Mammography Acquisition Workflow Implementation

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Mammography Implementation Workflow Implementation

<Should we name Implementation pages with the acronym since implementers are more familiar with it or should we stay consistent with the rest of the pages for profiles>

<Need to review the contents of Bill's XDS pages and discuss if there are parts that should be standard/part of the template>

<Steve probably also has ideas based on things he has needed to communicate before>

<Emmanuel has suggested that developers will follow the sequence:

  1. search for a free implementation (reference implementation or toolkit) which does the job properly (or nearly)
  2. seek for examples of messages
  3. browse for configuration files directly usable by soft (xsd, wsdl, xsl...)
  4. read the documentation in the "dive directly in the middle" mode
  5. send message in forums to ask for help
  6. ask to vendors which provide components to obtain (freely) some information from them
  • ..
  • read the documentation in the normal mode ;-).

the template should encourage providing/organizing such information>


<List public domain toolkits for this profile>

Reference Implementations

<List public domain reference implementations for this profile>

Test Tools

<List public domain test software & Internet test nodes for this profile>

Implementation FAQ

<should this be inline or a separate page? Probably the latter>

Testable Assertions

Assertion Reference (C)onnectathon or (M)esa Test Comment
Acquisition Modality
- - RAD TF- - -
- - RAD TF- - -
Image Manager/Image Archive
- - RAD TF- - -
- - RAD TF- - -
Evidence Creator/Image Display
- - RAD TF- - -
- - RAD TF- - -
Image Display
- - RAD TF- - -
- - RAD TF- - -
Other notes
<Some profiles may require that other items be specified here...>

Testing Methods

Sample Data

Related Standards

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See Also

The Radiology Technical Framework is the official master document for this Profile. <Replace Radiology Technical Framework with the Trial Implementation Supplement or Public Comment Supplement as appropriate.>

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The Profile Template is an overview of the Profile.

The Profile FAQ Template answers typical questions about what the Profile does.

The Profile Purchasing Template describes considerations when purchasing equipment to deploy this Profile.

This page is based on the Profile Implementation Template

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