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(IHE Domain Namespaces)
(IHE Domain Namespaces)
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| Laboratory(LAB)|| deprecated
| Laboratory(LAB)|| deprecated
| Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM)|| ;
| Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM)|| and
| Patient Care Coordination (PCC)||
| Patient Care Coordination (PCC)||

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IHE maintains a namespace under an object identifier (OID) obtained from the IANA. The structure of the root OID ( is described below:

1 = International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
3 = Organization identification schemes registered according to ISO/IEC 6523-2
6 = United States Department of Defense (DoD)
1 = Internet
4 = Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)
1 = Private enterprises
19376 = Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise International

Top-level OIDs under this namespace are assigned and registered by the IHE Documentation Specialist. Send inquiries about assignment of top-level domains to: secretary@ihe.net.

IHE Domain Namespaces

Each IHE domain manages its own namespace under the root OID designated for IHE domain namespaces ( The root OID for each domain's namespace is provided below, along with a link to a page describing its OID assignments.

Domain Top-level OID
Anatomic Pathology (ANAPATH) deprecated
Eye Care (EYECARE)
IT Infrastructure(ITI)
Laboratory(LAB) deprecated
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) and
Patient Care Coordination (PCC)
Patient Care Device (PCD)
Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH)
Radiation Oncology (RO)
Radiology (RAD)

IHE National Deployment Committee Namespaces

IHE National Deployment Committees may also manage their own namespaces under the root OIDs designated for national deployment committees ( and The suggested practice is to use the appropriate ISO national country identifier to designate a top-level OID for a national deployment committee namespace under one of these OIDs. Identified national deployment committee namespaces are provided below.

National Deployment Committee Top-level OID
IHE Germany
IHE Switzerland