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This page collects reports submitted by ITI Liaisons.

This page is no longer up-to-date as the specific Liaison activity used for this page has been deprecated. A more informal process is not used where volunteers contribut in an ad-hoc manner as circumstances call.

The provided template for Liaison Reports should be used for reports submitted.

Domain Committee Liaison Reports

Domain Liason Report Date Report
Anatomic Pathology Manuel Metz August 23, 2011 IHE Anapath Input.
Cardiology Nick Gawrit
Eye Care Rob Horn
Laboratory Karen Witting July 19, 2011 IHE-LAB-Liaison-Report_v2.0.doc
Pathology Emmanuel Cordonnier
Patient Care Coordination Mike Nusbaum
Patient Care Devices Dan Trainor
Pharmacy Geert Clays 10 May, 2010 IHE Pharmacy Input.
Quality, Research, Public Health Lori Fourquet
Radiation Oncology Rob Horn
Radiology Cor Loef Enterprise Scheduling Profile (requested 2004-ish)
Critical Results Notification & Delivery Profile (requested 2005 & 2007)

Doployment Committee Liaison Reports

Deployment Committee Liason Report Date Report
IHE Australia Mike Nusbaum I have met with IHE Australia on 2 occasions, and will do so again at the upcoming ISO/TC215 meetings in Rotterdam. At this time, they are not providing any direction to ITI.
IHE Canada Mike Nusbaum There is very active discussion at IHE Canada about the direction of ITI, as exemplified by current discussion and profile proposal on XDS merge/link. With IHE Canada now part of the Standards Collaborative, I anticipate much more activity and input to ITI plans. I will continue to promote and monitor.
IHE Europe Geert Clays 10 May 2010 IHE Europe Input.
IHE France Emmanuel Cordonnier
IHE Germany
IHE Japan
IHE Netherlands Cor Loef
IHE Spain Charles Parisot
IHE UK Ilia Fortunov
IHE China Hong Sun Met with IHE China, both the Shanghai group and the Beijing group. Strong interests in XD* set of profiles, as well as IHE testing. Gave a presentation on IHE and Songjiang Project with Dr. Miao during HIMSS AsiaPac2010 in Beijing. There are currently more than 100 active HIE projects. Most of them are at city or community level. No specific feedback to ITI at this time. Next scheduled visit is March 2011.
IHE Korea
IHE Italy Claudio Saccavini
IHE USA Lisa Spellman (Interim)