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This 5-days meeting is to move forward all the current work items in the continuous development cycle.

Meeting Location
Virtual Face to Face
WebEx information for this meeting is
Meeting Number: 920 504 709
Password: Meeting1
Support material
Profile proposals and other support information may be found in the FTP Site

Agenda & Minutes

All times listed are tentative, and may be revised during the meeting—refresh often.

Agenda for ITI, PCC, and QRPH for the week can be found here

Monday, 4th May, 2020

Day 1: Monday, 4 May, 2020

Virtual (CDT, UTC−05:00)

Leads Activity Notes
7:00 am–8:00 am Luke/John
  • Introductions and Agenda Review
    • Introductions
    • Sponsor Communications
    • Agenda Review
    • Decision Making and Goals
    • Author commitments
      • wiki updates, T-cons, F2F participation, ...
    • continuous development: [Continuous Development]
  • SVCM - Public Comment Review

Participants: Ben Levy, Chris Melo, John Moehrke, Lynn Felhofer, Mike Henderson, Spencer LaGesse, Steve Nichols, Sarah Bell, Luke Duncan, Sylvie Colas, Tone Southerland, Mark Woodruff, Mick Talley, Jenny Thompson, Charles Parisot

Minutes: Goals: MHDS and SVCM to TI. More public comments for SNIF. Status of IUA

  • Reviewed public comments for SVCM.
    • Updated GitHub with latest changes and comments spreadsheet

8:00 am–9:00 am John MHDS - Public Comment Review


  • Reviewed public comments and updated document.
  • Will continue in afternoon session.

12:00 pm–1:00 pm John MHDS


  • Reviewed remaining comments for MHDS
  • Will prepare final version for voting tomorrow.

1:00 pm–2:00 pm Luke SVCM


  • Reviewed remaining comments for SVCM
  • Reviewed FSH/SUSHI Implementation Guide for SVCM
    • Not much benefit for FSH as of now. Will continue with standard FHIR resources.

Tuesday, 5th May, 2020

Day 2: Tuesday, 5 May, 2020

Virtual (CDT, UTC−05:00)

Leads Activity Notes
7:00 am–8:00 am **Cancelled** **Cancelled**

Participants: John Moehrke, Sarah Bell, Steve Nichols, Chris Melo, Lynn Felhofer, Sylvie Colas, Spencer LaGesse, Vassil Peytchev, Ben Levy, Charles Parisot


8:00 am–8:30 am Steve SNIF - Public Comment Review


  • No public comments so far
  • Has been reviewed with some stakeholders
  • will continue to solicit feedback
  • Open items will be edited based on comments
  • Meeting scheduled May 21

8:30 am–9:00 am Luke / John / Lynn
  • Finalize status, tasks, and timeline for TF and TI


  • Reviewed current CP integration
  • Discussed using GitHub for CP submission
    • Will discuss further later in the week

9:00 am–10:00 am Luke / John / Lynn
  • Vote on TI for MHDS and SVCM


  • Voting
    • MHDS published to TI
      • John, motioned, Steve seconded. No objections, No abstentions, Motion Passed
    • SVCM published to TI
      • Luke motioned, Ben seconded. No objections, Charles abstains, Motion Passed
    • SNIF published
      • Steve motioned, Charles seconded. No objections, No abstentions, Motion Passed
  • Discussed and updated agenda for the rest of the week

4:00 pm–5:00 pm John SUSHI / FHIR Implementation Guide Discussion


Wednesday, 6th May, 2020

Day 3: Wednesday, 6 May, 2020

Virtual (CDT, UTC−05:00)

Leads Activity Notes
7:00 am–9:00 am John / Sylvie / Luke Joint Planning / Tech on new work items

Participants: John Moehrke, Lynn Felhofer, Oliver Egger, Spencer LaGesse, Sylvie Colas, Sarah Bell, Ben Levy, Steve Nichols, Luke Duncan, Charles Parisot, Martin Smock, Chris Melo, Keith Boone

Minutes: In the morning the ITI Tech committee will be selecting our new work items for this next quarter. a. What is the ITI Tech capacity now? b. What are we doing about IUA work item? c. Evaluation of the potential new work items for their expected workload (sizing)

d. Tech prioritization adjustments based on ability to fulfil the new work item e. Select best fit of new work items into our capacity f. Inform ITI Planning of decision

The IT Planning committee has evaluated in April the following 5 potential new work items with the following priorities (proposal documents Update HIE Whitepaper to include MHD Update publication of final text volumes using html rather than PDF Update MHD from DocumentManifest to List(s) Federate MHDS using FHIR including Patient and User federation Provider Directory alignment (mCSD) with Argonaut, Sequoa, and DirectTrust


Capac Planning Continuing work

  • IUA -- likely with Walco and/or Martin (Swiss)
  • SNIF -- possible public comment response next face-to-face, with need to react
  • normal CP load

Capacity available ??? What level of engagement will the committee members be able to apply ??? Given COVID and day-job expectations in the coming months ??? Depend on who is the author of the work items. ??? capability to do same amount of work when meetings are not face-to-face (aka virtual face-to-face)

  • Likely available capacity is smaller than normal

Likely available

  • two medium to three medium
  • one medium and one large

??? Highly dependent on capacity available question to be asked later this morning when more people are on the call ???

Evaluation of potentials

  • Update HIE Whitepaper to include MHD
    • overall creative work is small
    • will likely be medium size because of commmittee overread need
    • likely need to have reading sessions as the overreading is not going to be easy, and will find good improvements
    • John is funded thru ONC/IHE-USA to be the editor
    • medium mostly because of committee time committment, not because of editor load
    • Consensus size is Medium
  • Update publication of final text volumes using html rather than PDF
    • Committee review time may be signficant - medium
    • Editor effort is going to be signficant - medium to large
      • depending on tooling and automation
    • Effort involving writing procedure for long term maintenance
    • backlog (future task) management to keep from exploding scope
    • John is funded thru ONC/IHE-USA
    • Consensus size is Large
    • Intend to pick a load we are comfortable with, and evaluate at next face-to-face what we do next quarter (continue vs abandon)

  • Update MHD from DocumentManifest to List(s)
    • amount of work is clear
    • exacting editing does require exacting committee reviewing
    • Timing relative to IHE Connectathon
    • Timing relative to FHIR R5 release. If done prior to R5 release would mean MHD needs to revise twice (R4 and then R5)
    • Possible to accelerate editing to produce Public Comment this week, might produce TI revision end of 2020 year. (Presumes first complete draft is produced wednesday night)
    • Slower effort puts public comment in summer, with TI revision in Q1 2021
    • Consensus size is Small
    • Possible and desireable in Q2 2020 to write up a plan for transition away from DocumentManifest, so that the community looking to start use of MHD(s) is aware of the change pending. -- Planning Committee outreach activity

  • Federate MHDS using FHIR including Patient and User federation
    • Even though Charles is not on the call, we all know that he would insist on XCA support
    • Consensus size is Medium
    • If MUST support XCA then size is Large

  • Provider Directory alignment (mCSD) with Argonaut, Sequoa, and DirectTrust, DiVinci, CommonWell, CMS, MiHIN, US-Core and VhDir
    • depends highly on stake holder participation
    • can not be successful at Tech Committee without stakeholder engagement
    • Consensus is we can't succeed, so not selected

Decision on new work items

Defer decision till 1:00 Central time, post noon session on html publication progress.

12:00 pm–2:00 pm John ITI TF publication in HTML

VOTING at 1PM on new work items


  • Keith motioned to take on HTML Final Text Publication work item and the HIE Whitepaper update work item.
  • Spencer seconded
  • No objections
  • No abstentions
  • Motion Passed
  • T-cons scheduled and added to this week's agenda
    • HTML Final Text
      • Virtual Face to Face: May 8, 7 CT
      • Starting May 18 every 2 weeks at 10 CT
    • HIE Whitepaper
      • Virtual Face to Face: May 7, 2 CT
      • June 9 at 11 CT
      • July 7 at 11 CT
3:00 pm–5:00 pm All ITI/PCC/QRPH Joint Meeting


Thursday, 7th May, 2020

Day 4: Thursday, 7 May, 2020

Virtual (CDT, UTC−05:00)

Leads Activity Notes
7:00 am–8:00 am Luke / John / Lynn
  • Tentative IUA pending confirmation
  • or General Discussion
    • FTP site
    • Github
    • Other



8:00 am–10:00 am Luke / John / Sylvie TBD - based on Planning outputs
  • Review testing plans for SVCM and MHDS


2:00 pm–4:00 pm John HIE Whitepaper update


Friday, 8th May, 2020

Day 5: Friday, 8 May, 2020

Virtual (CDT, UTC−05:00)

Leads Activity Notes
7:00 am–9:00 am John / Luke HTML Technical Framework Final Text Publication