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This page contains the details of Change Proposal (CP) processing in the ITI domain for the 2020-21 publication cycle.

The ITI Change Proposal process follows the general IHE CP process described on the Change Proposal process page. The following sections give more detail on the process for folks involved in the CP process in the ITI domain.

The ITI-specific CP Process

The following text explains what the process used by the ITI technical committee in processing submitted CPs. It is consistent with the general IHE CP process and is informative only.

  1. Write a change proposal. Here is IHE's Change Proposal Template.
  2. Submit into the Incoming folder on the IHE Google Drive. This is typically done by directly uploading the CP into the folder (if you have access); otherwise, send it an email to the ITI Technical Committee members in charge of CPs (currently Sarah Bell or to an ITI Technical Committee co-chair).
  3. The new CPs are considered by the committee at periodic CP review calls. If CP is accepted it is given a CP #, assigned an editor, renamed to CP-ITI-xxx-00.doc and placed in the Assigned folder. If CP is rejected it is moved to the Rejected folder and the submitter is informed of explanation for rejection. Likely reasons for rejection are: duplicate, merged, withdrawn or not enough information to understand the request. Rejected CPs can be resubmitted with more information for reconsideration.
  4. Committee works with editor to draft the CP. Versions are kept in Assigned directory and numbered -00, -01, -02, etc.
  5. Committee decides CP is ready for ballot. Latest version of CP is moved to the Completed folder and old versions are moved to old_versions.
  6. ITI Tech co-chair or CP manager collects Completed CPs into a ballot. The Ballots folder will be used for this.
  7. Ballot is released to the general community for voting for 4 weeks
  8. Votes and comments are collected. All yes votes means the CP passed ballot and moved to Final Text. No votes are resolved by the committee. Sometimes CP is withdrawn, sometimes NO voter changes to yes vote after explanations. CP may be updated in this process. If updates are insignificant (clarification only) the CP is considered passed. If updates are significant the CP is submitted for another ballot.
  9. CP approved in ballot are put in Final Text status and scheduled to be integrated into the Technical Framework or Supplement.
  1. CP status and ballots are tracked here

Change Proposal pages from previous years

Prior years work can be accessed at:

ITI CP Tracking

Location of CPs

All Change Proposal management is done on the IHE Documents on Google Drive here.

As CPs are processed through various statuses they move from one folder to another. The directories involved are:

contains CPs which have been submitted but have not been assigned a CP number or an editor. This is the place that new incoming CPs are placed prior to the first stage of processing by the committee.
contains CPs that have been assigned an editor and are being actively worked on by the committee, i.e. Assigned status
contains the last version of a CP that is in Completed status. Its contents are approved by the Technical Committee and the CP is waiting to be put in a ballot.
Final Text
contains the last version of a CP that is in FinalText status. It is has been approved by ballot and is waiting to be integrated into the TF in the upcoming publication cycle.
contains the version of the CP that was integrated into the TF, organized by year.
CPs that have been submitted but rejected by the committee
contains CPs that were once assigned but have been cancelled, i.e. Cancelled status
contains Ballots that have been released for voting by the general community, organized by year.

CP status

ITI tracks status of its Change Proposals in this google doc: The Active CPs tab contains those that are Assigned, Completed, or Final Text in this cycle. There are also archive tabs for prior years.

Approved CPs integrated into the ITI Technical Framework

CPs that have passed ballot in since 2015, and that have been, or will be, integrated into the ITI Technical Framework are listed on this Log of Approved CPs.

CPs that have already been integrated into the Technical Framework are stored here.

The ITI Technical Committee integrates CPs into Technical Framework documents following this process : ITI CP Integration Process


Ballot 60

Out for ballot: January 11, 2022. Comments due: Friday, February 11, 2022. Comments/votes resolved on CP review call during February vF2F, Feb 14-18, 2022.

Ballot 60 CPs are on Google Drive under IHE Documents here.

Comments, votes & resolution are forthcoming.

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
793-03 Allow a FindDocumentsByReferenceId Query Without XDSDocumentEntry.patientID Failed Ballot. Will be re-worked and re-balloted on future ballot.
938-03 Audit messages for ITI-30 and 31 Accepted pending updates
968-02 Fix optionality for AlternativeUserId field in SeR audit messages Accepted
1129-01 AlternateUserId inconsistency ITI-18 and ITI-51 Accepted pending updates
1136-05 Inconsistent audit of homeCommunityId and respositoryUniqueId Accepted pending updates
1229-01 Non-exist ATNA Audit Record references Failed Ballot. Will be re-worked and re-balloted on future ballot.
1230-02 Update Appendix W and Z for common materials Accepted
1250-01 ITI-52 ATNA Issues Accepted pending updates
1260-01 ITI-18 – clarify that datetime parameter values can have single quotes Failed Ballot. Will be re-worked and re-balloted on future ballot.
1261-01 Clarify Demographics Source in XCPD Response Message Accepted
1268-00 Fix out-of-date code and system values in SVS Accepted pending updates

Ballot 59

Out for ballot: July 26, 2021. Comments due: Monday, August 30, 2021. Comments/votes resolved on CP review call: September 14th, 2021

Ballot 59 CPs are on Google Drive under IHE Documents here.

Comments, votes & resolution are here.

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
1178-03 XDS: misalignment between example and description for localizedString Failed Ballot - CP will be separated by issue and resubmitted
1246-00 PIXm target domain not recognized applies one or more Approved
1253-05 XDR PatientID Approved pending updates
1257-02 Clarify minimum for client authentication Approved
1259-03 Add SVCM constraint for id Approved pending updates

Ballot 58

Out for ballot: April 12, 2021. Comments due: Monday, May 10, 2021. Comments/votes resolved on CP review call on May 11, 2021.

Ballot 58 CPs are on Google Drive under IHE Documents here.

Comments, votes & resolution are here.

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
975-00 Add reference to HL7v3 feed in description merge for Registry Approved with updates
1093-04 XDSUnknownPatientId error should be allowed in ITI-18 Approved
1167-01 Improve guidance on use of MTOM and XOP in ITI-41 and ITI-43 Approved
1218-04 XCDR: Clarify/change patientId optionality Approved
1220-06 XDR: Clarify patientId population and handling Approved with updates
1225-03 XCDR: Address Cross-author updates Approved
1233-00 XDS Too Many Results Approved with updates
1235-00 CX confusion in XUA Approved
1236-01 mCSD organization for jurisdictions Approved with updates
1238-00 MHDS: editorial fix, missing words Approved
1239-00 RESTful ATNA: fix Option name Approved
1240-01 Correct Error Code in Stored Query Error behavior definition Approved
1242-01 SeR Fix Approved
1245-00 Broken Section Reference Approved
1247-00 ATNA retireTLS1.0options Approved
1249-00 Vol2a Wrong Section Number Approved
1251-00 Fix MTOM Section Reference Approved with updates

Ballot 57

Out for ballot: Aug 21, 2020. Comments due: Sept. 21, 2020. Comments/votes resolved on CP review call on October 2, 2020.

Ballot 57 CPs are on Google Drive under IHE Documents here.

Comments, votes & resolution are here.

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
1203-11 PMIR - clarify management of Patient Master Identity Approved with updates
1207-01 PMIR clarification - use of RelatedPerson Approved with updates
1209-02 Add Add formatCode XACML information to APPC Approved
1212-00 XCPD Examples Include Error In detectedIssueEvent.code Approved
1213-01 XCPD Revoke – Add Additional Context Information Approved with updates
1214-00 PIXm: Error with Code on OperationOutcome Approved
1215-00 PIXm examples fix Approved
1216-00 RMD: Fix error in audit specification for ITI-62 for the Registry Approved
1217-00 XDS MU and RMU – update on error reporting Approved with updates
1221-00 Add note to ATNA option for DICOM Security profile alignment Approved with updates
1222-02 PIXm - clarify use of sourceIdentifier parameter in query and response Approved
1223-00 RMD audit fix for ITI-62 and 86 Approved

Assigned CPs

For a list of CPs that are currently assigned see the 'Active CPs' tab in the CP status google doc.

Assigned CPs are stored here.

Strategies for smarter CP processing (from Jul-17 F2F)

We often have CPs that need a lot of rework after ballot:

  • There is not enough review prior to ballot
  • Perhaps too much effort on specificity vs remaining silent
  • Look for opportunities to suggest that a small subset take a time-consuming or editorial problem offline and come back to the group with an updated change.

Gateway questions prior to accepting a CP (or finishing work on an existing CP):

  • Is solving the problem necessary for interoperability?
  • Has an implementer reported this problem, or should they, or... is this theoretical?
  • Is the text inconsistent? If so, are we over-specifying, i.e. can we delete the inconsistency?
  • Strongly suggest that a submitter propose a solution.
  • Is this a problem that needs to be fixed?

Upcoming CP discussions

ITI CP review calls are typically held the second Tuesday of each month from 9-10am Central US. Changes to the 'traditional' schedule for CP calls are announced on the ititech email list.

April 2022 vF2F

Date/Time: April 25-29, 2022 - Times TBD

Zoom link:


The ITI CP tracking spreadsheet is here.

(1) Process Incoming CPs

  • ...

(2) Assigned CPs ready for discussion

  • CP-ITI-1278-00 - Delayed Document Assembly–hash and size inconsistency (Lynn)
  • CP-ITI-1014-03 - XCDR Auditing of homeCommunityId (Lynn)
  • Review post Ballot 60 updates:
    • CP-ITI-938-04 - Audit messages for ITI-30 and 31 (Lynn) - updated based on ballot 60 comments and April CP Call discussion.
  • ...

(3) Open Issues in FHIR IGs

  • ...

(4) Next in CPs

  • Next Monthly CP Meeting is scheduled for May 10th, 2022 @ 9:00amCT / 10:00amET

Minutes from past CP calls

See ITI CPs 2020-21-Agenda and Minutes from past CP calls