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This is a temporary page to describe existing OID registries and to assist the Domain Coordination Committee (aka co-chairs) decide how to manage OIDs.

I don't know which of these are prevalent/maintained. Google showed these in roughly this order, so you can infer something about them.

  1. Alvestrand First page is an overview of OIDs. This link OID Search is on that first page but hard to find. It allows you to search for OIDS. I see there is quite a backlog of entries to process, so I have my doubts about this specific site.
  2. HL7 OID Registry has a one-stop shopping page. You can
    1. Search for OIDs (if you know the value)
    2. Search for strings in OIDs or names
    3. Down a spreadsheet of their database
    4. Enter a new OID. I don't know the process after you complete the data entry form.
  3. Open LDAP Registry has this entry statement: IANA (http://www.iana.org/) has been assigned the OID to the OpenLDAP Project for its use. The following serves as the Project's registry for OIDs the Project has assigned and/or delegated under the OpenLDAP OID arc. OIDs under this arc are not intended for private use.
    1. He also has a link to the Alvestrand registry and to another one in FR that has a broken link.
  4. GnuPG is one page that lists OIDs with no search function. It points to the Alvestrand site if you want to search.
  5. IEEE Storage Working Group claims to be a registry, but it seems more like it gives a formula for how they will create their OIDs.

Internet 2/MACE seems to be dedicated to their project. The search function is not deluxe.

  1. DICOM seems to just use the HL7 registry