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ITI Tech domain is experimenting a continuous development process for work-items. In accordance to that, the progresses during the f2f of each work-item could allow the releasing of PC or TI versions.

The actual ongoing work-items that want to reach the PC are:

  • 'FHIR R4 Updates of NPFSm , mACM , PIXm and update of related conformance resources'

Work-items that will require PC resolution:

  • 'RESTful ATNA (Query and Feed)': extension of the prveious supplement "RESTful ATNA Query" aimed to cover also creation of AuditEvent resources. The work-item covers also R4 updates.
  • 'XCA Deferred Option': this work-item (primary editor: Joe) is aimed to enable deferred patterns for XCA Query/Retrieve transactions (long latencies between requests and responses). This is the second f2f dedicated to this work-item.
  • 'PRIM': Profile aimed to cover the complete management of Patient resources (creation, search , update, merge)

Meeting Location
Polaris resource center, Pula (Italy)
WebEx information for this meeting is
Meeting Number: 924 305 246
Password: Meeting1
Support material
Profile proposals and other support information may be found in the [1]

Agenda & Minutes

All times listed are tentative, and may be revised during the meeting—refresh often.

Monday, 22nd July, 2019

Day 1: Monday, 22nd July, 2019

Pula Italy (CET, UTC+01:00)

Leads Activity Notes
8:30 am–9:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am–9:15 am Umberto/Mauro Introductions and Agenda Review
  • Introductions
  • Sponsor Communications
  • Agenda Review
  • Decision Making and Goals
  • Author commitments
    • wiki updates, T-cons, F2F participation, ...
  • continuos development: [Continuous Development]

9:15 am–10:45 am Gregorio Canal ATNA RESTful (Query & Feed): comment resolution

'Participants': Sarah (himms) , Luke (IntraHealth), Joe (SSA), John (VA), Umberto, Mauro (Arsenàl.IT), Gregorio (Arsenàl.IT), Sylvie (Asip), Lynn (ITI Tech Mgr)

'Minute': Gregorio describes the scope of the profile and the updates required from the previous version "ATNA RESTful Query". We updated the profile in order to be aligned with R4, and we added two new RESTful interactions in order to allow http transport for audit trails using FHIR AuditEvent resources, and FHIR protocol.

The cmte started the review of comments received. Main comment related to the options defined in order to introduce in ITI-20 the new RESTful interactions. The cmte decided to add an option for each type of transport. This allows to make explicit in the integration statement the protocol used. Note: this will affect RAD Audit Trail option and RAD spec because we are allowing a Secure Node to just support RESTful interactions.

Others comments resolved about requirements for Secure Node and ARR.

10:45 am–11:00 am Morning Break
11:00 am–12:30 am Joe Lamy XCA Deferred Option: Comments Resolution

'Participants:' + Spenser LaGesse (EPIC)

'Minute': Review of comments received that need discussion.

Session notes here

12:30 am–1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm–3:15 pm Luke/Daniel PRIM: comments resolution

'Participants:' + Ben (CorepointHealth), Chris Melo (Philips)

'Minute': We received many comments about this profile, some of them could require an invasive change in the supplement. Due to that we could decide to issue another PC after this meeting. Ben will help in revising the text in order to cover in a better way the concept of merge.

Another approach could be to say that we are approaching the link between Patient resources and not the real merge.

Discussion on link-type to be used for link messages. The idea is to use seealso, but refer may be used as well, when the submitter knows that the linked patient is not a main source of information, and the other linked resource should still be consulted to retrieve additional information. replaces and replaced-by is not to be used for this transaction.

3:15 pm–3:30 pm Afternoon Break
3:30 pm–4:50 pm John (and others) FHIR R4 updates: mACM , PIXm , NPFMs

Participants: Lauren ten Hoor (Philips-Forcare)

Minute: Lynn provided comments not only on R4 updates. In accordance to that she was asking to re-wirte the use-cases in order to make more clear the distinction between UPDATE and RPLC of the file. This will require some time.

4:50 pm–5:00 pm Mauro/Umberto Wrap-up and Homework

We asked for a night review on mACM and PIXm. They are published. Mauro and Lynn will review mACM.

Tuesday, 23rd July, 2019

Day 2: Tuesday, 23rd July, 2019

Pula Italy (CET, UTC+01:00)

Leads Activity Notes
8:30 am–9:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am–9:15 am Umberto/Mauro Introductions and Agenda Review

9:15 am–10:45am Gregorio/Mauro ATNA RESTful (Feed and Query): comments resolution

'Participants:' John (byLight) , Joe (SSA), Gregorio and Mauro (Arsenàl.IT), Sylvie (ASIP), Umberto , Luke (intraHealth), Lynn (ITI Tech Mgr), Spencer (EPIC) Steve nichols (GE)

'Minute': Gregorio integrated latest comments into the profile and awaits for further reviews, before proceeding to vote. Reviewers: Sylvie, Luke

10:45 am–11:00 am Morning Break
11:00 am–12:30 am Daniel PRIM: comments resolution

'Minute': Keep reviewing comments.

12:30 am–1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm–3:15 pm Joe XCA Deferred Option: Comments resolution

'Minute': we continued the review of comments received.

3:15 pm–3:30 pm Afternoon Break
3:30 pm–4:00 pm John (and others) R4 Updates: mACM PIXm NPFSm

'Minute': PIXm could be considered ready for PC. Those R4 updates will be sent out fro PC using change tracking versions. We want to have a single vote, in order to have a single bucket for R4 PC documents. We will point out that we have also updated conformance resources (out of PC). Formal PC for supplements and informal PC for conformance resources. Now appendix W point to ftp. Are we confident in pointing to gitHub ? if so, we can update Appendix W: a CP will be submitted adding also gitHub in parallel with FTP.

John move motion to approve PIXm for PC and reference Conformance resources (just informative) to the announcment, Luke seconds it. No negative votes, no abstensions. MOTION APPROVED.

Luke reviewed comments received by Mauro. Some changes needed, Luke will provide an updated version tonight

4:00 pm–5:00 pm Luke (and others) Discussion on patient link-type + pixm pdqm transaction inclusion

'Minute': Are iti-78 and iti-83 mandatory in this profile? Decision made: yes Discussion on link-type: replaced-by, replaces, refer, seealso. Still not an agreement, we'll keep discussing.

5:00 pm–5:15 pm Mauro/Umberto Wrap-up and Homework


Wednesday, 24th July, 2019

Day 3: Wednesday, 24th July, 2019

Pula , Italy (CST, UTC+01:00)

Leads Activity Notes
8:30 am–9:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am–9:15 am Umberto/Mauro Introductions and Agenda Review

'Participants': Sarah (himms) , Joe (SSA) , Lynn (ITI Tech Mgr), John (ByLight) , Sylvie (ASIP), Umberto , Gregorio (Arsenàl.IT), Mauro (Arsenàl.IT) , Luke (IntraHealth), Chris (philips), Spenser (EPIC), Steve Nichols (GE), Walco (walkIT)


9:15 am–9:45 am Joe Lamy XCA Deferred Option: comments resolution

'Minute: latest changes to be done, final version will be published for review later today'

9:45 am–10:45 am Mauro Restful ATNA

'Minute: Gregorio and Mauro showed updates done on RESTful ATNA. All the comments have been revised. Pending editorial updates the supplement is ready for the final vote.

10:45 am–11:00 am Morning Break
11:00 am–12:30 am Lynn NPFSm review and ATNA RESTful Query


12:30 am–1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm–2:00 pm ITI Planning CO-Chairs
  • Continuous Development, ITI-Tech Backlog - proposal of new stuff:
    • IUA v2: proposed by Walco
  • how ITI tech determines and published an 'expected' PC and TI timeline for currently active work items. This affect CAT preparation.

Walco proposal:

Planning cmte prioritization approved : Umberto move the motion , Mauro second it. List provided to ITI Tech in order to do further evaluations.

2:00 pm–3:15 pm Luke PRIM: comments resolution

'Minute': Plan is to have a document ready before the weekend, and set up a call early next week in order to decise if it is ready to be published.

3:15 pm–4:15 pm Afternoon Break
4:15 pm–4:40 pm Joe XCA Deferred: final discussion about changes made


4:40 pm–4:55 pm Mauro/Gregorio RESTful ATNA (Query and Feed): final approval


4:55 pm–5:00 pm Mauro/Umberto Wrap-up and Homework

Co-chairs asked for a night review for ATNA RESTful and NPFSm

Thursday, 25th July, 2019

Day 4: Thursday, 25th July, 2019

Pula (CST, UTC+01:00)

Leads Activity Notes
8:30 am–9:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am–9:30 am Umberto/Mauro Introductions and Agenda Review
  • Introductions

'Participants': Sarah , Joe , Lynn , John , Alessandro , Sylvie, Umberto , Gregorio , Mauro , Luke

9:30 am–10:00 am Luke PRIM comments Resolution

Luke asked guidance on some pending issues.

10:00 pm–10:45 pm John (and others) R4 Updates: confrormance resources updates

'Minute': conformance resources about QEDm , PDQm , MHD, mCSD : John move the motion to approve for release , published on GITHUB and FTP. This content is informative. We want to formalize a process in order to updates and revise this type of content. Governance about this process will be defined in a readme file. There is a pending task to update wiki pages, but this will be done in the next few days (John : QEDm , PDQm , MHD and Luke: mCSD). Gregorio seconds the motion. No opposite votes, 1 abstension (Chris Melo). MOTION APPROVED

NPFSm: ready to be published. We are going to publish it without tracked-changes (because updates were more invasive and went beyond the R4 allignement.). We will add this to Mary's announcement (and also point that there is NPFSm onformance resources that will be merged in the next few days). Mauro moves the motion to approve NPFSm for PC. John secon it, no opposite votes, 1 abstension (Chris). The conformance Reource need to be validated by John. When they will be fixed we can consider them ready.

10:45 am–11:00 am Morning Break
11:00 am–12:00 am XCA Deferred Option - review comments and final review. Joe


12:00 am–12:30 am VOTE: final decision on TI - PC pubblication Mauro/Umberto


12:30 am–1:30 pm Lunch

3:30 pm–3:45 pm - afternoon break

3:45 pm–5:00 pm Umbert/Mauro Final approval for PC: mACM R4 updates / Final Approval for TI: ATNA RESTful (Query and Feed).

Friday, 3rd May, 2019

Day 5: Friday, 26th July, 2019

Pula , Italy (CET, UTC+01:00)

Leads Activity Notes
8:30 am–9:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am–9:05 am Umberto/Mauro Introductions and Agenda Review

9:05 am–9:30 am ITI Co-Chairs Preparation of Webinar for Profiles on PC (and TI ???)

9:30 am–10:00 am Umberto / Mauro Tcon Scheduling


10:00 am–11:00 am John/Sylvie Planning Cmte: REVIEW PRIORITARIZATION and DECISION for new Work-items


11:00 am–11:15 am Morning Break
11:15 am–12:30 am Open slot (Mantainance?) and meeting ADJURN Open slot (Mantainance?)


12:30 am–1:30 pm Lunch