PCC Change Proposal Integration Process

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To Integrate CPs

  1. Refer to the IHE PCC CP spreadsheet, CP Profile Status tab on : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kUNTaDr8ePjhWdT5L-FkCVnEeINj0RRij63S9A9LArs/edit?pli=1#gid=1057910568 to see your CP assignments.
  2. The most important task is to start editing the right document. To get the document that you will edit...
    1. Get the final text Word document from last year. You will find it at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/DocumentPublication/CurrentPublished/PatientCareCoordination/
    2. In some cases, there is a sequence of editors (noted on the Dashboard), so one editor completes an integration first, and then passes it on to the next editor. This happens when profiles move from TI to FT, or when a CP modifies multiple documents
  3. Turn on track changes in the Word document.
  4. Access the IHE PCC CP spreadsheet to find the CPs:
    1. The CP tab lists the CPs that affect each document
    2. Find links to each CP in column D
      1. Note that some CPs modify multiple documents
    3. It may help to make a local copy of the spreadsheet so you can make notes as you progress (please don't modify the google spreadsheet!)
  5. Start with oldest (Lowest number) CPs first
  6. Open it
  7. Scroll down in the CP to the first set of editor instructions. Note that editor instructions are contained in a box prior to the edited text. What they mean:
    1. If the instructions are just flat text, that means it is copied from the TI or TF in order to help you find the position in the document to insert the change. “Normal” text in the CP is NOT a change to the Volume or TI.
    2. If it is bold and underlined, that indicates text that should be inserted
      1. To insert use “paste special” and insert “only unformatted text”. DO NOT INSERT FORMATTING FROM OTHER DOCUMENTS or it will add to the template list of styles and this is a major problem for publication.
      2. If you need to re-apply bullets, use the format-painter to re-apply the bullets OR use the style-pulldown menu to find the pre-set style from the template.
    3. If it is bold and strike-out, it means delete
    4. If it is in a “box” it is instructions for you as the editor, don’t copy the “box” in!!!
  8. Make the first change. Remember to use Track Changes. Make sure to check if the change needs to be made elsewhere in the Volume or TI! (e.g. Change all instances of XY to YZ)
  9. When you make an edit due to the CP, add a Word comment that includes the CP number that the change came from. This helps reviewers who will later confirm your changes.
  10. Repeat steps 7-9… for each change within the CP until the CP is completely integrated into the Volume or TI
  11. Make a note in your local copy of the spreadsheet that you completed integration of that CP
  12. Review the affected profiles' wiki pages for potential impact of the CP and update the wiki page if needed.
  13. Rinse, repeat from step 5
  14. When all CPs for your Volume or TI are fully integrated, upload the updated volume/TI to ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Coordination/Maintenance2018/CP%20integration%20pre-publication%20documents/
  15. Send your updated spreadsheet to Gila Pyke and Denise Downing and let them know that your Volume and/or TI has had CPs integrated and is ready for review
  16. In the rare case that your CP has a diagram that is saved in a separate file (ie not integrated into the documentation, please put it on the FTP once the documentation and diagrams are final. They go here: ftp://ftp.ihe.net/DocumentPublication/NonStandardDiagrams/PCC/


  1. If CPs overlap, or conflict with a previous CP, try to solve it or when in doubt, ask for help. (Cochairs should know who to reach out to.)
  2. If there is a problem with figures that are impossible to update, or that you are unable to update, reach out to the cochairs for help as well
  3. If the headers or “normal” text used to position the you so you can find where to insert changes within the TF is different than what you find in the TF – check the date when the CP was last updated. If the CP is significantly older (more than 1 year) than the TF, chances are the TF content has since changed and you do not need to change it back to what is in the CP.
  4. If you run into any other problems… reach out to the cochairs.