PCC Vocabulary Registry and Data Dictionary Removed

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Removed, Deprecated, Withdrawn From Volume 1, Sections and Appendices

Chapter Description Status/Location OID Space
X Reserved for Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC) Now in ITI
X Reserved for Preprocedure History and Physical (PPHP) Withdrawn
X Reserved for Antepartum Summary (APS) Moved to APR
X Laboratory Public Health Reporting Added as CP to XD-LAB
X Cancer Registry Content Transferred to Pathology

Removed, Deprecated, Withdrawn From Volume 2, Transaction and Section Numbers

Number Section and Transaction Name
PCC-1 Query Vital Signs
PCC-2 Query Problems and Allergies
PCC-3 Query Lab Results
PCC-4 Query Medications
PCC-5 Query Immunizations
PCC-6 Query Professional Services