PCC TC Face to Face February 15-19, 2021 Minutes

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February 15, 2021 Virtual F2F Meeting

Attendees: Emma Jones (Allscripts), Andrea Fourquet (eHealthSign), Chris Melo (Philips), John Moehrke (ByLight), John Donnelly (Intepro Solutions), Rob Wilder (Spok), Katiya Shell (EMI Advisors), Sarah Bell

Monday, February 15th, 3pmCT/4pmET - General Business

  • Katiya Shell as part of the IHE USA Cooperative Agreement with the ONC was asked about a particular use case and if IHE PCC Domain has something in the works related to it. This group would like to meet with PCC to discuss further, and could result in a new work item. Katiya Shell and Andrea are coordinating a meeting time with them.
  • Rob Wilder and John Donnelly worked through a question about the PAM Profile and ADT-related transactions with input from the Committee. Emma Jones shared a Whitepaper which offered additional insights. Rob offered to continue looking into these resources and would continue dialogue as needed.