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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Present: Steve Moore, Raffaele Giordano, Chris Melo, Thom Kuhn, Dr Thierry Dart, Michael Clifton, Emma Jones, Gila Pyke, Denise Downing, Joyce Sensmeier

Phone: No Committee Members Present


Confirmed the process is through Chris Carr for needed LOINC codes CP-239 – RECON profile, need discussion because it is difficult to do RECONs capability statements because there is conflicts with MHD, QEDm, but are they truly in conflict,

DCTM – was written, but the capability statements and structured definitions weren’t written, needs a CP completed for those to be reviewed

FHIR Maintenance Process: 1. Need to complete the implementation guide, structured definitions and capability statements for new profiles and completed prior to public comment

2. Already existing profiles that are not STU3 needs a CP completed to go through the CP balloted process to review the implementation guide, structured definition and capability statements

Deprecation Process:

• Deprecation of GAO – is in a holding pattern

• Deprecation of ITS & ETS – Gila moved to deprecate these because they are being replaced by RIPT and PCS, Thom Kuhn seconded, 0 abstain, 0 Against, Gila and Denise will notify Mary about deprecating these profiles – discussed the Deprecation Process that was discussed at the DCC, committee agreed to deprecate ITS & ETS

• Deprecation of PPOC & eNS will send an email to Joyce who will send to ANI and add a sentence about DCP which is just FHIR based

FHIR Profiles that aren’t STU3:

• Clinical Mapping – email Keith to see if he minds if IHE deprecates the profile due to not being





• QEDm – Denise to talk with Charles about if the implementation guide, structured definitions and capability statements - Charles has not done the FHIR work, need to follow-up with him to have these completed


  • Discussed IHE PCC webinar series, it scheduled for Friday, August 10th , Emma will update the slides for Amit
  • Discussed transition of cochair roles, Michael Venton agreed to being technical cochair, submit nominations to Sarah, Emma agreed to do technical and Thierry Dart to do planning


Present: Steve Moore, Raffaele Giordano, Chris Melo, Thom Kuhn, Dr Thierry Dart, Michael Clifton, Emma Jones, Gila Pyke, Denise Downing, Joyce Sensmeier

Phone: Daniel Venton

Discussion: A copy of the profile is posted on the ftp site with today’s date along with the Comment spreadsheet ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Coordination/yr14_2018-2019/Technical%20Committee/CDA%20Summary%20Section%20Profile/Trial%20Implementation%20Prep/

• Steve sending updated text to Emma to place in the profile

• Clarify the document summary section and the section being called Document Summary template, renamed Document Summary template to IHE Document Summary template that came from IHE Cardiology

• Reviewed the Comment spreadsheet to make sure all the comments have been addressed

• Emma will create the wiki profile page

PlanDefinition for Care Planning (DCP)

Present: Raffaele Giordano, Chris Melo, Thom Kuhn, Dr Thierry Dart, Michael Clifton, Emma Jones, Gila Pyke, Denise Downing, Joyce Sensmeier

Phone: Daniel Venton, George Dixon, Jeff Danford

Discussion: • The new name change that was made yesterday to the Actor Care Plan Definition Service will create issues with the naming on gForge

• Open Issue discussed – see section 3.Y.1.4

  • o FHIR approved to add a type level operation with PlanDefinition/ActivityDefinition as a parameter, not in STU3, but the profile is based on FHIR 3, purpose of the change is so systems don’t need to have all the resources (protocols, pathways) on their server
  • o Will put a reference to gForge update in the profile, may ask to include this change in FHIR3 because it isn’t a huge change, HL7 should have results from testing in September because they are using tools to test FHIR, ,
  • o If the change isn’t included within STU3 and will be included in STU4 then will need to do an IHE CP to change the URL to point to STU4 in the profile
  • • Moving profiles from STU3 to R4 will require a complete review of the STU3 profiles due to moving from STU3 to R4 – this will be a PCC maintenance issue
  • • In volume 1 section X.1.1.2 should include a general statement and not include FHIR references and the operations used, volume 1 should not be transaction based, that should be in volume 2, edited the sentences to be more general statements for volume 1 and not FHIR based transactions, volume 2 will include how to subscribe and unsubscribe to the service, refer to section 3.Y4 in the profile
  • • Completed review of all reviewers comments


  • Emma motioned to move the profile to trial implementation and publication
  • Michael Clifton seconded
  • No further discussion
  • Abstain 0
  • Against 0

Paramedicine Care Summary (PCS)

Present: Raffaele Giordano, Chris Melo, Dr Thierry Dart, Michael Clifton, Emma Jones, Gila Pyke, Denise Downing, Andrea Fourquet, Lori Fourquet, Steve Moore, John Moerhke, Joyce Sensmeier

Phone: No Committee Members


• The confusion about receiving and sending data

• Showed the updated EMS (Clinical) Summary table

• Changes for CDA, refer to Section – Mental Status Organizer Section, need an OID code for the table

• Discussion about how content within the IHE PCC CDA Supplement is updated, the IHE PCC CDA Supplement is not a how to create, but if you are doing a CDA document this is the guidance for sections that are included in a CDA document, Mary will move the required additions from PCS to the CDA Supplement

• Dr. Mears is on vacation for clarification of his answers to Open Issues, asking for assistance from his co-worker

• Reviewed EMS (Clinical) data elements list and those data elements that are applicable to an ED clinician

• Discussed about creating a view of the content, a suggestion was that the creator must support all 3 options and the consumer should be able to choose the view, but all 3 documents must be able to be consumed by the receiver, the EMS must be able to create the 1 CDA document that has all the data or if the receiver only wants to view certain data it still has to consume all the data and the consumer renders the view or user selects or determines the sections they want to view (i.e., allergies, meds, immunization), it defines the detailed summary document or the entire document, quality data has to be a discrete data import, but doesn’t need to be in the pts EHRs, the FHIR bundle all the EMS data

  • Content system clinical view has the subset of data, constraint is to take in the CDA document and view the sections, the creator creates the entire thing or the skinny document, content creator may have to create the skinny version unless the consumer has the ability to create the skinny section, that isn’t the functionality that is out in the real-world now
  • Send the clinical data and at the time of arrival to the or prior to arrival to the ED then the EMS Run Report is completed with the other information that is sent to the ED – need to update the Use Case with this workflow and the QA and Trauma data will be
  • EMS Content creator has the burden to create the detail version (complete Paramedicine Care Report) and skinny (clinical view) version and the consumer determines which version to accept
  • Discussed the idea of doing a Whitepaper and how to use an unstructured thing (i.e., pdf) and how you take unstructured data to use for

ITI, PCC, QRPH Joint Meeting

Refer to Joint Meeting Notes on ITI page