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The following lists the concerns that have been collected with the ITI Technical Frameworks page.

Missing and outdated Documents

Still TODO

  • No change tracked documents are available - requested in July
    • Change tracked documents not available (Didi & Lisa)
  • List of links to profile overviews after TF Vol.1&2 confuses the reader into thinking the documentation is under the link instead of in the TF volumes. Should be a comma delimited list.
    • Disagreement between co-chairs and connectathon project manager about the format of this section. Left as is.
    • The link provided however does NOT send to a description of the profiles in the TF but to the public comments page. Should be updated


Missing archive page (FIXED)

  • The archive wiki page was also intended as a model to create an archive page on holding links to the archived files. The link is pointing now to the wiki page which doesn't have actual links to the archived files since I don't know where those have been put by the sponsors.
    • Fixed to include archive section in ITI section, including Final Text TF Rev 4.0 and the Cross-Enterprise User Authentication White Paper.

Missing links to profile descriptions (PARTIALLY FIXED)

  • The list of profile under the link to the TF was intended to be links to the wiki pages presenting each profile (those pages written for ISO). See CT for an exemple on the mockup.
    • Fixed for most of the links, waiting for official completion of profile descriptions for last few links to be added (Lynn & Karen)

Typos (FIXED)

  • Cross Community should be Cross-Community (Supplements section and white paper section)
  • Missing published/revised information for handbook section and some of white paper section. Every entry should have this information

Incorrect formatting of PDF (FIXED)

  • Cross Community Information Exchange conversion introduced an error with a section reference. Fixed version is at IHE_ITI_TF_White_Paper_Cross_Community_2008-11-07.doc
  • There are no page numbers in the header or footer in volume 1
  • Both volumes do not have hyperlinked tables of contents. It makes it so much more easier to use the documents as quick reference if those are hyperlinked.
  • Volume 2 is strangely sized, with the right and bottom margins being somewhere around 2 inches.
  • The first page of the Table of Contents in volume 2 has no header/footer

Unclear what version is "official

Status as of February 4

Newer versions avilable

  • PDO - 11/10 version should be published?
  • PIX/PDQ V3: has "IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_PIX_PDQ_-HL7v3_-TI_2008-11-11.pdf" but on the ftp site I see IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_PIX_PDQ_HL7v3_TI_2008-12-02.pdf. Do we want to publish the 12/2 version? I don't have any clue where this came from. If we don't publish the 12/2 version I will need to apply B) here as the file names are not the same between the ftp and versions. And C) gets applied to move all versions except the published PDF/Word version to an archive subfolder.

Inconsistent nameing

The following inconsistent naming is identified. I can copy the version to the ftp site to fix the problems:

  • Async supplement PDF name

IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Async_WS_Exchange_TI_2008-10-10-3.pdf is on and IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Async_WS_Exchange_TI_2008-10-10.pdf is on ftp. Recommend deleting ftp PDF and replacing with 2009-10-10-3 version.

  • ECON

IHE_ITI_Whitepaper_Emergency_Contact_Information_ECON_2008-08-22-2.pdf is on and IHE_ITI_Whitepaper_Emergency_Contact_Information_ECON_2008-08-22.pdf is on ftp. Same recommendation as 1)

  • White Paper on publish/subscribe

IHE_ITI_Whitepaper_XDS-b_pub_sub_2008_08_22-2.pdf is on and IHE_ITI_Whitepaper_XDS-b_pub_sub_2008_08_22.pdf is on ftp. Same recommendation as 1)

  • TF Vol. 1 & 2

IHE_ITI_TF_5-0_Vol1_FT_2008-12-12.pdf is on and IHE_ITI_TF_5 0_Vol1_FT_2008-12-02.pdf is on ftp. Is it possible that we are missing the 12/12 version, or just a typo when this got published. The Word version is IHE_ITI_TF_5 0_Vol1_FT_2008-12-02.doc - is this different than the published 12/12 PDF version? In any case, the ftp should have the same as what you get from, so at a minimum I can fix that. But you should also verify that the 12/12 version does not have a different Word version. Didi is probably the last one fiddling with this. The exact same problem exists for Vol. 2

Deleting old files

I recommend moving all of the following to a new archive directory within

IHE_ITI TF Supplement_Pediatric Demographics_TI_2008-11-10.doc IHE_ITI TF Supplement_Pediatric Demographics_TI_2008-11-10.pdf (unless this version gets put on, in which case 8/22 gets moved to archive) IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Async_WS_Exchange_TI_2008-08-22.doc IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Async_WS_Exchange_TI_2008-08-22.pdf IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Async_WS_Exchange_TI_2008-10-06.doc (10/10 is the published version) IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_PIX_PDQ_ HL7v3_ TI_2008-11-10.doc IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_PIX_PDQ_ HL7v3_ TI_2008-11-10.pdf (11/11 is the published version) IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_PIX_PDQ_HL7v3_TI_2008-12-02.doc IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_PIX_PDQ_HL7v3_TI_2008-12-02.pdf (unless this version gets put on, in which case 11/11 gets moved to archive) IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_XDS_Scanned_Docs_XDS-SD_2008-08-22.doc IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_XDS_Scanned_Docs_XDS-SD_2008-08-22.pdf (this is integrated into TF) IHE_ITI_TF_White_Paper_Cross_Community_2008-10-10.doc IHE_ITI_TF_White_Paper_Cross_Community_2008-10-10.pdf (11/7 is the published version) IHE_ITI_Whitepaper_Security_and_Privacy_of_HIE_2008-08-22.pdf (8-22-2 is the published version) IHE_ITI_TF_White_Paper_Security_Cookbook_PC_2006_08_30.pdf (this is from 2006, no clue why it is here - I would delete this and not move it) IHE_PCC_EDES_Supplement_TI_2008-12-05.doc IHE_PCC_EDES_Supplement_TI_2008-12-05.pdf (these are PCC work so should not be in ITI folders, delete it and move to an appropriate PCC folder) IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_XDS_Patient_Merge_TI_2007_08_15.pdf (This is from 2007, should not be duplciated here, delete it) IHE_ITI_White_Paper_XDS_Affinity_Domain_Template_TI_2007_08_15.pdf (12/2 is the published version

I recommend moving all of the following to a new archive directory within

IHE_ITI_TF_5 0_Vol1_FT_2008-11-14.doc IHE_ITI_TF_5.0_Vol1_FT_2008-11-14.pdf IHE_ITI_TF_5.0_Vol1_FT_2008-10-10.doc IHE_ITI_TF_5.0_Vol1_FT_2008-10-10.pdf IHE_ITI_TF_5.0_Vol2_FT_2008-10-10.doc IHE_ITI_TF_5.0_Vol2_FT_2008-10-10.doc IHE_ITI_TF_5.0_Vol2_FT_2008-11-14.doc IHE_ITI_TF_5.0_Vol2_FT_2008-11-14.pdf (12/12 is published version for all of these)

History from November 12

I'd like to be confident that we have the most recent Word versions available on the ftp site, but for some it was confusing even what the official PDF version was and it didn't seem to match the file name of the Word version.

  • In /TrialImplementationSupplements/PublishedVersions/ I assumed I would find the final Word and PDF versions for all supplements and white papers published. For some there seemed to be some confusion, namely:
    • ftp site has IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Async_WS_Exchange_TI_2008-10-10.pdf and download is IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Async_WS_Exchange_TI_2008-10-10-3.pdf.
    • ftp site has IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Cross_Enterprise_Document_Sharing_XDS.b_TI_2008-10-10.pdf download has XDS-b instead of XDS.b.
    • ftp site has IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Pediatric_Demographics_TI_2008-08-22.pdf and download is IHE_ITI_TF_Supplement_Pediatric_Demographics_TI_2008-08-22-2.pdf
    • ftp site has IHE_ITI_Whitepaper_XDS-b_pub_sub_2008_08_22.pdf and download is IHE_ITI_Whitepaper_XDS-b_pub_sub_2008_08_22-2.pdf
    • published version is IHE_ITI_Whitepaper_Security_and_Privacy_of_HIE_2008-08-22-2.pdf but word version is IHE_ITI_Whitepaper_Security_and_Privacy_of_HIE_2008-08-22.pdf
  • In should contain the officially published Vol. 1&2, but seem to have different file names than the downloaded ones.
    • Vol. 1 IHE_ITI_TF_5.0_Vol1_FT_2008-10-10.pdf from ftp site, download is IHE_ITI_TF_5-0_Vol1_FT_2008-10-10-2.pdf
    • Vol. 2 IHE_ITI_TF_5.0_Vol2_FT_2008-10-10.doc from ftp site, download is IHE_ITI_TF_5-0_Vol2_FT_2008-10-10.pdf - is this a typo? Should be 5.0 I think.