May 2014 F2F Meeting Agenda

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IT Infrastructure (ITI) Technical Committee
April 28 - May 2, 2014
Face-to-Face Meeting
Oakbrook, Illinois

The following is a tentative agenda and will be revised further prior to the May meeting date

All times are rough estimates and may be changed with little notice. Note this agenda will display times as Central Time (CT). The intended times for the meeting are 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

To access the meeting minute links, you can click on "Minutes" next to the date on each day of the agenda.

Webex link:

Time (Chicago - Central Time) Agenda Item Additional Notes
Monday, April 28, 2014
8:30-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-9:30 Introduction and Agenda Review
9:30-11:00 Ballot 21 Change Proposals (CPs) - Review of ballot comments See spreadsheet of consolidated comments here
11:00-11:15 Break
11:15-12:30 Secure Retrieve
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3:00 Patient Demographics Query for Mobile (PDQm)
3:00-3:15 Break
3:15-5:15 DS4P and/or De-Identification comment resolution
5:15-5:30 Wrap-up / Homework / Action Item Review / Agenda Updates Minutes for day 1 available here:
5:30 Adjourn
Tuesday, April 29th
8:30-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-10:30 CP Processing

See detailed CP agenda & minutes on the CP page

10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-12:30 Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow extension for Cross-Community Access (XDW/XCA) Updated whitepaper for discussion:
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3:00 Patient Demographics Query for Mobile (PDQm)
3:00-3:15 Break
3:15-5:00 Secure Retrieve
5:00 Adjourn Meeting minutes for Day 2 are available here -
Wednesday, April 30th
8:30-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-10:30 CP Processing See CP agenda/minutes on the CP page
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-11:30 CP Processing continued
11:30-12:30 Patient Demographics Query for Mobile (PDQm)
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3:00 Digital Signatures update plan, and Mobile Health Documents (MHD) and FHIR update plan
3:00-3:15 Break
3:15-5:00 Joint PCC/QRPH/ITI Meeting
  1. Introductions
    • Special Presentation*
  2. QRPH/PCC/ITI report-out
  3. DAF update
  4. Volume 4 publication process
  5. Documentation Priority/Updates (Led by Alex)
  6. Virtual Testing/Tooling (Led by Alex)
  7. Status of De-Identification Whitepaper (Rob Horn)
  8. Next steps for IHE-FHIR collaboration (Led by John)
  9. TBD

Video of special presentation: Updated Agenda and minutes for the joint discussion can be found here:

5:00 Adjourn Minutes for ITI day 3 can be found here:
Thursday, May 1st
8:30-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-10:00 Secure Retrieve Secure Retrieve unanimously approved for public comment.

De-Identification whitepaper unanimously approved for publication after successful resolution of public comment.

10:00-10:30 Discussion of IHE ITI Domain Webinars
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-11:00 Data Segmentation for Privacy (DS4P) for REST Vote whether DS4P is ready for TI or TF using:
11:00-11:30 Discussion of German National Extensions
11:30-12:00 Discussion of HPD+
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:45 Patient Demographics Query for Mobile (PDQm)
1:45-2:45 Identification of Trial Implementations (TIs) that are candidates for Technical Framework Agenda
2:45-3:00 Assign TF numbers to new profiles
3:00-3:15 Break
3:15-4:00 De-ID whitepaper discussion replaced by CP discussion
4:00-5:00 Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow extension for Cross-Community Access (XDW/XCA)
5:00-5:15 Discussion of Technical Framework editors, including supplements which require updating due to CPs
5:15 Adjourn Day 4 minutes can be found here:
Friday, May 2nd
8:30-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-11:00 CP Processing See minutes of CP discussion here
11:00-12:00 2014 Work Items Next Steps
12:00-12:30 Scheduling of Teleconferences
12:30 Adjourn A great big huge thank you to everyone who participated in the ITI meetings this week. The week was astoundingly successful! Final notes from today's meeting posted on the ftp here:
* ]].