PCC TC Face to Face July 19-23, 2021

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Monday, July 19th, 2021 | PCC Technical Committee 2:00pmCT / 3:00pmET | Maternal Health Whitepaper Session | Attendees: Andrea F. (eHealthSign), John M. (ByLight), Dan Chaput (ONC), Kendra W. (New Birth Company), Michael M., Rachel A. (ONC), Ruby N. (Lantanna Consulting), Lori F. (eHealthSign), Thierry D. (ANS), John D. (InterPro), LuAnn W., Emma J. (Allscripts), Laura B. (LBJ Consulting), Steve Moore, Sarah Bell, Nichole Knox.

Minutes: Andrea F. called for motion to make Maternal Health Whitepaper an official work item for PCC with assistance from QRPH.

  • Michael M. moved
  • Kendra W. seconded
    • No objections
    • One abstention
  • Motion passed