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ITI domain CPs for 2013-2014 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for the Mar 7, 2014 meeting.



The current status spreadsheet dated 2014-02-20 is here:

(1) Ballot 19 clean-up -

  • ITI-CP-674-03 - (François Macary) - One CP in ballot 19 had comments that were unresolved. François has provided an updated version for review. The updated CP and the comments (in *RECONSTRUCTED*.xls) are found under the ballot-19 link above.

(2) Assigned CPs ready for review:

  • CP-ITI-685-03 (Christian Ohr) - HPD Error codes
  • CP-ITI-723 (Karen) - Update Vol 3 content of ODD supplement (expressed in IHE-ITI-Suppl_On_Demand_Documents_Rev1.3_TI_2014-03-05-CP723.docx)
  • CP-ITI-740 (Karen) - Update Vol 3 content of MU supplement
  • CP-ITI-672 (Elliott L, if Vassil is present) - Clarify mustUnderstand
  • CP-ITI-586 (Elliott L) - Remove specialization of UserIsRequestor - this was marked as Integrated in 2012, but it was in Ballot 14 and rejected because it included no changes

(3) Strategy for reducing CP backlog

  • preliminary data for analysis is on the "ForAnalysis" tab in the 2014-03-07 version of the status spreadsheet

(4) Review of Incoming CPs:

  • CP-ITI-ESL-EnableNetworkAccess... -
  • CP_ITI_MDU-extendMetadataLevelParameterScope.doc
  • CP-ITI-KW-association-typestable-00.doc
  • CP-ITI-KW-MemberOf-naming.doc
  • CP-ITI-KW-MetadataUpdateGeneral.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-clarify-CXi.doc


Attendees: Christian Ohr, Elliott Lavy, Gila Pyke, François Macary, Gil Levi, Karen Witting, Mauro Zanardini, Lynn Felhofer, Rob Horn, Mark Sinke

Updated status spreadsheet with changes from this call is dated 2014-03-07 here:

(1) Ballot 19 clean-up -

  • ITI-CP-674-03 - (François Macary) - The committee reviewed the changes, made some minor edits and approved version -04 for Final Text

(2) Assigned CPs ready for review:

  • CP-ITI-685-03 (Christian Ohr) - Some edits were made. The committee agreed that issues 6 and above will be addressed in a new CP to limit scope. This will be CP-ITI-758. Item4 will be broken out into a separate CP focused on credentials. The remainder of 685 is ready for ballot (items 1-3 and 5)
  • CP-ITI-723 (Karen) - Karen led the discussion and presented edits done directly in the ODD supplement, rather than in traditional CP format. With some clean-up based on discussion, could be made ready for ballot.
  • CP-ITI-740 (Karen) - Karen presented an overview of changes and invited review of the details by cmte members
  • CP-ITI-672 (Elliott L) - Elliott presented a proposed approach for modifying some audit msg; will proceed to finish the others
  • CP-ITI-587 (Elliott L) - need to find this CP and change it back to assigned, perhaps giving it a new number.

(3) Strategy for reducing CP backlog

  • We only had 5 minutes for this topic. Initial steps are:
    • Lynn added a tab labeled 'For Analysis' to the 2014-03-07 version of the status spreadsheet. This contains only assigned CPs. New columns identify when a CP was submitted & last updated. There was also an attempt to categorize CPs to perhaps enable some future work / reassignment....method TBD
    • 6 CPs were identified as duplicates and will be cancelled.
    • 24 CPs were identified as "low handing fruit", ie the CP looked like it might be close to ready, if someone would take another look to see what remains.

(4) Review of Incoming CPs:

  • CP-ITI-ESL-EnableNetworkAccess... - assigned to Elliott L as CP-ITI-763
  • CP_ITI_MDU-extendMetadataLevelParameterScope.doc - assigned to Bill as CP-ITI-765
  • CP-ITI-KW-association-typestable-00.doc - accepted as Completed - CP-ITI-760
  • CP-ITI-KW-MemberOf-naming.doc - - assigned to Karen as CP-ITI-761
  • CP-ITI-KW-MetadataUpdateGeneral.doc - - assigned to Elliott L as CP-ITI-762
  • CP-ITI-LF-clarify-CXi.doc - - assigned to John M as CP-ITI-764

(5) Next in CPs:

  • Our next CP call is Thur March 20, 9-11am
  • We will likely compile the Ballot 21 package, so work on CPs that you want included
  • We will also continue the backlog discussion
  • We will discuss 'assigned' CPs that have made progress, and process 'Incoming'