV, DEC 2010-06-13
CP-PCD-060-00 ORC Segment Changes in PCD-01 and PCD-03 PIV, DEC 2010-07-18

CPs 061 Through 080

CP-PCD-061-00 RXR Segment Changes in PCD-03 PIV 10/20/2011
CP-PCD-062-00 IPEC Trigger Event IPEC 2010-10-15
CP-PCD-063-00 WCM Document Changes WCM 2010-10-15
CP-PCD-064-00 Editorial Update – Implantable, Manufacturer IDCO 2012-05-22
CP-PCD-065-00 Editorial Update – Glossary IDCO 2012-05-22
CP-PCD-066-00 HL7 version update to 2.6 IDCO 2012-05-22
CP-PCD-067-00 PID Model and Serial Number Parameter Name IDCO 2012-05-22
CP-PCD-068-00 PID 3.1 Description not updated IDCO 2012-05-22
CP-PCD-069-00 Example Text Change – OBR IDCO 2012-05-22
CP-PCD-070-01 Clarification for OBX segments with CWE data types IDCO 2012-05-22
CP-PCD-071-00 WS-Addressing Error Resolution TF-2 2012-06-13
CP-PCD-072-00 (Withdrawn) (Withdrawn)
CP-PCD-073-00 Clarification of MSA-1 (Acknowledgment Code) Values in PCD-03 PIV 2012-06-05
CP-PCD-074-00 Error in MSH-21 description TF-2 2012-06-06
CP-PCD-075-00 Handling of RTM in Final Text TF RTM 2012-06-05
CP-PCD-076-00 Numbering OBRs TF-2 2012-06-05
CP-PCD-077-00 PCD-02 content clarifications defer till SPD Supplement revision time
CP-PCD-078-00 PID 5.7 not restricted to "U" or "L" TF-2 2012-06-08
CP-PCD-079-00 Security text harmonization with ITI TF-1, 2 2011-08-31
CP-PCD-080-00 PCD-02: Define a fused Device Observation Filter Reporter defer till SPD Supplement revision time

CPs 081 Through 100

(included in PCD TF as of v3)

CP-PCD-081-00 Clarify treatment of time in TF vol. 2 2012-06-08
CP-PCD-082-00 Clarify sequencing of static containment in PCD-01 2012-06-08
CP-PCD-083-00 Add notes to TF vol. 2 esp. PCD-03 referencing information in Device Specialization - Infusion Pump PIV 2012-06-08
CP-PCD-084-00 Update Table 4.2 in Volume 1 TI to include WCM options DEC 2012-06-06
CP-PCD-085-04 Updates to IPEC Supplement IPEC 2012-12-10
CP-PCD-086-00 Associating specific PDF files with an episode group IDCO 2012-06-12
CP-PCD-087-04 ACM Updates ACM 2012-12-18
CP-PCD-087-05 ACM Updates: CP-PCD-087-05 Provides CP-PCD-087-04 With Additions ACM 2013-01-10
CP-PCD-088-00 IPEC General Updates IPEC 2013-04-19
CP-PCD-089-00 (Withdrawn) (Withdrawn)
CP-PCD-089-01 (Withdrawn (Withdrawn)
CP-PCD-090-00 RESERVED (Support PCA Device programming in PIV) PIV 2013-xx-xx
CP-PCD-091-00 Header ACK DEC 2013-04-24
CP-PCD-092-03 ACM Updates (Alert Comm Mgt) ACM 2013-04-24
CP-PCD-092-04 ACM Updates (Alert Comm Mgt) CP-PCD-092-03 ACM 2013-05-22
CP-PCD-093-03 Add 11073 Distinctive References to ACM ACM 2013-05-16
CP-PCD-093-04 Add 11073 Distinctive References to ACM CP-PCD-093-03 ACM 2013-05-16
CP-PCD-094-00 IPEC update IPEC 2013-11-12
CP-PCD-095-00 Restore ACM FT Material to the PCD TF ACM 2014-01-02
CP-PCD-096-00 Add ACM MDC Codes to PCD TF ACM 2014-01-02
CP-PCD-097-01 Clarify_usage_of_OBX-4 GEN 2014-03-31
CP-PCD-098-00 ACM Profile Alert Consumer Actor Addition withdrawn, replaced with CP 103 ACM 2014-04-08
CP-PCD-099-02 Support programming an infusion rate or dose change PIV 2014-04-09
CP-PCD-100-02 PIV updates for PCA and dose-based infusions PIV 2014-04-09

CPs 101 Through 120

CP # Description Previous CP # Profile Date Last Changed
CP-PCD-101-00 EUI-64 Language Updates GEN 2014-04-16
CP-PCD-102-00 Modify PCD-01 NK1 Segment DEC 2014-04-30
CP-PCD-103-00 ACM Actor Addition CP-PCD-098 ACM 2014-05-19
CP-PCD-104-00 ACM Alert Type as Priority ACM 2014-06-26
CP-PCD-105-00 Removal of ACM Profile FACET Value Requirement ACM 2014-06-26
CP-PCD-106-00 Alert notification annotation text NTE ACM 2014-06-26
CP-PCD-107-00 Enable Web Services Transport GEN 2014-11-18
CP-PCD-108-04 Alert List ACM 2014-11-18
CP-PCD-109-00 Change ALARM^ALARM to use MDC REFID ACM 2015/02/26
CP-PCD-110-00 Resurrect PCD04 option for AR to add notification recipients ACM 03/12/2015
CP-PCD-111-00 Move equipment name from OBX-18 to OBX-5 MEMDMC 02/27/2015
CP-PCD-112-00 Move equipment name from OBX-18 to OBX-5 MEMLS 02/26/2015
CP-PCD-113-00 Resurrect PCD-05 opt for AM to send dissemination status to AR ACM 04/23/2015
CP-PCD-114-00 Restore WCM option for waveforms in alerts ACM 06/19/2015
CP-PCD-115-00 IPEC Editorial Changes IPEC 06/13/2015
CP-PCD-116-00 Additions to PIV Error Code table PIV 06/13/2015
CP-PCD-117-00 Add PIV Error Codes to TF Volume 2 PIV 06/13/2015
CP-PCD-118-00 Add optional PID and ORC segments to PIV application acknowledgement PIV 06/13/2015
CP-PCD-119-00 Clarification of Observation Result Status OBX-11 as F MEMDMC 03/06/2015
CP-PCD-120-00 Clarification of Observation Result Status OBX-11 as F MEMLS 03/06/2015

CPs 121 Through 130

CP # Description Previous CP # Profile Date Last Changed
CP-PCD-121-00 Enable SN (Structured Numeric) Datatype Support for Numeric Ratios DEC 08/06/2015
CP-PCD-122-00 Change ACM Containment MDC Codes (withdrawn) ACM 2015-10-08
CP-PCD-123-00 IPEC Supplement Revision IPEC 10/22/2015
CP-PCD-124-00 Change ACM Containment MDC Codes CP-122 ACM 2015-11-05
CP-PCD-125-00 Add Optional Display-Print to PCD-04 Message ACM 2016-05-19
CP-PCD-126-00 Add AR Alert Acknowledgement Status and Phase ACM 2016-05-12
CP-PCD-127-00 Add ITI mACM FHIR Transactions ACM 2016-06-23