ITI Vocabulary Registry and Data Dictionary

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ITI Vocabulary Registry and Data Dictionary

This page lists various vocabularies and data dictionaries that are under the control of the ITI Committee. Please do not edit this without coordinating your activity with the ITI Committee. It is supposed to be a safe reference for currently assigned terms, etc. Some terms should not be assigned permanent values here until after the ITI profile documentation is complete.

Volume 1, Section Numbers

Section Number and Name Profiles
3 RID Request Information For Display
4 EUA Enterprise User Authentication
5 PIX Patient Identifier Cross Reference
6 PSA Patient Synchronized Application
7 CT Consistent Time
8 PDQ Patient Demographics Query
9 ATNA Audit Trail and Node Authentication
10 XDS Cross Enterprise Document Sharing
11 PWP Personnel White Pages
12 NAV Notification of Document Availability
13 XUA Cross Enterprise User Authentication
14 PAM Patient Administration
15 XDR Cross Enterprise Reliable Interchange
16 XDM Cross Enterprise Media Interchange
17 RFD Request Form for Data capture
18 XCA Cross Community Access
19 BPPC Basic Patient Privacy Consent

Volume 1, Appendices

Appendix Appendix Title
A Actor Descriptions
B Transaction Description
C IHE Integration Statements
D User Authentication Techniques - passwords, Biometrics, and Tokens
E Cross Profile Considerations
F Request to Standards Development Organizations
G Security Considerations
H Intentionally Left Blank
I Intentionally Left Blank
J Content and Format of XDS Documents
K XDS Concept Details
L XDS Affinity Domain Definition Checklist
M Cross Enterprise Document Sharing and IHE Roadmap

Volume 2, Transaction and Section Numbers

Number Section Name and Transaction Name
ITI-01 Maintain Time
ITI-02 Get User Authentication
ITI-03 Get Service Ticket
ITI-04 Kerberized Communication
ITI-05 Join Context
ITI-06 Change Context
ITI-07 Leave Context
ITI-08 Patient Identity Feed
ITI-09 PIX Query
ITI-10 Pix Update Notification
ITI-11 Retrieve Specific Information for Display
ITI-12 Retrieve Document for Display
ITI-13 Follow Context
ITI-14 Register Document Set
ITI-15 Provide and Register Document Set
ITI-16 Query Registry
ITI-17 Retrieve Document
ITI-18 Stored Query
ITI-19 Authenticate Node
ITI-20 Record Audit Event
ITI-21 Patient Demographic Query
ITI-22 Patient Demographic Visit Query
ITI-23 Find Personnel White Pages
ITI-24 Query Personnel White Pages
ITI-25 Send Notification
ITI-26 Receive Notifications
ITI-27 Send Acknowledgement
ITI-28 Receive Acknowledgement
ITI-29 Cross Enterprise User Authentication
ITI-30 Patient Identity Feed
ITI-31 Patient Encounter Management
ITI-32 Send Document Set
ITI-33 Distribute Document Set on Media
ITI-34 Retrieve Form
ITI-35 Submit Form
ITI-36 Archive Form
ITI-37 Retrieve Clarifications
ITI-38 Cross Gateway Query
ITI-39 Cross Gateway Retrieve
ITI-40 Provide X-User Assertion
ITI-41 Provide and Register Document Set-b
ITI-42 Register Document Set-b
ITI-43 Retrieve Document Set
ITI-44 Patient Identity Feed HL7v3
ITI-45 PIX v3 Query
ITI-46 PIX v3 Update Notification
ITI-47 Patient Demographics Query HL7v3

Volume 2, Appendices

Appendix Appendix Title
A Web Service Definition for Retrieve Specific Information for Display and Retrieve Document for Display Transaction
B Definition of Document Unique IDs
C HL7 Profiling Conventions
D Cross-Profile Interactions of PIX and PSA
E Usage of CX Data Type in PID-3 Patient Identifier List
F (available)
G Transition from Radiology Basic Security to ATNA
H Required Registry Initialization and Schema
I Required Initialization of the XDS Affinity Domain
J Example Submissions of Query Results
K XDS Security Environment
L Relationship of Document Entry Attributes and Document Headers
M Using Patient Demographics Query in a Multi-Domain Environment
N NAV Service Binding
O (not used to avoid confusion with 0)
P Example of messages
Q Common Data Type
R Media Formats
S Examples of Portable Media Content Organization
T Use of Email Communications
U Examples for RFD
V Web Services Transport for IHE Transactions
W XDS Metadata

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