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| [mailto:flum@aao.org?subject=subscribe-iheplanning iheplanning@aaoforums.aao.org]
| [mailto:flum@aao.org?subject=subscribe-iheplanning iheplanning@aaoforums.aao.org]
| IHE Planning Committee
| Eyecare Planning Committee
| Light
| Light
| Active
| Active
| [mailto:flum@aao.org?subject=subscribe-ihetechnical ihetechnical@aaoforums.aao.org]
| [mailto:flum@aao.org?subject=subscribe-ihetechnical ihetechnical@aaoforums.aao.org]
| IHE Technical Committee
| Eyecare Technical Committee
| Light
| Light
| Active
| Active

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IHE Mailing Lists are established as Google Groups. You will need a Google Account (see below).

Mailing List pages can be reached through the links below.

To Browse or search recent and past emails ... Use the Search field at the top of the page
To Subscribe to the group ... Use the "Contact owner to join" link on the right of the page
To Send Email to the group ... Use the "Send email to this group" link at the bottom of the page
To Sign in to your Google Account ... Use the "Sign in" link in the top right corner of the page
To Create a Google Account if you don't have one ... Use the "Create an account now" link on the Sign-in page
To Unsubscribe from the group ... Use the unsubscribe link in your subscription confirmation email
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IMPORTANT NOTES: You must be a member of a group to post to it. You must respond to the invitation to join the group to become a member. You must rejoin if you change your email address.

Mailing List Purpose Traffic Status
Regional Lists
IHE North America
ihe-canada-announcements IHE Canada announcements Light Active
IHE Asia-Oceania IHE Asia-Oceania discussions New New
ihe-china IHE China discussions Light InActive
ihe-taiwan IHE Taiwan discussions Light InActive
Domain Lists
ihe-rad-plan Radiology Planning Committee discussions Moderate Active
ihe-rad-tech Radiology Technical Committee discussions Moderate Active
ihe-mammography Radiology Mammography Technical SubCommittee discussions Light Active
ihenm@rsna.org Radiology Nuclear Medicine Technical SubCommittee discussions Light Dormant?
itiplan@rsna.org IT Infrastructure Planning Committee discussions Moderate Active
ititech@rsna.org IT Infrastructure Technical Committee discussions Heavy Active
pccplan@rsna.org Patient Care Coordination Planning Committee discussions Moderate Active
pcctech@rsna.org Patient Care Coordination Technical Committee discussions Moderate Active
ihe-pathology@listes.univ-rennes1.fr Pathology Planning and Technical Committee discussions Light Active
ihe-reporting Reporting Taskforce Light Active
iheroplan08@aapm.org Radiation Oncology Planning Committee discussions Light Active
iherotech08@aapm.org Radiation Oncology Technical Committee discussions Moderate Active
ihe-laboratory-committee IHE Laboratory Moderate Active
iheplanning@aaoforums.aao.org Eyecare Planning Committee Light Active
ihetechnical@aaoforums.aao.org Eyecare Technical Committee Light Active
Connectathon & Demo Lists
ihe-europe-2008-connectathon 2008 European Connectathon discussions and announcements Moderate Active
ihe-north-america-connectathon-2007 2007 North American Connectathon discussions and announcements Light InActive
HIMSS2007Tech 2007 HIMSS Demo discussions Active
Other Lists
ihenews@rsna.org General Public Announcements about IHE Light Active
ihe-cochairs Domain Cochairs Committee discussions Moderate Active
ihestdev@rsna.org Strategic Development Committee discussions Light Active

Note: the old mailing list addresses @rsna.org are being phased out. Please stop using them.