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The tables below lists the type codes (TypeCode) metadata.

IHE defined Type Codes

Profile Type Code
code codingScheme
PCC Profiles
Cross-Enterprise TeleHomeMonitoring Workflow Definition Profile (XTHM-WD) XTHM-WD
Cross-Enterprise Tumor Board Workflow Definition (XTB-WD) XTB-WD
Cross-Enterprise Cardiovascular Heart Team (XCHT-WD) XCHT-WD
Cross-Enterprise Basic eReferral Workflow Definition (XBeR-WD) XBeR-WD
QRPH Profiles
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention - Workflow Document (EHDI-WD) EHDI-WD
RAD Profiles
Cross-Enterprise Remote Read Workflow Definition (XRR-WD) XRR-WD

How to generate Type Codes metadata in a specific domain identifies the valueSet for typeCode metadata. identifies the typeCode metadata for a specific domain:

Domain domain_number
Patient Care Coordination (PCC) 1
Quality, Research and Public Health (QRPH) 2
Radiology (RAD) 3
Cardiology (CARD) 4
Dental (DENT) 5
Endoscopy (ENDO) 6
Eye Care (EYECARE) 7
IT Infrastructure (ITI) 8
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) 9
Patient Care Device (PCD) 10
Pharmacy (PHARM) 11
Radiation Oncology (RO) 12
Surgery 13