PCCTech Minutes 2012 07 16

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Attendees: Laura Heermann Langford, Laura Bright, Anne Diamond, Tone Southerland, Steve Moore; Vincent Van Pelt, Emma Jones, Denise Downing, Keith Boone, Mauro Zanardini, George Clough, Saccavini Claudio, Thom Kuhn

Call in Attendees: Valentina Ferrarini, Chris Melo, John Donnelly,

eReferral Workflow

  • Overview of Profile provided Mauro
  • Review of comments received. Most comments received from Charles. Some are grammatical, some relate to the use of the template for the profile. 36 comments from Charles. 3 comments from Fourcare, 3 from Kuhn, Changes in profile recommended by Valentina. some of the comments are substantial some are not.
  • Some of the comments from this profile may carryover to the Telehome Monitoring profile as they are very similar in approach, structure and use of concepts.
  • A few of the comments were reviewed in more detail and discussed. Two resulted in the need to discuss with ITI in the joint meeting on Wednesday - a small group (Mauro, Vincent, Laura B) will look at drafting proposed changes for these items prior to the joint meeting for discussion.

Telehome Monitoring Workflow

  • Overview of Profile provided by Valentina
  • Review of comments received. Only two comments received, but acknowledged several of the comments received for eReferral may also apply here. Also acknowledged many of the comments received by may apply to the general headers of the workflow profile template.

Tumor Board Review

  • Overview of Profile provided by Vincent
  • Discussion re: OIDs and codes for dataclass.
  • Discussion re: potential publication schedule. Decided to work on profile this week with goal in mind to have it ready for public comment by the end of this week. Will reach out to Mary and to European connectathon manager to determine what an off cycle public comment period could look like.

Retrieve Clinical Knowledge (Previously known as Request for Clinical Knowledge)

  • Overview of Profile provided by Keith
  • Overview of most of the comments provided with some discussion of a few of them.
  • Goal is to complete review of comments and prep for trial implementation by end of Wednesday this week. Author will be unavailable on Thursday this week.

We have about 60 comments on this profile, made by Karen Witting (IBM), Thom Kuhn (ACP), Guilherme Del Fiol (HL7 CDS Cochair), and the HL7 CDS Workgroup. Comments fell into the following areas:

  1. Overlaps with the HL7 Infobutton Specifications
  2. Inconcistencies with the HL7 SOA Specification
  3. Extend Description of the Three Use Cases or Focus on the first one
  4. Make subTopic optional

We resolved to base the profile on currently balloted Infobutton specifications for the trial implementation, and ensure consistency with the SOA Guide. We will ensure that it moves in the same direction indicated by HL7 CDS for the next release, and will reconcile the final text with the latest version of the CDS Infobutton specifications and guides.

We will proposed updated names for actors and transactions as suggested by commenters or the committee, and propose resolutions to comments consistent with above guidance. These edits will be completed and discussed during Tuesday morning's call.