Infusion Pump Event Communication

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The PCD Infusion Pump Event Communication profile provides a means for an infusion system to report events in the course of an infusion (other than alarms which need to be routed for urgent human attention, for which see the PCD Alarm Communications Profile). This allows the pump to report a detailed event flow to another system which needs to display or log the state of an infusion.


This profile permits a receiving system to track in detail the progress of an infusion, including real-time notification of changes in state of the infusion pump. It is distinct from the Alert Communications Management (ACM); ACM is for notifications to persons of events needing human attention, IPEC sends an event stream to a system. The included events are not limited to abnormal ones.


The events are communicated using a controlled vocabulary (see Rosetta Terminology Mapping), in a form similar to other device data observation reporting (cf. PCD-01). Data identifying the event itself are typically accompanied by supporting metric information detailed in the Profile description, such as volume infused.

Systems Affected

  • Pump controllers or other data intermediaries with connected infusion pumps may originate IPEC reports
  • Electronic medical record systems or specialized device control systems may receive IPEC data streams.

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