IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2010-08-16

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  • Karima Bourquard
  • Chris Carr
  • Todd Cooper
  • Didi Davis
  • John Garguilo
  • Bill Majurski
  • Steve Moore
  • Rob Snelick
  • Lisa Spellman


  • Training Event
  • Five registrants have expressed interest in participating
  • Bill Majurski may not be available (deadline for notification passed on Friday)
  • Need to consider whether we can find a substitute for Bill M of whether we need to reschedule event
  • Gazelle Development
  • Rob Snelick asked about the availability for pre-testing, uploading of results from PIX/PDQ test tools and integration with registration for external tools
  • Bill Majurski's XD* toolkit uses registration from Gazelle and communicates test results directly
  • Steve Moore to check status of Gazelle for linking of tools and results
  • Karima Bourquard shared a documentation page from Gazelle site about integrating simulators
  • Consensus from developers of simulators is that there are detailed questions that need to be worked through in how to practically integrate simulators so that they work together effectively (eg, sharing session IDs)
  • Current plan is not to try to integrate all simulators for the January Connectathon
  • Steve Moore will consider visiting NIST in early Fall to work out plan for integrating NIST validators and simulators
  • epSOS Projectathon Support
  • Bill Majurski has worked to update validator and (partially) simulator on XD* toolkit to support testing event; will have required work completed by end of August
  • IHE-USA Response to NIST RFP
  • Response in preparation for HITI RFP
  • IHE Korea
  • Connectathon testing event focused on WAN Interface
  • Pre-testing went successfully; face-to-face testing takes place next week; showcase takes place in October
  • Need to incorporate multi-byte character support for future international testing events
  • Next Call: Aug. 30, 10am CT

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