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==Systems Affected==
==Systems Affected==
''<List (in user terms) the types of systems they might expect to have implemented actors from this profile, e.g. RIS, PACS, HIS, CAD Workstation, etc. and for each, how it would participate.>''
* EHR Systems
* Immunization Registry Systems
* ''PACS systems may store, manage, and/or display Evidence Documents.''
* ''Display systems may query, retrieve and display Evidence Documents.''
* ''Reporting workstations may retrieve, process and include details from Evidence Documents in reports
'''Actors & Transactions:'''
[[Image: PCC Share Content Diagram.png | 450px]]
* [[Content Creator]]
* [[Content Creator]]

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The Immunization Content Profile describes the content and format of documents for exchange of immunization data.


The Immunization Content Profile provides a standard document to exchange immunization data among multiple systems belonging to a single or multiple organizations. Common data formats are providing to exchange immunization data only as well as exchanging immunization data along with medical summary data to provide information to care givers that is relevant to the overall care of a patient related to immunizations. The systems between which data is shared often include Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs), Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), and Personal Health Records (PHRs).

PCC IC diagram.png


  • Participation in an Immunization Information System (IIS) automates workflows of clinicians, saving time and reducing potential for data entry errors.
  • Provides a "yellow card" for parents and guardians of minors, reducing friction associated with acquiring child immunization records for purposes such as school enrollment.
  • Availability of immunization data in a patient's Personal Health Record (PHR) account, providing opportunities for the patient to better manage their own healthcare.
  • Integration with an immunization forecasting service that accepts the IC document as a payload to facilitate automated immunization recommendations.


This profile covers document-based workflows involving Content Creator and Content Consumer as well as message-based workflows utilized in clinical decision support scenarios. In the latter the Content Creator and Content Consumer actors are grouped with the Care Manager and Decision Support actors of the Request for Clinical Guidance (RCG) profile.

  1. A Care Manager Actor acquires the medical and immunization history of a patient.
  2. The Care Manager Actor submits the relevant portions of this medical history along with the complete immunization history to the Decision Support Service using PCC-12 Request for Clinical Guidance Transaction.
  3. The Decision Support Service processes the result and returns a response to the Care Manager Actor in that same transaction.
  4. The care manager then applies the return information. How this information is used by the care manager is out of scope of this profile.

Systems Affected

  • EHR Systems
  • Immunization Registry Systems



Profile Status: Final Text


<Provide direct links to the specific volumes or supplements, and list the volume sections relevant to this profile. This is a simple inventory of official normative and informative text. If you would like to provide a reading guide or walkthrough of what is in each of the different sections for implementers or users, do that in the Profile FAQ or the Profile Implementation Page linked below. If the profile uses transactions from multiple Tech. Frameworks, repeat the structure below.>

Underlying Standards:

  • HL7 CDAR2

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