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Minutes of IHE Lab and IHE Anatomic Pathology meeting

October 19 - 21, 2015

Tokyo, Japan


Name Company Oct. 19 Oct. 20 Oct. 21
Raj Dash CAP, planning co-chair X X X
Gunter Haroske IHE Germany   X(tc)  
Ed Heierman Abbott X X X
Naomi Ishii JAHIS / Hitachi Hightech X X X
John Hopson Abbott X X X
Mary Kennedy CAP, board representative X X X
Carolyn Knapik CAP, secretary X X X
Megumi Kondo Sakura Finetek Japan X X X
Laurent Lardin bioMerieux X X X
Daisuke Aso Hitachi, Ltd. X    
Francois Macary ASIP Sante, technical co-chair X X X
Nobuyuki Chiba A&T Corp. X X X
Riki Merrick APHL, planning co-chair X (tc) X (tc) X (tc)
Filip Migom MIPS X X X
Cornelia Felder DPIT-Roche X(pm)(tc)    
Nozomi Hanada Claro, Inc. X    
Yoshimi Hirasawa Techno Medica, technical co-chair X (tc) X X
Mika Watanabe Tohoku University Hospital   X  
Yasunari Shiokawa IHE-Japan/Toshiba   X  

(tc) = Teleconference

Action Items/Wrap-Up

Meeting wrap-up:


  Topic Actions Responsibility Due Date
1 LAW CP ready for approval: assume this added in to LAW 1.4 will be the FINAL text of LAW (to be Vol 2b in Lab TF 7.0) for sending to Charles for conformance testing project   Ed Heierman December, 2015
2   LAW Upload to FTP and send out vote   Francois Macary November, 2015
3   LAW Test case updates to send to Anne Gaelle –more detail to be discussed on 2nd hour of Nov Lab-AP call – finalize after the December call   Laurent Lardin November, 2015
4 LAW Publish LAW in Vol 2b and move the current content to new volume 2c. As part of creation of PaLM TF Release 7.0   François Macary May, 2016
5 AP + LAB teleconference Monthly calls move to 2nd Wednesday of each month, 8am – 10am Central   Carolyn Knapik To start in November, 2015
6 Merge Activities Name of the new domain approved: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) Mary Kennedy (approval during f2f meeting) October 2015 (done)
7   Merge Activities 1st draft of spreadsheet checklist for merge activities to be used for tracking actions Francois Macary October, 2015 (done)
8 Merge Activities Create domain merge proposal document for vote by IHE Board in November 2015 Mary October, 2015
9   Merge Activities Create the PaLM domain wiki page   Mary, Carolyn, François December 1, 2015
10   Merge Activities Create the other wiki pages, the GoogleGroup, the ftp branch (use checklist created by Francois)   Mary, Carolyn December 1, 2015
11   Merge Activities Fire Call for proposals for new supplement projects to the merged PaLM domain Riki Merrick & Raj Dash January 4, 2016
12 Merge Activities Create PaLM TF 7.0 with all final text profiles (including LAW 1.4 + CPs), and including CPs resulting from harmonization with S&I framework. Transactions prefix shall be “LAB-“ (approved in face to face meeting) François May 2016
13 LTW Harmonization with S&I framework Riki, François March 2016
14   LCC IHE PaLM resource to complete the change requests for the evolution of the base standard (HL7 2.9, which will balloted in May 2016) Raj to follow up with Jim H.? November, 2015
15 LCC Need at the minimum two vendor companies (1 LIS and 1 CIS/EMR) involved in writing the vol 2 part, and willing to implement it in their solutions, and to bring these solutions to the same connectathon Raj to follow up with Jim H. ?
16 LSH New draft with discussed changes to be distributed at least a week before the December IHE AP + Lab teleconference   John Hopson December 1, 2015
17 APSR release 2 in Art Décor Document value propositions for content, identify gaps, recruit stakeholders and vendors, and then, based on that, the committee will decide go/no go. 1st step is for the German team to report their concrete plans of implementation of this content, during one of our calls Gunter and ? December 2015 for the 1st step (German team’s concrete plans exposure)


March 2016 for the second step
18 IHE QRPH Contact IHE QRPH and set up a conference call to discuss potential synergies between the Structured Data Capture (SDC) profile and the coming project of Pathology Structured Reporting (PSR) Raj Dash November, 2015
19 F2F 2016 Contact Gunther regarding securing a room in Berlin in May 2016 for next F2F Mary Kennedy November, 2015
20 F2F 2016 / QRPH Coordinate with QRPH F2F with PaLM October 2016 F2F Mary Kennedy November, 2015




All slide presentations, spreadsheets, and Riki’s notes for the meeting are located at:

Monday, 19 October 2015

  1. Introductions all around were given
  2. Francois Macary proposed a motion to shorten the meeting minutes to contain only decision points and action items-approved
  3. Agenda reviewed for October 19 - agenda adjusted accordingly
  4. Merger Vote update (Mary Kennedy) – merger APPROVED. Will get JAHIS input on October 20
  5. IHE Member Dues starting July 1, 2015 – and enforcement starting Oct 1: Have to make sure your organization is a current IHE member and they have paid the annual fee, or:
    1. you will not be allowed to participate in more than 2 meetings in a row
    2. you cannot vote on decisions
    3. Google group access and document access will remain open regardless of membership
  6. Refinement of Scope of merged domains (PaLM) (François)
    1. Identify scope statement for display on the new merged domain website
    2. Reach out to and coordinate with other IHE domains and review their profiles (including outside organizations like DICOM)
  7. Next steps in merging process - prepare document with details of proposal, the why, and the vote results
    1. Submit to IHE board for November meeting
  8. LSH Discussion - simplified use case #1
    1. Removed 1.2 based on Roche’s withdrawal
    2. Keeping 1.1
  9. LAW Discussion and updates
    1. FDA/CDC/NLM Workshop on Promoting Semantic Interoperability of Laboratory Data (9/28/2015) website link:

<a href=""></a>

  1. FDA/CDC/NLM Workshop on Promoting Semantic Interoperability of Laboratory Data whitepaper link: <a href=""></a>
  2. AUTO 16(named by CLSI) – based on LAW – no changes
    1. CLSI has regular review of documents to keep up with changes in underlying standard

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

  1. IHE Japan Updates
    1. Japan will keep AP and Laboratory as separate deployment committees in their country
    2. Both will report up and collaborate to PaLM international planning/technical committee.
  2. Europe and France Updates
    1. No decision yet in France on use of SNOMED CT but the investigation is on its way.
    2. France is building a new framework for community lab order . If this work is successful it will be brought to PaLM through a “new supplement proposal”.
    3. Link to top LOINC Order Codes from S&I Framework a LOINC Order Code Initiative (see Appendix C) <a href=""></a>
    4. Regenstrief has lists of LOINC codes for most common orders and results:

<a href=""></a>

  1. S. Updates
    1. NA connectahon is planned for Jan 2016 – featuring LAW and XD-LAB
    2. Had virtual connectathon for LAW in July 2015
  2. Harmonization of LAB TF and US Implementation Guides
    1. On HL7 side - The following lab related standards have been published:
      1. HL7 V2.8.2: <a href=""></a>
      2. LRI Release 1, DSTU R2: <a href=""></a>
  1. Valueset companion document for all Lab guides – can be updated asynchronously from the specification – following the value set definition requirements document: <a href=""></a>
  2. V2.9 is scheduled for May 2016 ballot
  1. Meaningful Use update: No Lab profiles named in MU stage 3, except ELR R1 (Public Health reporting)
  2. IHE – HL7 guide harmonization update:
    1. The PSS for this project is ready for Technical Steering Committee (TSC) at HL7, so project can officially start – no analytical progress yet
  3. Structured Data Capture (SDC) Profile Discussion
    1. Why not use the SDC to combine the XD-LAB and the APSR to collect the data?
      1. It is possible
      2. SDC has a large backing in the US
  • SDC is building in FHIR and IHE based RDF
  1. Need to look at QRPH as a first step
    1. Hold a joint call (Raj will lead) – how can PaLM domain utilize SDC?
    2. QRPH meets in Oak Brook, Illinois-can we tie this into IHE PaLM October 2016 F2F?
  2. Merger: Detailed Operations
    1. Need to create new wiki page of the merged domains once approved by the IHE Board
    2. Old domains will still be kept with a “sticker” deprecated and superseded by PaLM
    3. Create a new google group for the new domain - folks will have to re-apply to join the new PaLM google group
    4. Will keep “LAB“ for transaction naming
    5. Francois will create spreadsheet of tasks (checklist) and hand over to Mary and Carolyn
  3. LAW CPs-review of options
    1. Drop option declaration out of the MSH-21
    2. Have to pick one of the 4 query types – every query would be bidirectional - rename LAW_BIDIR to LAW_QUERY_WOS
  4. Reengineering of APSR with Art Décor Discussion
    1. Art Décor has data dictionary – Vocabulary and templates
    2. Value sets currently only supports HL7 codes as well as TNM values
    3. Conditional usage can be created but has to be done at the time of design – bundle observations into the organizer
    4. Need to create a new governance group to create the PSR for the PaLM domain – in order to create this as a new project
    5. At this time Art Décor is still very CDA based – will need to investigate if Art Décor can support the rules around data elements

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

  1. Merger Wrap-up
    1. Name of new merged domain to be PaLM (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine). Approved unanimously on October 21.
    2. Prefix to be used for all transactions will remain “LAB”. Approved unanimously on October 20.
    3. Go-live date for new domain is 1 January 2016 (04 January 2016 is the following Monday)
    4. IHE AP + Lab teleconference call date change - will now be held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 0800 -1000 (central time zone)(changed from Tuesday)
      1. First hour = group discussions
      2. Second hour = technical discussions
    5. Next F2F is tentative for Berlin, Germany
      1. May 23-25, 2016
      2. Providing they can accommodate a room for PaLM (20 people not counting joint session)
  • May 25 – May 28 is the Pathologist Conference (PaLM joint session with DICOM for at least 1.5 hours)
  1. Alternate locations: Belgium or Sausalito
  1. Chicago in the fall – check the dates when QRPH is meeting (QRPH planning seems to meet in October, technical in November)
  1. LCC Updates
    1. Conceptually this profile is completed, but base standard modifications have not been created
    2. Informatics Committee hopes to have funds to hire consultant to get documentation finished
    3. Jim has worked with representatives with Cerner and Epic – Raj will get contacts from Jim
    4. HL7 v2.9 will be balloted in May 2016, so CRs should be in ASAP (final text of the base standard is needed by March 27)
  2. Update on Harmonization between IHE LTW and LCSD and Lab US realm guides (EDOS, LOI LRI, ELR)
    1. Ideally have the US Lab guides be more constraint profiles of the IHE profiles
    2. Should be approved by HL7 as a gap analysis projectnext week
    3. Riki working on this - François will help with the analysis in 2016
  3. Art Décor Discussion
    1. APSR publication of release 2 documentation has been migrated into Art Décor by Gunter (in German)
    2. ELGA is using Art Décor for schematron development as is the French XD-Lab report (DMP)
    3. IHE needs to show benefit of this profile to get vendor involvement – describe the first use case: cancer registry reporting, clinical trials
    4. Create a collaboration with SDC to avoid creating many versions of the same template
  4. LAW CPs #241 - #245
    1. OG datatype is from v2.8.2 – need to add that as a note
    2. Change OG.4 to RE or make X – need to have a vendor to provide a use case for OG.4
    3. Seems duplicative info in SAC-29 and TCD-4 – remove SAC-29, since we want to support TCD - TCD allows specification of “already diluted in TCD-4” as well as to be diluted in TCD-2. Confirm with Dmytro or Cornelia (Roche)
    4. PV1-3 update to show that PV1-3.1 is X and we are using PV1-3.2
    5. OBX-2 is still using HL70125 in published version of v2.8.2, so need to update LAW respectively
  5. LSH Discussion - formatting of the figures in the LSH supplement
    1. Terminology to use to describe the steps in LSH – events
    2. LSH Actor diagram – remove the up-arrow on the command response step
    3. In 3.4.x describe what the profile actually does: it supports the interactions between the specimen transport system and specimen processing devices (includes analyzer – will be in the glossary) to enable the handoff between the actors in support of fully automated laboratory processes
    4. Update the transaction numbers to LAB and start with 40 etc. LSH-1 = LAB-40, LSH-2 = LAB-41, LSH-3 = LAB-42
    5. Discuss on technical call in December after at least 1 week time for group to review