MarComm Cmte Teleconference Minutes 2013-10-02

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  • Lapo Bertini
  • Chris Carr
  • John Donnelly
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo
  • La Shawn Edwards
  • Adrianne Glowski
  • Chris Lindop
  • Joan McMillen
  • Nancy Ramirez
  • Celina Roth
  • Erin Sparnon


  • Update World Summit
  • Event planned for Feb. 20-21 (preceding HIMSS meeting) in Orlando, FL
  • Global Deployment Coordination Committee (GDC)
    • Looking at new dates to hold open GDC meeting for attendees attending HIMSS conference as well as the World Summit
    • Two people are putting together two development tracks as well as development panel.
    • Input will be sought from the Mar Comm committee as to who and how to Market the event.
    • USA-EU Collaboration
    • Created a task force of Lapo, Chris Lindop, and Chris Carr to work on the marketing of the World Summit
  • October email blast
  • Content for messaging: North America Connectathon selling points, timeline, reg details; IHE Europe Connectathon press release; RO Connectathon (April/May 2014)
    • possibly move up the blast date from its original 10/15 date since connectathon registration ends on 10/18
  • Connectathon Marketing
    • Action: Celina will send marketing content to the MarComm Committee
    • Action: Chris will use this material out to develop a targeted blast to the diagnostic domains stating the relevance of IHE in reference to MU
  • Orientation Materials
  • Updates to participation page
    • Welcome additional feedback on this page
  • Automated message to Google Group registrants
  • Social Media Update
  • Channels in use
    • Facebook and twitter for IHE International live - update these with new members, blast information and key IHE activities
  • Messages for posting
    • Contact Nichole Drye Mayo if you have material for our social media avenues
  • Photos/videos
  • Marketing plan. Review areas that need updating Marketing Plan - Discussion deferred.

Marketing and Communications Committee