ITI CP Integration Process

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To Integrate CPs

this is Gila's process

To check integrated CPs

Why: Integrating CPs into Final Text volumes and TI supplements is a task requiring attention to detail. It is beneficial to check the integration work prior to delivering updated documentation to the Documentation Specialist. This provided a "second set of eyes" on the documentation, and may prevent a future CP.

When: After CP integration is complete, before submitting a document for publication.

Who: Ideally, someone other than the editor who did the integration. Domain co-chairs assign this task to members of the Technical Committee.


  1. Identify the CPs approved for Final Text
    1. Find the directory following this naming convention<year>/CPs/3_FinalText/ eg.
    2. Open the excel file in that directory maintained by the CP manager
    3. The spreadsheet contains one row for each Final Text CP. The columns in the spreadsheet are:
      • CP number
      • profile
      • Vol/Supp affected
      • Title
      • Ballot
      • File location
  1. Identify the Final Text CPs that affect the document you are verifying
    1. In the spreadsheet, examine the "Vol/Supp affected" column to identify the CPs you need. Notice that some CPs affect more than one document