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IHE Mailing Lists are established as Google Groups. You will need a Google Account (see below).

Mailing List pages can be reached through the links below. Once on a mailing list page:

To Browse or search recent and past emails ... Use the Search field at the top of the page
To Subscribe to the group ... Use the "Contact owner to join" link on the right of the page
To Send Email to the group ... Use the "Send email to this group" link at the bottom of the page
To Sign in to your Google Account ... Use the "Sign in" link in the top right corner of the page
To Create a Google Account if you don't have one ... Use the "Create an account now" link on the Sign-in page
To Unsubscribe from the group ... Use the unsubscribe link in your subscription confirmation email or in the footer of any message received through the group
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IMPORTANT NOTES: You must be a member of a group to post to it. You must respond to the invitation to join the group to become a member. You must rejoin if you change your email address.

Mailing List Purpose
General Interest General Public Announcements about IHE
Regional Lists
ihe-asia-oceania (Google) IHE Asia-Oceania discussions
ihe-australia (Listserv) IHE Australia
ihe-canada-announcements (Google) IHE Canada announcements
ihe-china (Google) IHE China discussions
ihe-france (Google) IHE France announcements
TBA IHE North America
ihe-taiwan (Google) IHE Taiwan discussions
Domain Committee Lists
ihe-cardio-plan (Google) Cardiology Planning Committee discussions
ihe-cardio-tech (Google) Cardiology Technical Committee discussions
ihedental (Google) Dental Planning and Technical Committee discussions Eyecare Planning Committee Eyecare Technical Committee
itiplan (Google) IT Infrastructure Planning Committee discussions
ititech (Google) IT Infrastructure Technical Committee discussions
ihe-laboratory-committee INACTIVE - SEE PaLM Laboratory Planning & Technical Committee MERGED INTO PaLM
ihe PaLM committee (Google) Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) Planning & Technical Committee discussions
pccplan (Google) Patient Care Coordination Planning Committee discussions
pcctech (Google) Patient Care Coordination Technical Committee discussions
ihepcdplan (Google) Patient Care Devices Planning Committee
ihepcdtech (Google) Patient Care Devices Technical Committee
ihe-anatomic-pathology-committee INACTIVE - SEE PaLM Pathology Planning and Technical Committee MERGED INTO PaLM
ihe-pharmacy (Google) Pharmacy Planning and Technical Committee
iheqrphplan (Google) Quality, Research & Public Health Planning Committee discussions
iheqrphtech (Google) Quality, Research & Public Health Technical Committee discussions Radiation Oncology Planning Committee discussions Radiation Oncology Technical Committee discussions
ihe-rad-plan (Google) Radiology Planning Committee discussions
ihe-rad-tech (Google) Radiology Technical Committee discussions
ihe-mammography (Google) Radiology Mammography Technical SubCommittee discussions Radiology Nuclear Medicine Technical SubCommittee discussions
ihe-reporting (Google) Reporting Taskforce
Connectathon & Demo Lists
eu_connectathon (Google) European Connectathons -- discussions and announcements
na_connectathon (Google) North American Connectathons -- discussions and announcements
Interest Groups
ihe_pix_pdq_testing (Google) IHE PIX and PDQ profile implementation discussions and experiences; NIST PIX/PDQ tool support
ihe-xds-implementors (Google) IHE XDS profile implementation discussions and experiences; NIST XDS tools support
ihe-pcc-implementors (Google) Implementers of IHE PCC domain profiles
PCD-testing (Google) implementers of IHE PCD domain profiles; for technical issues related to testing messages in PCD profiles
ihepcdconnectathon (Google) PCD Connectathon and Showcase Working Group - collaborative preparation for both events
ihe-xdw-implementors (Google) Implementers of ITI's XDW profile and related workflow document content profiles
ihe-csd-implementors (Google) Implementers of ITI's CSD profile
rfd-implementors (Google) Implementers of ITI's RFD profile
ihe-mhd-implementors (Google) Implementers of ITI's MHD profile
Other Lists
ihe-cochairs (Google) Domain Co-chairs Committee discussions