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This page contains the details of Change Proposal (CP) processing in the ITI domain for the 2015-2016 publication cycle.

The ITI Change Proposal process follows the general IHE CP process described on the Change Proposal process page. The following sections give more detail on the process for folks involved in the CP process in the ITI domain.

The ITI-specific CP Process

The following text explains what the process used by the ITI technical committee in processing submitted CPs. It is consistent with the general IHE CP process and is informative only.

  1. Write a change proposal. Here is IHE's Change Proposal Template
  2. Submit into the Incoming directory. This is typically done by directly updating the directory if you have access; otherwise send it an email to the ITI Technical Committee members in charge of CPs (currently Lynn Felhofer).
  3. The new CPs are considered by the committee at periodic CP review calls. If CP is accepted it is given a CP #, assigned an editor, renamed to CP-ITI-xxx-00.doc and placed in Assigned. If CP is rejected it is moved to Rejected and submitter is informed of explanation for rejection. Likely reasons for rejection are: duplicate, merged, withdrawn or not enough information to understand the request. Rejected CPs can be resubmitted with more information for reconsideration.
  4. Committee works with editor to draft the CP. Versions are kept in Assigned directory and numbered -00, -01, -02, etc.
  5. Committee decides CP is ready for ballot. Latest version of CP is moved to Completed diretory and old versions are moved to old_versions.
  6. Co-chair collects Completed CPs into a ballot. The Ballot directory will be used for this.
  7. Ballot is released to the general community for voting
  8. Votes and comments are collected. All yes votes means the CP passed ballot and moved to FinalText. No votes are resolved by the committee. Sometimes CP is withdrawn, sometimes NO voter changes to yes vote after explanations. CP may be updated in this process. If updates are insignificant (clarification only) the CP is considered passed. If updates are significant the CP is submitted for another ballot.
  9. CP approved in ballot are put in FinalText and scheduled to be integrated into the Technical Framework or Supplement.

Directory Structure

As CPs are processed through various statuses they move from one directory to another. The directories involved are:

contains CPs which have been submitted but have not been assigned a CP number or an editor. This is the place that new incoming CPs are placed prior to the first stage of processing by the committee.
contains CPs that have been assigned an editor and are being actively worked on by the committee, i.e. Assigned status
contains the last version of a CP that is in Completed status. It is waiting to be put in a ballot
contains the last version of a CP that is in FinalText status. It is has been approved by ballot and is waiting to be integrated into the TF.
contains the version of the CP that was integrated into the TF.
CPs that have been submitted by rejected by the committee
contains CPs that have been canceled, i.e. Canceled status
contains Ballots that have been released for voting by the general community
contains spreadsheets describing the status of CPs.

Change Proposal pages from previous years

Ongoing work on CPs is placed on the current year CP page. Prior years work can be accessed at:

ITI CP Tracking

Location of CPs, and CP status

All Change Proposal management is done on the IHE ftp site here.

Since March 2015, the ITI tracks status of its Change Proposals on the "CPs tracking" tab in this google doc:

Approved CPs to be integrated in 2016

CPs that have passed ballot in this cycle, and that will be integrated into Version 12.0 of the Technical Framework and the 2016 version of Supplements in September 2016 are listed on the "Ballot Log" tab of the tracking spreadsheet.

In Aug 2016, CPs will be integrated & checked following this process (currently draft): ITI CP Integration Process


Ballot 29

Out for ballot: Aug 13 - Sep 16 2015

Ballot 29 CPs, comments, and votes are archived here:

CPs approved in this ballot are here:

Comments/votes were reviewed on the Sep 24 & 25 CP calls. Resolution is in the table below.

CP-ITI Title Ballot Result
559-02 MPQ profiles queries vs. Metadata Update option Approved
801-04 Update Vol 1 references to RFC 3881 Approved w/ updates
872-05 Add ATNA Repository Forwarding and re-doc ITI-20 transaction Approved w/ updates

Assigned CPs

For a list of CPs that are currently assigned see the 'CP tracking' tab in the CP status google doc. Assigned CPs are stored here:

Upcoming CP discussions

ITI CP review calls are typically held the 1st Friday and 3rd Thursday of each month from 9-11am Central US. Additional sessions may be scheduled during ITI Tech F2F meetings.


9-11am CDT


The current ITI CP status spreadsheet is here.

(1) Review of Incoming CPs

  • CP-ITI-SMM-ResponseEncoding-AcceptHeader.doc
  • CP-ITI-SMM-RESTfulATNA-response-format.doc
    • Note from Steve Moore who submitted the first two: You should consider these together. I think Lynn might have submitted the first one in my name in response to some email questions that I raised. It talks about the issue I found in the RESTful ATNA supplement and links it to other profiles. The second CP is one that I submitted just now. It focuses on wording in the RESTful ATNA supplement that I find confusing (and was the original reason I sent my questions). If you can resolve the narrow set of questions that I asked, that will help my group finish some tools we have for RESTful ATNA. If you prefer to work on the bigger issue and harmonize those, I understand that might take a little more time.
  • CP-ITI-XDS.b_new_value_for_StudyInstanceUID.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-EUAupdates.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-RESTfulATNAlinkFix.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-fixReferenceToITI-14.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-mACMlinkFixes.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-Update-PDQm-toDSTU2.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-Update-PIXm-toDSTU2.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-Update-RESTfulATNA-toDSTU2.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-Update-mACM-toDSTU2.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-Update-MHD-toDSTU2.doc

(2) Assigned CPs for review

  • CP-ITI-797-07 - Definition of Document (Elliott L)
  • CP-ITI-846-04 - Base 64 Required (Elliott L)
  • CP-ITI-814-05 - Remove ambiguity about “Registry Enforcement” of display name in coded attributes (Elliott L)
  • CP-ITI-771-02 - Clarify hash validation rules in Volume 3 (Karen W)
  • CP-ITI-857-01 - Clarify/update the use of homeCommunityID in XCA and XCPD (Karen W)

(3) Next in CPs

  • Next CP call is Thurs Oct 15. Rob Horn will chair this call.
  • FYI - Lynn has submitted a Work Item Proposal focused on TF maintenance for Planning Committee consideration. It is in this directory.


Attendees: John M, Rob H, Lynn F, Joe L, Elliott L, Elliot S, Karen W

(1) (1) Outcome of Review of Incoming CPs

  • CP-ITI-SMM-ResponseEncoding-AcceptHeader.doc - assign to Rob as 878
  • CP-ITI-SMM-RESTfulATNA-response-format.doc - lynn will combine this into 878
  • CP-ITI-XDS.b_new_value_for_StudyInstanceUID.doc - accepted as Completed for future Ballot 30; 880 owned by Rob
  • CP-ITI-LF-EUAupdates.doc - assigned to John as 881
  • CP-ITI-LF-RESTfulATNAlinkFix.doc - duplicate; this change is encompassed in 879
  • CP-ITI-LF-fixReferenceToITI-14.doc - assigned to Elliott L as 882
  • CP-ITI-LF-mACMlinkFixes.doc - assigned to Carl as 879; some changes may move to 883, but not all are FHIR-related
  • To ensure that ITI profiles moving to DSTU2 are updated in a consistent way, John created this wiki page. That page is referenced within these newly-assigned CPs:
    • CP-ITI-LF-Update-PDQm-toDSTU2.doc - assigned to Justin F as 885
    • CP-ITI-LF-Update-PIXm-toDSTU2.doc - assigned to Daniel B as 884
    • CP-ITI-LF-Update-RESTfulATNA-toDSTU2.doc - assigned to Rob as 887
    • CP-ITI-LF-Update-mACM-toDSTU2.doc - assigned to Carl L as 883
    • CP-ITI-LF-Update-MHD-toDSTU2.doc - assigned to John M as 886

(2) Outcome of Assigned CPs Review

  • CP-ITI-797-07 - accepted as Completed for future Ballot 30;
  • CP-ITI-846-04 - Lynn will send to Bill for confirmation; if OK this will be marked Completed
  • CP-ITI-814-06 - this CP was refined during the call in the context of changes done in the current re-doc effort; Elliott L will take one more look at these changes & the redoc work
  • CP-ITI-771-03 - discussed, updated, and accepted as Completed for future Ballot 30
  • CP-ITI-857-01 - out of time...discussion deferred to Oct 15 CP call

(3) Next in CPs

  • Next CP call is Thurs Oct 15. Rob Horn will chair this call.
    • We will continue our focus on Assigned CPs.
  • Lynn will create Ballot 30 with all CPs Completed at the end of the Oct 15 call. Currently 4 are in Completed status.
  • Karen did a shout-out to encourage review of re-doc announced on the ITI Tech list. Cmte members should solicit input from developers within their organization.


9-11am CDT


The current ITI CP status spreadsheet is here.

(1) Review of Incoming CPs

  • CP-ITI-XXX-00-KM_XDSReplaceFailed.doc (Ken Meyer)
  • others tbd...

(2) Assigned CPs for review

  • CP-ITI-857-01 - Clarify/update the use of homeCommunityID in XCA and XCPD (Karen W)
  • more tbd

(3) Next in CPs

  • Lynn will compile Ballot 30 with Completed CPs as of the end of this call
  • Next CP call is Fri Nov 6.

Agenda and Minutes from past CP calls

For 2015-16, they are collected here: ITI CPs 2015-16-Agenda and Minutes from past CP calls