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The Marketing and Communication Committee coordinates IHE marketing and communication activities and resources across the national and regional deployment committees of IHE International.


Teleconference Information: 3rd Wednesday of each month, 10:00am CST - 11:00am CST - unless rescheduled

Date Agenda Minutes
2019-12-18 Agenda
2019-11-10 Agenda
2019-10-16 Agenda
2019-09-18 Agenda
2019-08-21 Agenda Minutes
2019-07-17 Cancelled Cancelled
2019-06-19 Agenda
2019-05-16 (rescheduled from 5/15/2019) Agenda Minutes
2019-04-17 (WebEx Link) Agenda Minutes
2019-03-20 (WebEx Link) Agenda Minutes
2019-02-21 (rescheduled from 2/20/2019) Agenda
2019-01-16 Agenda
2018-12-19 Agenda Minutes
2018-11-21 Agenda Minutes
2018-10-17 Agenda Minutes
2018-09-19 Agenda Minutes
2018-08-22 (rescheduled from 8/15) Agenda Minutes
2018-07-25 (rescheduled from 7/18) Agenda Minutes
2018-06-20 Agenda Minutes
2018-05-16 Agenda Minutes
2018-04-25 (rescheduled from 4/18) Agenda Minutes
2018-03-21 Agenda Minutes
2018-02-TBD Agenda Minutes
2018-01-24 Agenda Minutes

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