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ITI domain CPs for 2013-2014 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for the Mar 7, 2014 meeting.



The current status spreadsheet dated 2014-02-20 is here:

(1) Ballot 19 clean-up -

  • ITI-CP-674-03 - (François Macary) - One CP in ballot 19 had comments that were unresolved. François has provided an updated version for review. The updated CP and the comments (in *RECONSTRUCTED*.xls) are found under the ballot-19 link above.

(2) Assigned CPs ready for review:

  • CP-ITI-685-03 (Christian Ohr) - HPD Error codes
  • CP-ITI-723 (Karen) - Update Vol 3 content of ODD supplement (expressed in IHE-ITI-Suppl_On_Demand_Documents_Rev1.3_TI_2014-03-05-CP723.docx)
  • CP-ITI-740 (Karen) - Update Vol 3 content of MU supplement
  • CP-ITI-672 (Elliott L, if Vassil is present) - Clarify mustUnderstand
  • CP-ITI-586 (Elliott L) - Remove specialization of UserIsRequestor - this was marked as Integrated in 2012, but it was in Ballot 14 and rejected because it included no changes

(3) Strategy for reducing CP backlog

  • preliminary data for analysis is on the "ForAnalysis" tab in the 2014-03-07 version of the status spreadsheet

(4) Review of Incoming CPs:

  • CP-ITI-ESL-EnableNetworkAccess... -
  • CP_ITI_MDU-extendMetadataLevelParameterScope.doc
  • CP-ITI-KW-association-typestable-00.doc
  • CP-ITI-KW-MemberOf-naming.doc
  • CP-ITI-KW-MetadataUpdateGeneral.doc
  • CP-ITI-LF-clarify-CXi.doc