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Time 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Monthly on the third Tuesday

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  • Agenda review
  • Announcements
  • Deadline for new work items is the 21st
    • One proposal received
      • Upload of the summary of Lisa's item proposal on the wiki
    • Standing CP proposal from Lynn
    • FHIR R4 update soon from John (see below #FHIR update to Release 4)
  • Need to plan webinars for pre-faceToFace meeting for proposer feedback
    • Note these webinars are for the community to inform the proposing individual with questions. Not for evaluation of proposal fitness
    • Unfortunately the week before face-to-face is HL7 meeting.
    • So week before HL7? (John on holiday)
  • MoU between IHE and DirectTrust
  • The wiki page of the co-chair duties (draft word version)
  • Lynn's item proposal: Maintenance of ITI Profiles Published in 2018 and earlier
  • Other item proposals already mentioned: ATNA and maintenance of the documentation with FHIR R4
  • Wiki pages and the roster (Lynn's recent message)

FHIR update to Release 4

Proposal will be submitted by John

Minimally -- Deadline Jan/Feb 2019

  • update MHD, PDQm, mXDE, mCSD
    • Help PCC get QEDm updated (Should ITI take this over?)
  • Resolve outstanding CP
  • update conformance resources
  • New naming convention to replace '.' with '_' per new FHIR requirement


  • Publish using IG publication, so that the result is html publication, source saved in GITHUB, with PDF published too
    • Likely just pick one like MHD to do this

After priority deadline the rest of the profiles will be updated to R4

  • mACM, NPFSm, PIXm, and ATNAm

Potential New Work Items - not proposed

The following is a list of things that have been spoken about, but for which we have not received a formal new work item proposal

  • XDM on FHIR -- usecases from XDM, but where the encoding of the metadata is using FHIR structure
  • MHD asynchronous -- usecases from MHD, but where there is a need for asynchronous. Such as MHD as an API to XCA where the asynchronous MHD would allow for non-blocking
  • ATNA FHIR Audit Client -- (Rob's proposal from last two years). Simply document how a FHIR Client would use AuditEvent to log the same security events as ATNA does today
  • FHIR Client security -- package up the requirements for a FHIR Client to be secure. Subset of ATNA without client side cert + IUA +???
  • SMART-on-FHIR usecases -- authorization of application space, specification of OAuth scope, specification of OAuth interaction (beyond IUA has today)
    • Must deal with SMART-on-FHIR overlap. Is there anything to profile? Can we just reference SMART?
  • FHIR Maturity for MHD and other profiles -- some of the FHIR resources are not being naturally matured, where as IHE may be the best organization to focus on that (e.g. MHD)
    • DocumentReference and DocumentManifest -- need IHE to help them progress through the FMM levels.
    • DocumentManifest needs introduction, scope, etc
    • Both need testing proof etc.
  • MHD On-Demand -- document how MHD would support On-Demand -- where backend is XDS, where backend is XCA, where backend is native FHIR
  • PAM on FHIR -- all of the PAM use-cases in FHIR form
  • Re-Document ITI-18 -- simplify, clarify, various items Thing ONE
  • Re-Document MU -- now that we have RMU, what would MU look like if we re-started today? Might it be a standalone profile rather than options on XDS? Might it be updates to RMU?
  • Work more closely with PCC and QRPH to align their newest work with ITI
  • Work toward a more continuous release structure vs the yearly schedule we now have
  • Profiling of CDS-hooks for specific clinical usecases. Or does this become a clinical domain responsibility (PCC, etc)
  • Provider Directory maturity
    • Alignment with Argonaut
    • Alignment with Sequoia Directory
    • Alignment with Directory
  • Overall alignment of our FHIR profiles with Argonaut and/or Da Vinci