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IHE Integration Statements are documents prepared and published by vendors to describe the intended conformance of their products with the IHE Technical Framework. Integration Statements tell consumers the specific IHE capabilities a given product is designed to support in terms of the key concepts of IHE: Actors and Integration Profiles.

The IHE Product Registry is a Web-based database of Integration Statements. Implementers can create, manage and publish Integration Statements for their commercial and open source healthcare IT systems. Users can decide what Actors and Profiles are needed in their enterprise and then browse for systems that meet those conformance requirements.

Vendors wishing to develop IHE Integration Statements to communicate the integration capabilities of their systems can see a sample form here. An MS Word template for an IHE Integration Statement can be found at How_to_Prepare_an_IHE_Integration_Statement#IHE_Integration_Statement_template.

(This wiki page used to contain a list of organizations that published integration statements. That list is replaced by the Product Registry).