ITI Planning - 20191015

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back ITI Planning Committee 2018/2019 Meetings


To join this meeting

Time 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Central Time

Monthly on the third Tuesday

Go to



  • John Chaired
  • Review agenda
    • Agenda approuved
  • Record Attendance
    • John Moehrke - By Light
    • Luke Duncan - Intrahealth
    • Dave Pyke - Ready Computing
    • Steve Nichols - GE
    • Sylvie Colas - ASIP Santé
    • Holly Miller - MD
    • Chris Melo
    • Sarah
  • Progress about SNIF survey
    • The survey has been sent to the lists of ITI, PCC, PCD and QRPH domains. Steve received 3 feedbacks from Philips, Corepoint Health and another vendor. He will present the survey at the next IHE Face to Face meeting in Europe for getting other feedbacks.
  • Webinars: Progress report
    • The next webinars will be related on supplements under public comments, in particular MACm or Restfull ATNA. David will send topics for webinars which could help implementors.
  • Any HIMSS or Connectathon things to do
    • John will ask Amit how ITI Planning could more cooperate with HIMSS for connectathons.
  • Any new Work Item
  • No other business