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February 2018 F2F – Volume 1 Meeting, 12–16 February 2018

TThis 5-day meeting is focused on a review of Vol. 1 content and overall approach for new work items.

Meeting Location
Note change of location
Oslo Science Park, Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo
WebEx information
Meeting Number: 929 338 062
Password: Ask co-chairs ( , )
UPDATED LINK: Click here
Support material
Work item documents and support material may be found in the meeting folder

Agenda & Minutes

All times listed are tentative, and may be revised during the meeting—refresh often.

Agenda Overview
Time Monday, 12 February Tuesday, 13 February Wednesday, 14 February Thursday, 15 February Friday, 16 February

(Central European, UTC+01:00)

Oak Brook

(US Central, UTC−06:00)

08:30–08:45 1:30 am–1:45 am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
08:45–09:00 1:45 am–2:00 am
09:00–09:15 2:00 am–2:15 am Introductions and Agenda Review Joint session of ITI, PCC, QRPH, and PHARM AS4 XCMU AS4
09:15–09:30 2:15 am–2:30 am Metadata Cookbook
09:30–09:45 2:30 am–2:45 am
09:45–10:00 2:45 am–3:00 am
10:00–10:15 3:00 am–3:15 am
10:15–10:30 3:15 am–3:30 am
10:30–10:45 3:30 am–3:45 am
10:45–11:00 3:45 am–4:00 am Morning Break Morning Break Morning Break Morning Break Morning Break
11:00–11:15 4:00 am–4:15 am FHIR Conformance XCMU FHIR Conformance Metadata Cookbook Scheduling and Wrap-up
11:15–11:30 4:15 am–4:30 am
11:30–11:45 4:30 am–4:45 am
11:45–12:00 4:45 am–5:00 am
12:00–12:15 5:00 am–5:15 am Lunch & Learn
12:15–12:30 5:15 am–5:30 am
12:30–12:45 5:30 am–5:45 am Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:45–13:00 5:45 am–6:00 am
13:00–13:15 6:00 am–6:15 am
13:15–13:30 6:15 am–6:30 am
13:30–13:45 6:30 am–6:45 am XCMU XCMU Metadata Cookbook AS4
13:45–14:00 6:45 am–7:00 am
14:00–14:15 7:00 am–7:15 am FHIR Conformance
14:15–14:30 7:15 am–7:30 am
14:30–14:45 7:30 am–7:45 am
14:45–15:00 7:45 am–8:00 am
15:00–15:15 8:00 am–8:15 am
15:15–15:30 8:15 am–8:30 am
15:30–15:45 8:30 am–8:45 am Afternoon Break Afternoon Break Afternoon Break Afternoon Break
15:45–16:00 8:45 am–9:00 am AS4 Metadata Cookbook XCMU FHIR Conformance
16:00–16:15 9:00 am–9:15 am
16:15–16:30 9:15 am–9:30 am
16:30–16:45 9:30 am–9:45 am
16:45–17:00* 9:45 am–10:00 am*
17:00–17:15* 10:00 am–10:15 am*
17:15–17:30* 10:15 am–10:30 am* Wrap-up, homework, agenda updates Wrap-up, homework, agenda updates Wrap-up, homework, agenda updates Wrap-up, homework, agenda updates
* Note: 17:30 (5:30 pm) finish time needs to be confirmed with our hosts; we may have to conclude by 17:00 (5:00 pm).

Monday, 12 February, 2018

Day 1: Monday, 12 February, 2018
Time Leads Activity Notes

(Central European, UTC+01:00)

Oak Brook

(US Central, UTC−06:00)

08:30–09:00 1:30 am–2:00 am


09:00–09:15 2:00 am–2:15 am Elliot/Mauro

Introductions and Agenda Review

Participants: Elliot Silver, Vincent Van Pelt, John Moerkhe, Umberto Cappellini, Lauren, Martin Schemler, Sylvie Colas, Miriam, Alberto, Luke, Lynn, Joe, Ken, Mauro , Gregorio, Dmytro, Karima, Pim , Vassily
  • Lauren gave opening remarks
09:15–10:45 2:15 am–3:45 am Vincent

Metadata Cookbook

Vincent lead the session. Th esession is focused in understanding the status of the work-item.
10:45–11:00 3:45 am–4:00 am

Morning Break

11:00–12:30 4:00 am–5:30 am John

FHIR Conformance

  • John reviewed current ITI FHIR conformance resources
  • Discussion of current and potential uses of Simplifier, the FHIR registry, Forge, ClinFHIR, Art-decor,
12:30–13:30 5:30 am–6:30 am


13:30–15:30 6:30 am–8:30 am Dmytro


Dmytro lead the session. The session starts with an high level presentation of the profile. Scope: starts from change confCode. Trimmed down to not structural elements.
  • DOes XCMU aboslutely requires versioning ? probably not.
  • There is no expectation that all the communities are XDS.
15:30–15:45 8:30 am–8:45 am

Afternoon Break

15:45–17:15 8:45 am–10:15 am Charles/Pim


Charles and Massi lead the discussion. Goal of this session is to have a high level presentation of the AS4 work-item.
17:15–17:30 10:15 am–10:30 am Elliot/Mauro

Wrap-up, homework, agenda updates

Homework: dmitro will update document in accordance to discussion we had. Tomorrow , standards selection and grouping. People off-line should understand all the actor behaviors in order to have a complete standard selection. Bill will present version numbering usage in MU, this might affect scoping in vol.1 and tech solution.

Tuesday, 13 February, 2018

Day 2: Tuesday, 13 February, 2018
Time Leads Activity Notes

(Central European, UTC+01:00)

Oak Brook

(US Central, UTC−06:00)

08:30–09:00 1:30 am–2:00 am


09:00–10:45 2:00 am–3:45 am See Pharmacy Agenda

Joint session of ITI, PCC, QRPH, and PHARM

See [Pharmacy minute]
10:45–11:00 3:45 am–4:00 am

Morning Break

11:00–12:00 4:00 am–5:00 am Dmytro


Participants: Lynn , Ken , Bill, Joe, Lamy , Marie , Sylvie, Tarik, Daniel, John, Charles , Umberto , Massimiliano , Elliot, Mauro , Martin
12:00–13:30 5:00 am–6:30 am

Lunch & Learn

13:30–14:00 6:30 am–7:00 am Dmytro


Dmytro did not join the call. Eliot/Tarik lead the session.

We have classification of metadata There is a transaction between Ini and Responding GW: are there any other technical implications or interactions? There is a need to formalize the interactions in the initiating site. Maybe we can just say that initiating gw has the magic, and we should not define how to trigger this transaction. Something to take in conosideration during Standards selection will be to choose if we want to make multiple updates to multiple communities, do we need to use multiple transaction? Decision: XCMU Administrator can talk to the Registry directly.

It is impoprtant to provide a set of error conditions that help administrator and initiating to understand what is going on.

Elliot will send the content discussed in the session to Dmytro and Tarik, as a menthor, will update him in order to do the needed updates to the document.

14:00–15:30 7:00 am–8:30 am John

FHIR Conformance

Luke lead the session.

Clear direction and bullet point of what are the principles. Luke presented mCSD conformanceResources , Location.structureDefinition

15:30–15:45 8:30 am–8:45 am

Afternoon Break

15:45–17:15 8:45 am–10:15 am Vincent

Metadata Cookbook

Vincent lead the session. Focus on the approach and on the focus of the cookbook.
17:15–17:30 10:15 am–10:30 am Elliot/Mauro

Wrap-up, homework, agenda updates

Wednesday, 14 February, 2018

Day 1: Wednesday, 14 February, 2018
Time Leads Activity Notes

(Central European, UTC+01:00)

Oak Brook

(US Central, UTC−06:00)

08:30–09:00 1:30 am–2:00 am


09:00–10:45 2:00 am–3:45 am Charles/Pim


Participants: Bill , Mauro, Gregorio , Charles , Tarik, Elliot , Ken , Lynn , Luke , Sylivie , Mary , Umberto , Massimiliano , John , Joe , Vincent , Pim , Dmytro ,

AS4: Session extended in order to come out form the meeing with the list of acceptable solutions. We do not need to take decision during this meeting, but we should understand all the possibilities.

10:45–11:00 3:45 am–4:00 am

Morning Break

11:00–12:30 4:00 am–5:30 am John

FHIR Conformance

AS4 continuation.
12:30–13:30 5:30 am–6:30 am


13:30–15:30 6:30 am–8:30 am Vincent

Metadata Cookbook

Vincent lead this session. Focus on the approach: idea is to define the principles.
15:30–15:45 8:30 am–8:45 am

Afternoon Break

15:45–17:15 8:45 am–10:15 am Dmytro


Dmytro presented updates done in accordance to the previous session.
17:15–17:30 10:15 am–10:30 am Elliot/Mauro

Wrap-up, homework, agenda updates

Thursday, 15 February, 2018

Day 1: Thursday, 15 February, 2018
Time Leads Activity Notes

(Central European, UTC+01:00)

Oak Brook

(US Central, UTC−06:00)

08:30–09:00 1:30 am–2:00 am


09:00–10:45 2:00 am–3:45 am Dmytro


Participants: Martin, Marie , Sylvie , Elliot, Mauro , John , bill , lynn ., ken , Vincent, Umberto, Tarik , Dmitro , Joe ,

We are not going to touch MU, even that we will have an overlap with XCMU … we need to test that the overlap does not break MU. Discussion about the versioning capabilities in MU , should we support these ? We know that MU will require CP … the result could be a new work item on MU or a list of CPs.

One of the most important points: Message encoding will be kept unchanged…

The Tech cmte agreed on a plan for vol.2 of XCMU:

Copy and erase pattern, modify Expected actions and simplyfing IIT-57. Define a new transaction with a new number. It is important to ttry to not change message encoding and not change soapAction, and this transaction will have cros-community flavors. We need to change the name of the supplmentent “MU light“ . We need to pay arttention to communication to our readers and to not create conflict between ITI-57 and the new transaction. Accepting a future work-item to put resources in future on MU (in order to fix the heavy part of MU). If this work-item light will become crazy, we will kill it. We will try to be silent on trivial issues related to MU heavy.

10:45–11:00 3:45 am–4:00 am

Morning Break

11:00–12:30 4:00 am–5:30 am Vincent

Metadata Cookbook

Metadata cookbook:

Review of principles list.

Next step for Metadata handbook: idea is to go thorugh list of metadata in order to see if we can add principles about each of them , and following this principles put in an appendix 2 3 examples of applications of this principles. Organize biweekly calls, have a table of contents. Identify a well known point in the ftp for the codes (library) , work out on the structure of this folders tree… figure out how to publish this content because it is of interest (one of the primary goal of the original proposal).

12:30–13:30 5:30 am–6:30 am


13:30–15:30 6:30 am–8:30 am Charles/Pim


Editorial approach reviewed by the cmte: go with existing check references from tomorrow morning Tomorrow finish assessment , make a final decision based on the assessment.

15:30–15:45 8:30 am–8:45 am

Afternoon Break

15:45–17:15 8:45 am–10:15 am John

FHIR Conformance

Luke lead the session and presents mCSD conformance resources (use a table to describe the combination of option and related conformance requirements).
17:15–17:30 10:15 am–10:30 am Elliot/Mauro

Wrap-up, homework, agenda updates

Friday, 16 February, 2018

Day 1: Friday, 16 February, 2018
Time Leads Activity Notes

(Central European, UTC+01:00)

Oak Brook

(US Central, UTC−06:00)

08:30–09:00 1:30 am–2:00 am


09:00–10:45 2:00 am–3:45 am Charles/Pim


Participants: Elliot Tarik mauro gregorio Sylvie Marie ohn , Massimiliano Pim Charles Daniel, Martin Lynn, Ken

ACTION ITEM: Charles will update the wiki to add web services tags.

Option: restructure the whole Appendix V but do not change the landing V.5. There is table V.2.4.1 , can be moved : update known references , and add name (known as ….) in the new place.

Work out a new outline for appendix V. Make this appendix V more interesting for implementers … right know till V.5 is not interesting for them… so we need to identify if the 1-4 are of interest ,

ACTION ITEM: the co-chairs will organize a call with implementers in order to see if we need to re-write the text or just do not care of it. Massi will work out a text about this… not using the word AS4 in this call for feedback. And we We will present a new outline.


Another call for feedback , in which we say that we are addressing async functionalities, ask for people that has implemented it in IHE products. If you want to be engaged in this . (explicitly one hour involvement on the topic on a targeted call). Give us info if you did it , if you want participate do it.

ACTION ITEM: Charles will send the mail to Mauro and Elliot for review. If possible with outline of Appendix V.

ACTION ITEM: Elliot will send an email to RAD in order to check if they really do not intend to support async in XCA-I. In that case they should be specific on the Sync requirements.

10:45–11:00 3:45 am–4:00 am

Morning Break

11:00–12:30 4:00 am–5:30 am Mauro/Elliot

Scheduling, Miscellaneous, and Wrap-up

  • TF Publication schedule
  • Update on Gazelle definition of audit messages
  • Addressing knowledge gaps

Planning Cmte issues to be discussed:

  • Why is it significant that IHE strives to be international in scope and participation?
  • How does holding meetings internationally support the international scope of IHE's profiles?
  • What are one or two highlights of your domain's current work that will be advanced in Oslo?

ACTION ITEM: Mauro will send out an email to editors to see if they agree on integrate CPs as done in 2017, Lynn provdes on Monday the list of profiles that need to be updated.

PROFILE IN FT: DEN advocate john and Manuel. Delayed Document assembly: Daniel advocate

those shall be evaluated during planning decision call. (the advocate shall fill the spreadsheet in order to see if the meet FT criteria)

ACITON ITEM: The PLanning co-chair will organize a planning call in order to discuss the criteria to move in final text for the two supplements identified.

Audit events in gazelle: process in progress, we are not ready to use this approach formally in this cycle. Probably the process of maitaninance will be aligned to the outputs of the FHIR conformance work items. We will use gazelle this cycle. But we will keep also the pdf version. The lack in the tool:

1) We do not have role based profiling. 2) Comment field structured not managed.

We probably will come out with a pre-requisites on tools usable to manage our publications.

During the next F2F we shall discuss Rob gap.

Planning questions: Charles provide useful feedback in order to report to sponsors.

12:30–13:30 5:30 am–6:30 am


November 2017 F2F – Technical Profile Kick-Off Meeting, 15–16 November 2017

This 2-day meeting is focused on a review of the detailed profile proposals, and selection of work items for the 2016/2017 year based on committee resources and technical readiness.

Meeting Location
RSNA Building, Oak Brook, IL
WebEx information for this meeting is
Meeting Number: 927 055 967
Password: Ask Jeremiah Myers (
Link: Click here
Support material
Profile proposals and other support information may be found in the meeting folder

Agenda & Minutes

All times listed are tentative, and may be revised during the meeting—refresh often.

Wednesday, 15 November, 2017

Day 1: Wednesday, 15 November, 2017

Oak Brook (CST, UTC−06:00)

Leads Activity Notes
8:00 am–8:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am–9:00 am Elliot/Mauro Introductions and Agenda Review
  • Introductions
  • Sponsor Communications
  • Agenda Review
  • Patent Disclosure
  • Decision Making and Goals
  • Author commitments
    • wiki updates, T-cons, F2F participation, ...


Jeremiah Meyers (HIMMS), Joey Lamy (AEIGS) , John Moherke (By Light), Pim van der Eijk (EU Commission) Elliot Silver (Change Healthcare), Chris Melo (Philips), Lawrence , Ben , Vassil Peytchev (EPIC), Matt Blackmon (Sequoia Prj), Celina Roth (HIMMS), Dymitro Rud (IHE Swiss), Ken Meyer (IBM Watson), Luke Duncan (IntraHealth), Lynn Felhofer (ITI Tech Manager), Tarik Idris (ICW), Robert Horn (AGFA), Karima Blounquard (IHE Europe) , Anna Orlova (AHIMA), Massimiliano Masi (EU Commission / Tiani).

Sponsor communications: details about the vol.1 meeting will be shared soon by the sponsors. The meeting will be held in Oslo in February (see details about meeting dates above).

Elliot reviewed the agenda.

Co-chairs ask new profile editors, if they are aware of patents that affects standards selected. If anyone knows it, please make Co-chairs aware. This does not mean that this is a problem and we can either: find out a work-around, or manage licensing via IHE international. The patent disclosure is on the WIKI: Patent Disclosure.

Plan for the actual F2F: We will start from the Planning Cmte ranking, and we will evaluate each proposal and will identify the amount of work we can do, and identify the bandwidth of the cmte.

Requirements for Authors: have regular tcons between f2f meetings. In-person participation to f2f is strongly recommended but not required.

9:00 am–10:00 am Dmytro Rud Cross-Community Metadata Update (XCMU)

XCMU – Aimed to define single transaction very similar to iti-57, adding the target Community ID. Interest has been expressed by Germany, Austria and IHE Europe.

The cmte still needs to clarify the scope: Is the focus related to the management of structural or non-structural ? The initial prposal of Dymitro:

  • ConfidentiliatyCode,
  • deprecating documents
  • others, NO ADDITIONAL RESTRICTIONS to iti-57…

Dymitro is asked to restrict the number of use-cases: to only document metadata and document deprecation, avoiding change of structural metadata in the first scenario (a first analysis pointed out that we should EXCLUDE: patientID, documentUniqueId, repositoryUniqueId, objectType, hash , size ... we complete analysis will be done during the working calls). The Idea of the cmte is to come out with a safe sub-set of metadata and se-cases, that will make easy to do the profiling. NOTE: Attention should be put on SourceId, actual implementations of the Registry have a list of admitted sourceIDs, this is not correct in a cross-community environment. Lynn raise the point that we are making a supplement to a supplement of XDS. We have to keep this separate from MU. The relationship should be strongly taken in consideration. Maybe this work-item should be renamed in order to keep it separate from MU.

On the other hand, it could open up an opportunity to work on MU, in order to change it, refactoring MU… In that case the size of the work-item will increase drastically. We should keep the scope controlled.

Removal of document from Repo is not in scope.

Dymitro : author , and IHE Swiss will contribute with co-editors. Mentor identifyied: Tarik. Reviewers: Juerg Bleuer , Tony Schaller (IHE Swiss), Tarik (ICW).

10:00 am–11:15 am Massimiliano Masi / Charles Parisot AS4 extensions for Document Sharing

Option in development:

  • ATNA option to the IHE Stack;
  • Option to XCA/XCPD for a new stack;
  • Option to have a wrapping of SOAP stack;

If we just take the security layer instead of the SOAP header option, this will be more isolated and will not impact actual implementation. THIS CANNOT BE GRANTED, maybe change in soap header will be still needed. We can limit the AS4 usage between the initiating and responding gateways. This will make things more contained. There is agreement on this requirement. Are Vendors oriented to one specific option among the three? This is not known right now. This will be taken in consideration during the tech evaluation.

DEADLINE for the decision and criteria for the decision should be identified clearly.

Test tools are not an issue. An open source tool is already available online and EU commission will invest in combine IHE test tool and AS4 tools. The impact could be in iti-19 on the WS-I Async part of the spec.

Massimiliano: primary Author. Charles mentor . Reviewers: Vassil , Sylvie , Gregorio/Giacomo (Arsenàl.IT), Forcare (???) , Dave Franken (???), Intersystems (???).

11:15 am–11:30 am Morning Break
11:30 am–12:30 am Rob Horn RESTful ATNA

The core of the proposal is to identify Two transport mechanisms for the same transaction (syslog and RESTful/FHIR). Both the specification needs to be locked to the same abstract definition, so that we can continue the profiling in a transport independent manner. This could impact ITI20.

ANSWER: Rfc3881 is the abstract model to take in consideration.

Re-factore ITI-20 could be in scope: decided tomorrow based on the resources available. Maybe use one transaction with two flavors…

Author: Rob , no mentor needed; Reviewers: Mauro, Brad,

12:30 am–1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm–2:30 pm Vincent van Pelt Metadata Guidelines

Goal is to reuse the content drafted by the European Metadata task-force and:

  • Try to involve other continents on the Wrk-item: Africa. Luke will engage them.
  • Scalability is an important thing to take in consideration. How to change the Affinity Domain when the infrastructure is active? How to increase the number of documents shared?
  • define a methology to classify documents. The focus is on document categorization.
  • Define a suggested valueSet for principal metadata

Figure out a methodology to create the AD, and best practice for define ValueSets.

What are we gonna create?

A Process and an example of application of that process. A useful valuSet and a methodology in order to extend/maintain it.

PRIMARY GOAL: Principle for the design for metadata; SECONDARY GOAL: set of typical applications of those principles, the harmonization of the local ValueStes. (Vincent wants this task to be really particle: share of different value sets, mapping and analysis...). This will be done by a subgroup in parallel. We just need to have examples… in order to put the methodology in concrete.

Delivering the both it is considered important for the work-group.

For the secondary goal , we have to identify a process in order to ballot a valueSets armonization. ...


How do we deal with not perfect armonization? How about what is already deployed? Is this in scope. Vince said that can be easily covered. CMTE CONSIDERED THIS OUT OF SCOPE.

Vincent: author ; mentor: Didi, reviewers: many (Sequoia , many European countries, need to extend to HIE vendors)

2:30 pm–3:30 pm Elliot Silver FHIR Tooling

Creation od Conformance resources: Trial a process and figure out how to manage the process. For the next year we will include in the deliverable for selected authors the production of this content, and we will follow a process in order to review and maintain it.

The process is not a deliverable for us. It will come from the IHE-HL7 Fhir group. Work-item is to follow that guidance and make it in concrete in the ITI domain and within the ITI process.

We can reverse the output, and maybe provide guidance to IHE at higher level in order to define how to do a Public comment on conformance statement objects (how to formalize a ballot for an XML object). For this year this is still informative. This is not manageable like the actual implementation material. We should take in mind that someone will take this as normative, but we will tag it as informative.

Automated normative Test scripts are excluded.

Opportunity to provide developers the structure definition for the NA CAT and collect feedback . Lynn will disseminate the existence of this content. Elliot as orchestrator of the WorkItem , he will create a dashboard to track status of activities and editors identified for each specific FHIR based profile. Meriem from ASIP will help Elliot as editor.

3:30 pm–3:45 pm Afternoon Break
3:45 pm–4:15 pm Anna Orlova Patient Administration (PAM) US national extension

November 2nd the National Extension has been presented to IHE USA and they approved to work on it. Anna expects by April the doc will be ready for review. No reason to contact the International cmte until it is completed, and when IHE USA has agreed on the content of the document. Probably we will dedicate time on July to the doc. Primary contact: Anna.

Anna will develop, Mentor: Ben. IHE US will approve, and after that will come to us for Review and integration.

4:15 pm–4:30 pm Elliot/Mauro Review, homework, agenda updates
4:30 pm–5:30 pm TBD Joint session of ITI/PCC/QRPH Technical
  • Committee work update round robin
  • Low and middle income countries (Derek)
    • How this affects Connectathon, the Final Text Process, and the costs associated with countries in which there are no deployment committees.
  • FHIR Plan Definition for Care Planning Profile (Denise)
    • Joint collaboration with ITI/PCC
  • Profiles offering alternative "expressions" (Gila)
    • Guidance on PCC profiles offering alternate transactions: CDA content creator/consumer or FHIR
  • ITI FHIR pilot
  • FHIR Tutorial request (Denise)
    • Plan a FHIR tutorial for committee members
In the Room:

Jeremiah Myers (HIMSS), Joe Lamy, Pim Van Der Berg, Chris Melo, Mauro Zanardini, Raffaele Giordano, Sylvie Colas, Ben Levy, Chaub Perisot, Matt Blackmon, Nichole Drye-Mayo, Lauren Lemioux, Elliot Silver, Alaina Elliot, Laura Bright, Maddie Mailly, John Stam, Derek Ritz, Lori Forquet, Didi Davis, Emma Jones, Gila Pyke, Thomson Kuhn, Caila Brander, Andrea Fourquet, Michael Clifton, Amit Popat, Denise Downing, Lauren Groden,

On the Phone:

Lynn Felhofer, Ken Meyer


Cmtes work-items in evaluation:


  • Emergency Transport to Facility (ETF)
  • CDA Document Summary Section
  • FHIR PlanDefinition for Care Planning
  • CP’s and Wikis


  • ADX for HIV misures
  • Emergency Trasport to Facility (ETF)
  • defect reporting: RFD based content profile.

ITI (has not completed the choice yet):

  • XCMU
  • Supporting AS4 on XCA/XCPD/XCDR
  • Adding Restful PUT for ATNA (Profiling AuditEvent)
  • Metadata Hand book
  • FHIR Conf Resources
  • PAM National Extension
  • SNIF: Simplified Network Information Form

PlanningDefinition: merge of two work-items, and Mauro (form ITI) Raffaele will support that work-item.

Derek: IHE profiles are taken in implementation in lower incoming countries. Good uptake , but development countries does not have deployments cmtes. OPenHIE, produces open sources tool based on IHE… with local deployment cmtes we can reduce the costs … not having deployment commete we cannot figure out what is used in those places… Involve this emerging countries in define national extensions will be really useful in order to reduce costs, and in order to expand the bandwidth of IHE International. Another point is that we, as IHE, should figure out how to build profiles on WHO standards… Deployment side of IHE, should take this in considerations. There is no problem in create virtual of countries (e.g. East Africa, ecc...)… they need to share spec and share the using of specification. And we can publish in VOL.4 , but things in vol.4 need to be owned by a deployment cmte. Moving this thematic to the GDC is important.

Gila: raised the point that they are drafting a proposal with two transactions, that allow the sending of content using FHIR and using CDA. Each mechanism has different actors. Why two solutions for the same thing? IHE should eliminate confusion. The decision to do it anyway can be made by PCC, ITI suggest to clearly document the reasons for the choice.

ITI is coming out with a Conformance Resource ballot process. ITI would like to engage other domains in our review process. FHIR – IHE group created a prototype of process for creation and management of conformance resources. That is available and ITI will follow this, with the idea to improve it. John, offered to test the same process inside PCC or QRPH domain for old o new supplements. ITI is looking for people that want to be involved in ITI process.

Denise: ask for FHIR tutorials. Guidance on specific resources (e.g. Provenance). John offers himself to answer any question.

Thursday, 16 November, 2017

Day 2: Thursday, 16 November, 2017

Oak Brook (CST, UTC−06:00)

Leads Activity Notes
8:00 am–8:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am–8:45 am Elliot/Mauro Introductions and Agenda Review Participants: Ruth (GE Healthcare) , Tarik Idris (ICW) , Massimiliano Masi (EU Commission/Tiani), Luke Duncan (IntraHealth), Lynn Felhofer (ITI Tech Manager), Rob Horn (AGFA), Karima Blounquard (IHE Europe), Ken Meyer (IBM Watson) , Maarten Daniels (???), Pim van der Eijk (Sonnenglanz Consulting BV), John Moherke (By Light), Joe Lamy (AEGIS), Charles Parisot (EU Commision), Elliot Silver (Change Healthcare), Mauro Zanardini (Arsenàl.IT) , Sylvie Colas (ASIP Sanitè), Ben Levy (Corpoint Healthcare) , Vassil Peytchev (EPIC), Matt Bowman (Sequoia Prj).
8:45 am–9:15 am Lynn Felhofer Technical Framework Maintenance proposal

Alternatives for F2F TF Maintenance time:

  • None - tcons are enough
  • 2-4 hours on
    • targeted or thorny CPs
    • blitz - divide by bundle
    • structural TF changes & out-of-box thinking
  • Something else?

For the 2017-18 publication cycle, TF Maintenance/CPs will only be done in tcons; no F2F time.

9:15 am–10:15 am Ruth Berge Survey of Network Interfaces Form (SNIF)

The extensibility of the solution should be taken in consideration. The scope of the proposal should be only to define the content of a file, and we will use other already defined mechanisms to share this file (e.g. NPSFm).

The focus is not only on Hospital use-cases, but would also cover broader use-cases, such as HIE config.

Author: Ruth , mentor: John. Reviewer: Sequoia, Ben, Intermountain , Mayo.

10:15 am–11:00 am Elliot/Mauro Complete evaluation matrix
  • Determine technical feasibility of completion
  • Determine committee capacity
  • Primary author and Mentor assignments

Decide on items work to be recommended to ITI Planning Committee

The cmte reviewed the Tech evaluation matrix.

  • RESTful PUT , is only the PUT : we exclude the refactoring of ITI20.
  • XCMU should require attention to the scope.

John moved motion to accept all except ATNA Put(and manitnanece excluded form F2f time) , Ben seconded it. Abstentions: Chris Objections: Tarik , Rob , Ken

John Supsended the motion and ask people against the previous motion to submit another bundle.

Amendment : Rob suggested to postpone SNIF (in addition to ATNA), Ken and Tarik approve

John accepted amendment,

Tarik , Ken , Rob : turned their vote in Approve.

Abstain : Charles , Mauro , Pim No objections.

11:00 am–11:15 am Morning Break
11:15 am–12:00 noon Elliot/Mauro Continue profile evaluation/selection
12:00 noon–12:30 pm John/Daniel Joint session with ITI Planning Committee
  • Finalize work item selection
ITI TEch presents the final decision made. ITI Plan approve.
12:30 pm–1:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm–2:00 pm Mauro/Elliot Schedule T-cons through to February F2F

Remind authors of expectations

tcons scheduled
2:00 pm–3:30 pm Lynn Felhofer Technical Framework Maintenance working session

Assigned CPs

  • Determine how to move forward, or whether to cancel. See notes on outcomes --->

Swan song of TF Mtce during F2F mtgs this cycle: These CPs were discussed. Next step identified:

  • 863-00 - Conflicting MIME type on duplicate documents - evaluated options listed in Rationale - The group concluded that the use case was largely theoretical and there is not compelling reason to update the technical framework. Cancel.
  • 862-00 - Metadata update MIME type propagation - 3 alternatives discussed; decided to remain silent in the TF & Cancel this CP.
  • 845-00 - FormatCode format, validation, and value-set clarification - scope reviewed and adjusted; notes added; remains assigned to John M
  • 718-00 - Namespace ID required even if ISO OID set - content reviewed; inconsistency still exists in TF & changes are needed; notes added to CP. Currently assigned to Vassil; needs new owner.
  • 817-00 -Add referenceIdList slot to Submission Set metadata - Lynn will contact Vassil to determine whether this is still needed.
  • 314-00 - XDS Folder Entry identifiers - the update requested by this CP has subsequently been implemented via referenceIdList. Cancel
  • 560-06 - XFRM Submission (XDS-SD) - Ken & Bill recommend to cancel per CP 985 in ballot 44
  • 736-01 - clarification of BPPC typeCode - Vol 3 Sec references the based PCC TF mapping rqmts which covers typeCode; and no changes is needed to Sec for Class Code, so this CP can be cancelled.
  • 307 - PDQ Continuation Protocol in One Socket or Multiple Sockets - Lynn will contact Vassil & Steve Moore to see if this CP is still needed.
  • 211 - PIX/PAM Integration - Too old to keep. It’s too difficult to resolve changes discussed with subsequent updates to the Technical Frameworks. If it’s really a problem, another CP will be surface. Cancelled.
  • 977 - XTN datatype clarification for phone number - discussed unresolved comments from 'Ballot 44 and the CP was updated. One comment remains; Rob will work to resolve it.
3:30 pm–3:45 pm Mauro/Elliot
Wrap-up, Adjorn
Afternoon "Break"