MarComm Cmte Teleconference Minutes 2012-04-04

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1. Marketing and Branding Plan

  • Board reviewed plan and expressed reservations about draft mission statement and logo
  • RSNA marketing staff developing updated logos
  • Excise mission statement from marketing plan, focus on tactics

2. Website Updates

  • Add to Domain and Deployment committee pages a "What's New" block that includes timely information from annual report, development or event cycle, etc.
  • Site map needs to include plan for content migration/development including distributed ownership of content
  • Needs to include plan for deploying new logo elements, graphics
  • Coordinate with other linked Websites to share design elements and guidelines
  • Make Wiki content more visible and bring forward key content from Wiki
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to provide content inventory, wireframes and draft site map

3. IHE Europe Connectathon Marketing

  • Add preview to monthly email blast
  • Press release being developed: Attendance will grow over 2011 event
  • Site events being planned: include Swiss eHealth meeting

4. Deployment Project Information Gathering

  • Multistate EHR-HIE interoperability initiative; John Donnelly can provide initial information and contacts
  • Chris Carr organizing general discussion of deployment projects at IHE E Connectathon in Bern (~May 23); will send general invitation

5. Monthly News Email Updates

  • Added items for March update
  • IHE E Connectathon preview
  • IHE E Video
  • Interop Showcase recap
  • ITI Webinars
  • Deployment Projects meeting

6. Product Registry as Marketing Tool

  • User experience could be enhanced by providing a more intuitive way of sorting the information based on user needs (eg, "setting up an HIE")
  • Work group to provide input on UI: John Donnelly, Thom Kuhn, Harm-Jan (or other IHE E rep), Chris Carr, Celina Roth/Jim St. Clair, Eric Poiseau
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to set up tcon of working group to gather and document feature requests

Marketing and Communications Committee