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The tables below lists the type codes (TypeCode) metadata used by the Workflow Document Profiles.

IHE defined Type Codes for Workflow Document profiles

Profile Type Code
code codingScheme
PCC Profiles
Cross-Enterprise TeleHomeMonitoring Workflow Definition Profile (XTHM-WD) XTHM-WD
Cross-Enterprise Tumor Board Workflow Definition (XTB-WD) XTB-WD
Cross-Enterprise Cardiovascular Heart Team (XCHT-WD) XCHT-WD
Cross-Enterprise Basic eReferral Workflow Definition (XBeR-WD) XBeR-WD
QRPH Profiles
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention - Workflow Document (EHDI-WD) EHDI-WD
RAD Profiles
Cross-Enterprise Remote Read Workflow Definition (XRR-WD) XRR-WD

How to generate Type Codes metadata for a Workflow Document profile in a specific domain identifies the valueSet for typeCode metadata. identifies the typeCode metadata for a specific domain (1 = PCC, 2 = QRPH, 3 = RAD...) identifies the typeCode metadata for a specific profile in the domain x.