PCC Vocabulary Registry and Data Dictionary

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PCC Vocabulary Registry and Data Dictionary

This page lists various vocabularies and data dictionaries that are under the control of the PCC Committee. Please do not edit this without coordinating your activity with the PCC Committee. It is supposed to be a safe reference for currently assigned terms, etc. Some terms should not be assigned permanent values here until after the PCC profile documentation is complete.

Volume 1, Sections and Appendices

Chapter Description
3 Cross-Enterprise Sharing of Medical Summaries (XDS-MS)
4 Reserved for Exchange of Personal Health Record Content (XPHR)
5 Reserved for Basic Patient Privacy Consents (BPPC)
6 Reserved for ED Referral (EDR)
7 Reserved for Preprocedure History and Physical (PPHP)
8 Reserved for Antepartum Summary (APS)
9 Reserved for Functional Status Assessments (FSA)
10 Reserved for Emergency Department Encounter Record (EDER)
11 Reserved for Query for Existing Data (QED)
A Actor Descriptions
B Transaction Descriptions
C How to Prepare and IHE Integration Statement

Volume 2, Transaction and Section Numbers

Number Section Name and Transaction Name
PCC-01 Query Vital Signs
PCC-02 Query Problems and Allergies
PCC-03 Query Lab Results
PCC-04 Query Medications
PCC-05 Query Immunizations

Volume 2, Appendices

Chapter Description
A Examples
B Validating CDA Documents
C Extensions to CDA Release 2.0

See Also

The PCC Technical Framework is the official master document.