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This page discusses the INRIA Gforge and its use for storing implementation material. Some of the material requires knowledge of the subversion software system and tools for using subversion. This is not a tutorial on subversion.


Some IHE Technical Frameworks include technical files that are difficult to maintain in Word or other systems. The INRIA Gforge will be used to manage such documents and provide a simple mechanism for repairing those files while maintaining a change history.

Administrative Steps

This assumes you want to actively edit documents.

  1. Contact your Technical Committee chair. Secure permission to have write access to the documents. Ask the TC chair to send confirmation to Steve Moore or Bill Majurski who will be involved in account management.
  2. Use a web browser to access the INRIA forge. Select the link (upper right corner) that says "New Account" and request a new account.
    1. One of the questions is "Name of the Inria research team you are working with or in". Until I have a better answer, enter Eric Poiseau/IHE"
  3. Once you have received confirmation of your account, follow up with Steve or Bill who will add you to the IHE project. If the TC chair sent confirmation to one of us, then follow up with the same person. That will reduce the traffic and confusion between us.

Subversion Tools

You will need a subversion client on your computer. If you just want to browse the files, a web browser is sufficient. If you want to retrieve, edit and upload files, you will need a client.

  1. Subversion tools are listed at We have used the eclipse plugin and tortoise.
  2. Unix/linux folks can always use the svn command line tool

Folder Structure

Process for Managing Documents