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The test definitions on this page are RETIRED, but are kept here, for now, as an archive.

MESA/Form Manager

Retrieve Form for Data Capture (RFD/CRD/DSC) Integration Profile Tests

This section describes tests that are specific to the IHE Retrieve Form for Data Capture (RFD), Drug Saftey Content (DSC), and Clinical Research Data Capture (DSC) profiles.

There is no test software required for these tests.

Form Manager and Form Processor - RFD formIDs for Connectathon testing

In this test, Form Managers and Form Processors document each of the Form Identifiers (formID in ITI-34) that will be used during a Connectathon.

The formID may apply to the base RFD profile, or it may apply to content profile based on RFD (eg CRD, VRDR, many others)


Form Managers and Form Processors:

  • We expect that you create your own forms for content profiles with your own identifiers (formID).
  • Edit the google spreadsheet linked below. Add one row to the spreadsheet for each formID hosted on your test system.
  • Please do this in advance of the Connectathon. The goal is to provide documentation for your Form Filler test partners.

Form Fillers:

  • There is no specific task for you; however, access the spreadsheet linked below to see the formIDs you will use during Connectathon testing.

RFD Form Identifiers google spreadsheet:


When you complete the task above, create a small text file stating that your entries are complete. Upload that file into gazelle as the results for this test.

Form Manager Test 40180-100 CRD Exchange Sample Clinical Research Document

he purpose of this test is used by test partners to document each of the Form Identifiers (formID in ITI-34) that will be used during a Connectathon.

Some of the form identifiers are defined for basic RFD tests. Other form identifiers are used for specific content profiles that are layered on top of RFD.

In theory, it would be best to have all Form Identifiers defined in advance of a Connectathon. In practice, we may have to update google spreadsheet here:

Form Manager Test 40180-101 DSC Exchange Sample Clinical Research Document

Form Managers test with samples provided by Form Fillers by following the instructions in:

Form Manager Test 14350: RFD Vendor Interoperability - Retrieve Form

This test is retired for NA2012.

Form Managers in the RFD profile are required to serve up forms by Form ID.

This test enables (encourages) internet testing prior to the Connectathon. Form Managers publish a URL which Form Fillers can use for internet testing of RFD. This test is marked as REQUIRED in gazelle. For some participants, internal problems with firewalls, or other issues, makes internet testing impossible. So, in essence, pre-connectathon testing for RFD is optional, but if we marked it as such in gazelle, we fear you would not have read this test to know that you have an opportunity to test with your partners prior to the connectathon.

  • Form Managers must make an entry in a shared Google spreadsheet indicating the URL which Form Fillers can use for internet testing of the 'Retrieve Form' transaction. The spreadsheet is stored here: If you do not have access to this spreadsheet, send an email to Lynn Felhofer
  • In this spreadsheet, you should enter a URL for accessing your Form Manager over the internet prior to the connectathon. You should also include values for formID(s) available on your system.
  • When you complete that step, create a .txt file and upload that file as the results for test 14350. This will be a signal to the project manager that your system is available for internet testing.
  • Please post your URL at least 3 weeks prior to the normal pre-connectathon (Mesa) test deadline.
  • The goal is no surprises at the connectathon.

Form Manager Test 14352: RFD/CRD/DSC/MCH Exchange Sample Pre-Population XML

Form Fillers may include the "prepopData" in the Retrieve Form transaction sent to the Form Manager. This is a well-formed xml document which provides context information to the Form Manager for use in pre-populating XForm fields in the form returned to the Form Filler. The format of "prepopData" is defined by content profiles such as CRD (Clinical Research Data Capture), MCH (Mother & Child Health) and DSC (Drug Safety Content).

This test enables (encourages) internet testing prior to the Connectathon. Form Fillers publish sample "prepopData" content which Form Managers can use for internet testing of RFD.

In test 14352, Form Fillers submit one or more sample prepopData XML document(s) that your system receive as a prepopData parameter in the Retrieve Form transaction. The purpose of this test is to post these samples for Form Managers so they can read/test the documents in advance of face to face testing.


  1. Find CRD/DSC/MCH samples uploaded by other vendors for test 14352 in gazelle under Connectathon -> List of samples. This page will evolve as vendors add samples, so be patient.
  2. Retrieve the documents created by the other vendors. Examine/process them so that you are confident your software understands the content. You may receive this content from vendors doing internet testing.
  3. When you have tested with the available samples, create a short txt file indicating you have completed that work. Upload that txt file into the Kudu system under the MESA test log results for this test.
  4. If you find any samples that are problematic, contact the Project Manager as soon as possible so we can work with the source of the data.
  5. The goal is no surprises.