ITI CPs 2020-21-Agenda and Minutes from past CP calls

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ITI domain CPs for 2020-21 are managed here: ITI Change Proposals 2020-21

This page contains the minutes from past CP review calls during the 2020-21 publication cycle.

Current ITI CP status spreadsheet is here

July 31, 2020

Attendees: Jeff Helman (Aegis), Derek Ritz, Luke Duncan (IntraHealth), Vassil Peytchev, Spencer LaGesse (Epic), Ben Levy (Lyniate), John Moehrke (ByLight), Oliver Egger (ahdis), Charles Parisot (Interopehealth), Dr. Ivan Zapreev

(1) Assigned CPs ready for discussion

  • CP-ITI-1203 - PMIR: clarify manangement of Patient Master Identity- This CP was discussed at length, with suggested edits done during the call. The current scope of changes is:

PMIR: clarify manangement of Patient Master Identity

    • Change actor name from Patient Identity Manager to Patient Identity Registry
    • Clarify the responsibilities of the Patient Identity Source and Registry actors by adding specifics in an Actor Rqmts section in Vol 1
    • Add a mandatory grouping in Vol 1: the Patient Identity Source shall be grouped with a Patient Demographics Consumer. This ensures that the Source *is able to* perform a PDQm Query (though it is not mandated to do so in all deployments).
    • Update the Concepts section to clarify the definitions of Patient Master Identity and Patient Master Identity Domain. Then ensure that those defined terms are used consistently throughout the PMIR supplement.
    • Clarify the expected actions in ITI-93 for the Patient Identity Consumer vs. the Patient Identity Registry receiving ITI-93.
  • A separate CP was submitted to add a feed transaction to the PIXm profile. This could turn into a small workitem.
  • Next steps:
    • Lynn will incorporate changes discussed to created an updated version of the CP for review (rev -05). After email feedback is gathered, hopefully the CP is ready for ballot.

July 9, 2020

Attendees: Spencer LaGesse (Epic), Martin Smock (IHE-Suisse), Dave Pyke, Oliver Egger (adhis), John Moehrke (ByLight), Luke Duncan (IntraHealth), Lynn Felhofer

The ITI CP tracking spreadsheet is here.

(1) Assigned CPs ready for discussion --

  • CP-ITI-1207-01- PMIR clarification – use of RelatedPerson (Luke) - the newest changes were reviewed and approved. This CP is Completed and ready for the next ballot.
  • CP-ITI-1203- clarify PMIR Manager behavior wrt PIX (Luke) - this was briefly discussed, but no changes are agreed to yet. Next step is for Lynn to review the CP and recommend areas for change; we could set aside time for this at the upcoming F2F the week of Jul-20.
  • CP-ITI-1199- ITI-93 examples (Luke) - to changes to review yet.

(2) Process Incoming CPs --

  • CP-ITI-SML_Add_Context_to_XCPD_Revoke.docx - accepted and assigned to Spencer as CP-ITI-1213
  • CP-ITI-PIXm-operationOutcome.doc - reviewed and accepted as CP-ITI-1214; status is Completed (ready for next ballot). We expect this change to easily pass ballot since the same change was applied to PDQm Query. However, we will ballot it for visibility to the implementer community.
  • CP-ITI-JM-FixPIXmExamples.doc - reviewed and accepted as CP-ITI-1215; status is Completed (ready for next ballot).
  • CP-ITI-LF-small-Fix-ITI-62-audit-defn.docx - reviewed and accepted as CP-ITI-1216; status is Completed (ready for next ballot)
  • The attendees confirmed that no change is needed to PIX/PIXV3/PIXm response text based on this exchange on ititech:!topic/ititech/j8LwLcR6OIU. Text is consistent in all 3 flavors of PIX query.
  • CP-ITI-BM-RMUvsMU (Bill M / Lynn) - discussion is deferred to the August CP call since no SMEs were on this month's call.

(3) Next in CPs

  • update on ftp site --> google drive transition: Although the second round of migration of ftp site content to google drive was scheduled to be done by now, it is not yet complete. ITI TF Maintenance activities (CPs) will continue to be managed on the FTP site until the 2nd migration is done.
  • Several CPs are ready to be balloted. We will finalize the contents and timing of Ballot 57 during the F2F meeting next week.
  • Next regular CP call is the 2nd Thurs in August: Aug-13, 10:00-11:00 CDT.

June 11, 2020

Attendees: Martin Smock, Luke Duncan, Oliver Egger, Spencer LaGesse, Steve Nichols, Lynn Felhofer

The ITI CP tracking spreadsheet is here.

(1) Process Incoming CPs

  • CP-ITI-SML_XCPD_DetectedIssueEvent_Fix_Examples.docx (Spencer) - reviewed and accepted as CP-ITI-1212. Status is 'Completed' and ready for future ballot 57.

(2) Assigned CPs ready for discussion

  • 1209-02 - Add Add formatCode XACML information to APPC (Tarik/Lynn) - Tarik's rationale for accepting this change reviewed; formatCode value is updated in the example. Status is 'Completed' and ready for future ballot 57.
  • CP-ITI-1207- PMIR clarification – use of RelatedPerson (Luke) - this CP was discussed. Luke agreed to update the CP to include constraints on cardinality of the RelatedPerson Resource so that the relationship attribute. He will bring those changes back for review in July. The CP remains Assigned.

(3) Next in CPs

  • update on use of IHE FTP site vs. IHE Google Drive -- FTP site will be retired as of approx June 18. For the near future, we will transition to the equivalent folder structure on IHE's Google Drive. Lynn will update ITI Tech's email list with adjustments to permission, process documentation, etc
  • Next regular CP call is the 2nd Thurs in July: July-9, 10:00-11:00 CDT.

May 14, 2020

Attendees: Martin Smock, Oliver Egger, Luke Duncan, Spencer LaGesse, Lynn Felhofer

The ITI CP tracking spreadsheet is here.

(1) Process Incoming CPs

  • CP-ITI-PRIM-RelatedPersonClarification - reviewed and assigned to Luke as CP-ITI-1207: PMIR clarification - use of RelatedPerson
  • CP-ITI-PDQV3_DiagramedConstraintNotEnumerated...docx - reviewed and assigned to Spencer as CP-ITI-1208: PDQV3 Diagramed Constraint Not Enumerated for PRPA_RM201310UV02. Spencer will consult with Vassil.
  • CP-ITI-MO-AddFormatCodeAPPC.doc - reviewed and accepted as CP-ITI-1209: Add formatCode XACML information to APPC . Not assigned to anyone yet. Lynn will consult with Tarik on the change proposed within the CP
  • CP-ITI-LF-NewLTSoptionsfor2021.doc - reviewed and assigned to John as CP-ITI-1210: New TLS options for ATNA for 2021 TF updates

(2) Assigned CPs for discussion -- This topic was deferred to a future call.

  • 875-01 - XDS BPPC Enforcement option details moved from Vol 2 to Vol 1 (Lynn)

(3) Next in CPs

  • 2020-21 ITI CP and publication cycle has begun
  • Affect of IHE FTP shutdown on ITI CP processing after June 1, 2020
    • Starting approx June-1, management of ITI CPs will move to the IHE Google Drive under: IHE Documents > IT_Infrastructure > TF_Maintenance > CPs
    • Note that the IHE Google Drive was first populated, via migration from the FTP site, back in February. The contents will be re-synchronized prior to the IHE FTP site being taken down.
    • Lynn is actively working with Mary on documenting the process for use of CPs and editor's instructions for using 'CurrentPublished' documents off of Google Drive
    • As ITI document publication management continues its move toward Github, we will consider moving away from Google Drive for CP management, but not yet.
  • CP Integration status
  • Next regular CP call is the 2nd Thurs in June: June 11, 10:00-11:00 CDT.