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DAY 4: Minutes Feb 18th


Elliot Silver (McKesson),

Gila Pike (Cognaissance),

Daniel Berenzeanu (Ready Computing),

John Moherke (GE Healthcare)

Raphael Oliveira (Porto Univeristy),

Nader Cheaib (Asìp Santè),

Sylvie Colas (Asip Santè),

Mauro Zanardini (consorzio Arsenàl.IT),

Jens Kristian Villadsen (Region Midtjylland),

Lynn Felhofer (ITI Tech Manager),

Rob Horn (AGFA Healthcare),

Tarik Idris (ICW),

Elliott Lavy (quadramed)

Diana Warner (AHIMA)

Harry Rhodes (AHIMA)

Bill Majuwrsky (NIST)

Karen Witting (Ready Computing)

Ben Levy (CorePoint Health),


- 9:30-10:00 FHIR DSTU2: discussion on the plan and on timeline for the publication of the new TI version of MHD, PIXm PDQm.

The cmte should take in consideration the following timeline:

  • Ready for ballot = X
  • Go out for ballot = X + 1 week
  • Return ballot =X + 4 weeks
  • Resolve ballot = X + 5 weeks
  • some days to have a cleaned version for publication (…6 weeks total for the entire process of re-publication).

-10:25am - 11:15am PIXm: Daniel leads the presentation.

PIXm is revised by the Cmte. Elliot Silver move the motion to approve PIXm as ready for the ballot, John Moherke seconded it, no abstensions MOTION APPROVED

This version is available in the FTP site:

[ ]

-11:15am- 12:30 Dicussion on APPC: Tarik Leads the discussion

Review of the glossary.

Review of the View option defined for the Content Consumer actor.

Concept still need some work but probably vol.3 stuff can affect this section. Suggestion give 45 minutes more to formalize issues and questions related to that section.

13:35 MHD john leads the discussion:

The Cmte reviews the document , some transactional documentation is moved from vol2 to Appendix Z due to their reusability.

-John move to approve MHD PDQm Appendix Z, Rob second it. Approved.

-14:30: Move to APPC to schedule tconf

A bi-weekly call is defined. That serie of calls, starts form 22th February for bi-weekfly call ( APPC 8:00-9:30 CT.)

-15:00 AHIMA report of ongoing activities.

wiki page for ongoing AHIMA work.

-15:10 – APPC read new use-case. Tarik lead. The content of Security Considerations Secction.

-16:15 CP discussion

  • CP-553: Delete Doc from Repository. Bill asks the cmte to have a direction on this: decide to go forward or stop the work on it. The cmte decides to move forward on this topic.
  • CP-799: Bill submits a proposal to address the issue of patientId merge with MU and a new option (so that we are not invalidating “magic” implementations that already do the merge in legacy ways).

The CP is split by the Cmte in two CPs:

    • SubmissionSet clarification and removing the immutability concept --> COMPLETED
    • A second CP that defines the formal approach to manage the merge of Patient Ids using MU will be drafted later.

Both the Cps are in charge to Bill. The Cmte asks Bill to work on CP-799 with higher priority.

-17:30 - 18:00: ITI-41 , ITI-42 Re-documentation

The cmte refines the decision taken about ITI-41 ITI-2 re-documentation:

Vol 1, 2b , 2x, 3 will be published after EU Connect-a-thon. CPs already balloted at the end of the CAT will be not integrated at that time in the spec. Charles/Karen will define a message to sent out when the new version of TF will be published, underlining that technical requirements are unchanged at all.